The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Fifty One

Leah's POV

Hanging back another dress chosen by Vinnie, glaring at him.

"Do you think, my husband is trying to pimp me out?" I turned and walked out the store and headed to another store, my mom and I have been shopping at for years.

"Come on," Vinnie calls from behind me, giving me more incentive to walk briskly. "All you had to do was model them and I would have sent them to your husband, to entertain him." Vinnie whines, finally walking in step with me.

Stopping in my tracks, "isn't he at a meeting?" I asked curiously as Vinnie's idea sounds appealing to me.

Nodding, "yeah but I'm sure he could do with a distraction." Vinnie smirks mischievously.

Retracing my steps, "I'm game," I said and that's how I became Vinnie's guinea pig.

Vinnie kept throwing skimpy dresses at me and taking pics as I model them, before sending them to Jordan.

Jordan resend one of photos, titled, THIS ONE IS A KEEPER.

Finally, we left the store and bought the dress Jordan suggested I keep.

I entered the store, GLAMOR GIRLS, a favourite of mom and mines, followed by Vinnie, who curled his lips in disgust when he saw the styles in the showcases.

Backslapping him in his stomach. "Behave," I warned and moved towards some racks and started browsing.

"Leah Morrison?" A squeaky voice says from in front of me.

Lifting my eyes, I smiled at the manager, Aunty Gail as I have been calling her since I started shopping here.

"Hi Aunty Gail," I greeted her, aware that she is staring at Vinnie whose browsing through the same rack as me.

Surprised, "I haven't seen you in a while," Aunty Gail says but she's still taking peeks at Vinnie, who was totally engrossed in a lavender dress he was now holding.

Smiling politely, "yes, it's been awhile," I agreed, turning to Vinnie.

"Hey Vinnie, this is Aunty Gail, the manager of this fabulous store." I introduced Vinnie.

Lifting his head, Vinnie smiled politely and gaze around the store.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," he says, "and this is pretty impressive." Vinnie continued politely but I can already see that he's lying.

He doesn't like the styles in here, which he probably considers too modest.

Following Vinnie's gaze, "thank you," Aunty Gail smiles, "it's become easier over the years." She walks closer.

"This isn't the guy you left Rawle for?" Aunty Gail, frowns at Vinnie and then, me.

Confused, "what do you mean?" I asked, flustered because I didn't leave Rawle, he left me!

Shaking her head, showing her confusion.

"Aunty Gail, is there something you need to tell me?" I asked softly aware that Vinnie has suddenly tensed up beside me.

Chuckling nervously, she shook her head and waved her palm.

"Maybe I heard wrong," pausing she smiles but couldn't erase the deep frown etched on her forehead.

I have no idea what she's talking about but I need to know.

"Aunty Gail, I never left Rawle," I said slowly watching her eyes widen in surprise. "Clearly, you have been misinformed," I added.

Shaking her head, her cheeks flushed, in embarrassment,

"I'm sorry, like I said, I misunderstood, what I heard." Aunty Gail tries to explain herself to me.

Moving away from the dress rack, "and what exactly did you hear," I asked, all politeness gone. "I could help clear up your misunderstandings." I added.

Turning away, "like I said, I must have misunderstood." Aunty Gail repeats, while walking away from me.

"Hey you, Miss Manager," Vinnie hollers at her retreating back. "Is that the way, you treat your customers?" Vinnie raises his voice. I pulled at his arm but he didn't budge.

"Your customers come in here and spend their hard earned money and you gossip about them behind their backs?" All eyes were now on us because of Vinnie's loud mouth.

Aunty Gail spun around to face us in shock and gaze around the store, self-consciously.

Taking two dresses off the rack, I walked closer and gently, placed them into her hands.

"Guess you won't be needing my money anymore?" I said and headed for the exit.

I spun around to see what was keeping Vinnie back only to find him recording, the store starting to empty, one by one.

I gave Aunty Gail, a sympathetic smile and turned away.

"Leah!" She calls and out of respect, I turned around.

"Your mother and Rawle's fiance, they said things and they showed me photos," she says, pointing to Vinnie. "I can't afford to have any negative publicity." Aunty Gail added.

Making eye contact with Vinnie, I strolled back into the store.

"I'm listening." I wait for her to continue.

Pointing to the back of the store, "let's go to the office," she suggested but I shook my head.

Looking around, "here's just fine since the place is empty, now." I retorted, folding my arms, I wait for her to enlighten me.

What photo did they show her?

Did they set me up?

Aunty Gail is unaware of the battle raging within me but I need to know what was being said about me, behind my back.

"We're waiting," Vinnie says.

Glancing at Vinnie and then back at me. "Would you delete that video, if I tell you what I heard?" She asks nervously.

"We're waiting." I repeated Vinnie's words to her.

"Your mother and Melissa comes in here often and your mother said that you're dating an elderly man and dumped Rawle for him, so Rawle and Melissa started dating after that." Aunty Gail says.

I shot Vinnie a quick glance only to realize he didn't react surprise, or shock as I am.

Shaking my head in disbelief, "they've been feeding people lies about me all this time?"

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