The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Forty Nine

Leah's POV

Stretching my entire body on the bed, not because of laziness but because I'm so exhausted!

Bolting out of the bed for the washroom, I stopped and look around at the unfamiliar room.

Three doors!

I open the door which is closest to me and no, it's a closet, then walked briskly to the door on my left, bingo!

Yawning while I use the washroom, mentally slapping myself awake.

Staring at my tired face in the mirror as I remember where I am and why I am here.

I quickly showered and frowned when something metallic scraped against, my face.

Since I am not a lover of jewellery, I frowned at the ring on my finger, that looks so much like an engagement ring.



I'm married!

How could I forget something, as wonderful as this?

I finish showering in haste and wrapped in a bathrobe, I ran across the room which is the closet and pulled out a sweater and a pair of jeans, preparing for a shopping spree, Vinnie and I had planned, before I start work on Monday.

"Well if it isn't Ms. Sunshine" Vinnie mocks, when I ventured unto the corridor in the hotel room.

Also forgetting, Jade sent Vinnie and I to another suite!

But where is Jordan?

"Morning," I greeted Vinnie with an awkward smile.

Laughing, he walks to the hotel telephone.

"More like good afternoon," lifting his eyebrows, he smiles at my baffled expression.

Touching my face, "did we drink last night?" I couldn't help asking because, getting up this late in the day has never been a practice of mine.

After Vinnie ordered coffee, he rejoined me on the sofa.

"Sounds more like jet lag on jet lag," Vinnis laughs. "So what do you remember since arriving in Seattle?" Vinnie smiles mischievously.

Lifting my left hand, "I got married!" I chuckled happily, then frowned. "But where's my husband?" I asked, curiously.

Pointing upwards, "Jade has been calling down his phone since he stood her and her guests up last night, so he went up to pacify her." Vinnie explains, whilst taking out his phone.

Sighing, "so he didn't ditch me," I told myself but of course it wasn't soft enough for Vinnie not to hear.

Narrowing his eyes, "Jordan is that motherfucker you were once engaged to," Vinnie reminded me.

With the palm of my hands on my chest, "oh I know," I responded quickly, "otherwise I wouldn't have eloped last night." I whispered, dreamily.

Eyeing me cautiously, "do you still love him?" Vinnie asks out of the blue, surprising me.

Lost for a second, "who?" And at Vinnie's questioning, frown. "Rawle Ambrose?" I asked, still shaking my head, without second guessing my answer.

Smiling, "I wouldn't have said yes to Jordan, if I did," I admitted.

"Then why did you leave Seattle?" Vinnie probed.

Remembering my conversation with Evelyn and then her mother and observing the happiness in my parents eyes, especially my father, I couldn't help the sadness in my eyes.

"In just one hour, I lost my father, my best friend, my fiance and my job," I whispered with a far off look in my eyes, "Even the people I considered friends." I added, smiling sadly at Vinnie, sympathetic smile.

"Your job?" Vinnie asked and I nod, before repeating the conversation Evelyn had with me at her brother's engagement party.

"That fucking bitch," Vinnie yelled angrily, when the doorbell rang.

Leaving me to my own thoughts, Vinnie went to answer the door, while I pulled his phone towards me, gasping at the time.


Placing at tray in front of me with two cups and a coffee pot.

Guess Jordan won't be joining us.

I instantly helped myself to a cup, leaving Vinnie to help himself.

Leaning against the backrest of the sofa, "if you were in my position, would you have remained in a pit filled with deadly snakes?" I asked Vinnie as he started sipping his coffee, chuckling at his reaction at my question, when the hot coffee spilled from his mouth.

Composing himself, he chuckles softly after realizing what I did, "touche," Vinnie, waves his index finger at me.

Still smiling, "why did Jordan marry me?" I asked and if my question surprise Vinnie, he didn't show it.

Tilting his head, "I think you got under Jordan's skin from day one and because of past experience he handled it badly from the beginning," Vinnie responded, "both him and I and to be honest," Vinnie added.

Nodding but still not understanding why, "and now Jade hates me already," I mused.

Leaning back in his chair, "because she doesn't know you either but she will soon." Vinnie chuckles with a mysterious smirk.

"We have to go shopping and to the Bureau to find out more about Kathleen Morrison." I stood up and reminded Vinnie about our plans before the weekend is through.

Sweeping his hand over his tired eyes, "Leah you know I have your best interest at heart and if Jordan didn't care for you, I would have never witness your marriage to him." Vinnie's words made me sit down again because I felt a short lecture coming.

After a slight nod, Vinnie continued.

"The best person to have this with once for all, is Andrew Morrison and I mean that in the best way possible, plus Jordan would never allow anyone to hurt his wife." Vinnie says.

I want to see my father so much but I am afraid to hear him verbally reject me and then, there is that question about, Melissa claiming to be Morrison?

Jordan would be with me and like Vinnie said, he won't let my father, hurt me again.

Plus Jordan already met my father without my knowledge and his pushing me to meet him, means Jordan knows something.

He wants him, to share the truth!

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