The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Fifty One

Jordan's POV

From the moment Vinnie messaged me, I knew something had gone wrong and ordered the driver to take me back to the hotel, where we were staying.

I thought after leaving Ms. Ambrose hanging, my day would get better but whatever cause Leah to cut her shopping short, couldn't be good.

I just hope I could persuade her to meet her father tonight where she could get the answers she craves and conquer her job at Massy's.

Leah was curled up in bed, when I arrive at the hotel.

Lying down beside her, "hey," I touched her shoulders, gently trying to turn her around to face me.

I didn't have to force her because she willing turned but instead of tears, I saw a dull expression, she never displayed before.

"Did you know?" She asks quietly.

Having already been briefed by Vinnie, I couldn't pretend to be ignorant.

"Yeah, I heard but after talking to your father tonight, we were going to address those lies and deal with it." I told her.

Frowning, "my father is part of all this," she turns away from me again.

Turning her over, "I don't think so," I had no other choice but to give her incentive to meet her father for more answers.

Answers, which I wasn't even privy too.

"Is that why you married me?" She whispers.

Smiling, "you know why I married you," leaning down, I captured her lips.

Leah didn't resist, which encouraged me to continue, ravaging her mouth.

Since Leah fell asleep on the plane and didn't wake up till after lunch today, we haven't consummated our marriage, which makes our upcoming honeymoon, even more exciting.

"I don't have a dress," Leah whispers against my lips.

Opening my eyes to stare at her swollen lips and eyes that have come back to life.

"What about the one I told you is a keeper?" I frowned, which was sultry enough. I remember liking that green dress the most.

Frowning, she shook her head, "Vinnie chose those to.." Biting her lips, Leah clamped up, giving me an apologetic smile.

Chuckling, "yeah I don't doubt that but you went along with him and to be honest, you're the first girl I've been with that Vinnie approves of so much, so you better not hurt me." Lowering my eyes, I smile at her lips before ravishing it, all over again.

After making a quick call to a screaming Rosie, enlightening her about our marriage and our dinner plans, Leah and I left to meet her dad for dinner, with the brown unopened envelope in hand, while Vinnie opted to have dinner in his room before going clubbing, in the hopes, that we join him.

As we followed the hostess towards the private room, Leah clutched my arm tightly.

"Jordan," she stops, lifting her hazel eyes, that's full of fear. "What if he's here to cut whatever ties I have with him, for good?" She whispers as the hostess stands outside the closed door, waiting for us.

Shaking my head, I stared down at her, "he wouldn't," I promised her, although I have no idea what is up with this Melissa Morrison and Kathleen Morrison, since the fucking Ambrose family, didn't give us the privacy to have that conversation.

Pulling down the green, long sleeve, V-cut dress, that drops on her thighs, self-consciously.

Slapping her hand, "stop it, you look amazing and and take that coat off when we get in there." I instructed her, amazed at how I sound as a husband.

Nodding, to the hostess, "you can open the door," I instructed her, politely.

As the door opened the lighting in the room, which wasn't dim for private dining, illuminated on Andrew Morrison, who was already standing to greet us.

Andrew's chuckles nervously, smiling in relief, when his eyes fell on his daughter.

"Lily," he greeted her, walking towards us, with a bouquet of lilies in his hand.

The closer he came, the tighter Leah clutched my arm.

Turning her head into my arm, I believe she tried to shut him out.

"Lily, please give me a chance to explain," Andrew pleads softly, silently asking me for help.

Holding her shoulders, I force her to look at me, "we wouldn't be here if he's going to hurt you," I tell her. "Let him explain what is going on and if you want to cut ties with the Morrison name, then so be it because you're now a Branson for life." I reminded her of who she is, now that she's my wife.

Looking away, she ignored Andrew and focused on the table, "we're ready to be seated," she address the hostess who was still hovering in front of us.

With a polite smile, the hostess pulled out two chairs for Leah and I, while Andrew walked slowly back to the seat, he just vacated.

Handing us the menus, Leah politely smile at the hostess, "thank you" and turned to me, "I want something extremely strong," she says.

Scanning through the drinks, I ordered a beer for Leah and whiskey for myself and nod to Andrew, who also ordered a whiskey.

"Your server would be with your drinks and to take your order," the hostess continued politely, before leaving the room.

Taking the envelope I place on the table, "whatever this is, we don't need it," Leah passes it across to her father," Andrew stares at his daughter, in surprise, her hazel eyes, dazzling like a tiger under the lights, eyeing her prey.

"I love you and I am so happy that you have found your new life and Jordan." Andrew smiles in contentment at his daughter, ignoring the envelope she was holding our for him.

"Everything I possess, now belongs to you and your children. I only asked one thing in return."

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