The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Fifty

Jordan's POV

Vinnie and Leah dropped off at the shops, before the driver took me to Morrison and Ambrose, without my wife knowing.

I tapped my foot anxiously while awaiting the elevator to stop on the floor, that housed Andrew's office!

If Leah was disappointed with me not joining her on her at the mall, she didn't show it but she reluctantly agreed to meet her father for dinner, so I persuaded her to get a sexy outfit, to blow my mind,

Having been here yesterday, I retrace my steps and headed towards, Andrew Morrison's secretary.

Smiling politely, "good afternoon." I greeted her and nod to the closed door with a gold name plate belonging to ANDREW MORRISON. "I'm Jordan Branson, I'm here to see Mr. Morrison. It's a follow-up on yesterday's meeting." I explain because it is too early to say, I'm here to see my father-in-law.

Smiling, the secretary lifted the intercom, when a voice spoke behind me.

"Jordan Branson?" A heavy gruff voice, asks in surprise and I turn to see a man a bit older than Andrew Morrison, his right hand already outstretch to greet me.

Reaching out, I grasp his hand in a firm handshake, lifting an eyebrow as I wait for him to introduce himself.

"Carl Ambrose, the other half of Morrison and Ambrose," the middle aged man with a slightly, high stomach, says and I smiled politely.

"It's a pleasure sir," I lied, wanting him gone already so that I can have a private conversation with my father-in-law.

"Is Andrew free?" Mr. Ambrose asked the secretary but without waiting for a response from her, "come on boy let's go in," he tells me ushering me ahead of him towards my father-in-law's office.

"Call Evelyn and let her meet me in Andrew's office." Mr. Ambrose instructs Andrew's secretary.

What the fuck!

"I've heard a lot about you from your sister and my daughter." Mr. Ambrose, laughs gleefully, irritating me on the spot.

Shaking my head, annoyed at his boldness!

Mr. Ambrose suddenly turned to smile at me, not even hiding his conceited attitude, when I realized he would be joining us.

While I hesitated, Mr. Ambrose pushed the door open.

Lifting his eyes from the drawing board he was working on, surprise at my entrance, alongside, Mr. Ambrose.

"Andrew, I found this young man waiting outside your office so I personally escorted him in, since he's Evelyn's friend." Mr. Ambrose laughs, patting me on my back.

Nodding, Andrew puts his pencil down and walks towards me with his hand outstretched.

"Jordan, it's good to see you again," Andrew greets me politely, watching Mr. Ambrose pull a chair and take a seat, without an invitation.

"Ah, so you're acquainted with Jordan?" Lifting his eyes in surprise, Mr. Ambrose couldn't hide his curiosity.

Indicating the chair next to Mr. Ambrose, "have a seat son." My father-in-law, invites me.

Dragging the chair backward, I sat down aware that having the conversation I came here for, won't be happening in the presence of Mr. Ambrose.

"So Jordan, come over for dinner tonight," Mr. Ambrose invites me, when I heard the door opened. "You too Andrew, you could bring Angie and I'm sure Melissa would be there with Rawle," Mr. Ambrose, chuckles loudly.

Turning around, his smile widens, as he got up and walks towards the door.

I didn't even turn around to see, who he was greeting and just shook my head, when Andrew, frowned at me, with a silent question.

Shrugging, I leaned forward quickly, "tonight dinner. I'll message you the details." I stood up, as he nods, standing up with me.

It's imperative that I leave here before, Mr. Ambrose gave me cause to floor his fucking ass.

"Sweetheart, look who's here," Mr. Ambrose sings to his daughter. "Your friend, Jordan." Mr. Ambrose continues.

I didn't hide my annoyance from Andrew Morrison and I also notice, the deep concern in my father-in-law's eyes as he stares behind my back.

"Jordan," Evelyn Ambrose greets me shyly, as she takes the seat, her father just vacated.

"Uncle Andrew, I didn't realize you were acquainted with Jordan." Evelyn smiles at Andrew but her eyes darken, as she stares at him suspiciously.

Chuckling, "do you need me to have Miranda make you a list of all my acquaintances?" Andrew retorted dryly.

Taken aback by Andrew's response, Evelyn smiles awkwardly at Andrew, her father who wore a light scowl and then at me, who couldn't give a fuck about her.

"Ms. Ambrose," I acknowledged, the 'slut' as Vinnie would have called her and turn to her father, "it was good to meet you, Mr. Ambrose," reaching out I shook his hand and nod at Andrew.

"Oh but where are you going so quickly and we still have to finalize dinner arrangements tonight." Mr. Ambrose says quickly, staring between Andrew and me.

"Thank you for your invitation, but I am only in Seattle for a couple days and my daily events have already been planned." I explained, pushing the chair back in.

"Oh but your sister and her husband would be joining us," Mr. Ambrose continued and I shook my head.

"Yes, my sister is visiting in-laws here but this is a working trip for me." I hated having to explain myself to him or anyone else.

Chuckling, "oh so that is why you didn't join us last night?" Ms. Ambrose sighs.

"If I remember correctly, I did tell Jade that I was busy," I reminded the slut, as she gaze, longingly at me.

It's a pity Vinnie wasn't here, she would have run in another direction, by now.

"Evelyn, why don't you escort Jordan out and that will give you guys time to talk."

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