The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Forty Eight

Leah's POV

I laid on the bed, with Jordan as we made our way back to Seattle, on the Branson's Jet.


"I hope you're going to be a no show, tonight?" Vinnie walked further into the room, after Michael left the room.

Frowning at his question, I lifted my eyes to Jordan, who was also staring at Vinnie with a bit of uncertainty.

Moving away from Jordan, "what happened at lunch?" I asked them both.

Grabbing my shoulders, Jordan turned to face me, "Leah," Jordan started but whatever he was going to say was instantly cut off, but Vinnie.

"We met that Evelyn slut and that ugly bitch had the audacity to call you names," Vinnie, revealed, his anger and resentment for Evelyn, clearly evident by his clenched fist and tight lips.

Covering my mouth in surprise.

"What do you mean?" I stare at them in bewilderment.

"Leah," Jordan started again and again, Vinnie, override him.

Nodding, "they berated you and when they finish tarnishing your name," Vinnie, flicks his head at Jordan. "Boyfriend here, informed them that he knows you," Vinnie, turns to Jordan.

"The best way to deal with those lying sluts, is to have Leah present you as her husband and if you don't, I will fucking marry her myself." Vinnie says, while I stood in shock at what I'm hearing and the fact that Jordan and Vinnie kept it from me for so long.

Finally facing Jordan, the need to see the truth in his eyes, "is that the reason you proposed to me?" I had to know, since I didn't say no.

Shaking his head, "I already planned to propose during this trip and I already have the rings but you don't want an engagement, so I planned on marrying you before you start work on Monday." Jordan's eyes darken, as he blinks the moisture in his eyes.

When I didn't answer, Jordan clenched my shoulders, "I know when we first met, I was a jackass and I had my reasons back then. I can only share it with family, so I promise, after we are married, I will fill you in, plus we will also be meeting your father." Jordan added but the moment he mention my father, my heart started beating faster in fear.

Shaking my head, "no," I cringed away from Jordan but he didn't let me go. "He and them, they will break us up, like they did with Raw...." I paused, realizing how much I was revealing to them.

Narrowing his eyes, Jordan frowns at me, "Rawle Ambrose?" He asked in surprise and as I nod, he loosen his hold on me.

Vinnie also reacted shocked, "so Melissa Morrison, broke up your engagement?" Vinnie asked, clearly shocked.

"Melissa Morrison?" I repeated, shaking my head. "She is a Morrison?" Shocked by another surprise.

Shrugging, "that's what she said." Vinnie says and turned to Jordan.

"So you see why we need to speak with, Andrew Morrison." Jordan explains.

I met Melissa at college and she's older than me. How can she be a Morrison and I not know?


Lifting my eyes to Jordan's, "is she the daughter Ms. Gemma mention that was born to Kathleen Morrison?" I asked and again Jordan shook his head.

"I'm not into the assumptions and if I need to know something, I go directly to the source, so again, we need to speak to your father and I promise, I won't allow him or anyone to hurt you again." Jordan responds.

I realize that I need to know about Melissa, Kathleen and myself.

"Vinnie," I remember him saying that he found out something about Kathleen Morrison.

"What did you find out about Kathleen Morrison?" I asked, frowning as he glances quickly at Jordan.

Sweeping the palm of his hand over this mouth, "Kathleen Morrison was married to Andrew Morrison but she died on the same day you were born." Vinnie soft words did nothing to soften the impact his words had on me.

"Seriously man?" Jordan moved angrily towards Vinnie. "You couldn't have run this by me first?" He asked, his voice raise in anger.

While Jordan and Vinnie stood glaring at each other, I realize there is so much I didn't know and did my father cheat on Kathleen with my mom?

I felt faint and rushed to the bed, as Michael walked into my room once again.

"You guys need a referee?" Michael commented, walking between his brother-in-law and Vinnie.

"What's all the shouting about?" Jade followed her husband, into the bedroom, her eyes moving from her brother and Vinnie to me.

"I hope you're not causing trouble between my brother and Vinnie?" Jade instantly questi0ns me.

Unsure if I heard her correctly, "what?" I asked, surprise at how quickly she's ready to blame me.

"All of my grandfather's charity cases has been nothing but trouble and you appear to be no different." Jade enlightens me, then dismisses me as if, I'm a nobody and turns to her brother.

"Dinner is at eight and I've made reservations. So don't be late and the charity case isn't invited." Jade informs her brother, while looking at me in disgust.

Instead of defending me like before, Jordan smiles at his sister, "I hear you," he says and turns away from Vinnie and me, picking up the brown envelope, he claims is from my father.

With Jordan's back turned, Jade points her manicure fingers at me, "and you, why are you even sharing a suite with us in the first place?" Jade, flickers her eyes over me with scorn.

Nodding at Vinnie, "book two rooms for you and her," she instructed him.

Vinnie bows as Jade and Michael exits the room, "yes ma'am."

Turning to Jordan, "If you want to marry me, I want to get married tonight!"

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