The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Fifty Two

Leah's POV

Without waiting for my father to continue, "who the fuck is, Melissa Morrison?" I asked, dropping the enveloped on the table between us.

My father's eyes widen in shock at my use of an obscene word, something that was never part of my vocabulary, before encounting Jordan.

"I've never heard you swear before," dad says as he recovers from his shock.

Pointing at Jordan, "thank my new husband for that," I smiled at Jordan, who, chuckling softly, threw an arm across my shoulder.

Lifting my head, ready to face any emotional blows with Jordan holding me.

"I need to know who Melissa Morrison and Kathleen Morrison is," I told my father, watching the color drain from his face, at the mention of Kathleen Morrison!

With my eyes glued on him, I can see my reflection as tears filled his eyes.

Smiling softly, "she was my wife, the only woman, I've ever loved," pausing, he takes a deep breath, "and your mother." My father's words shocked me.

Gasping in shock, "what are you talking about?" I can feel the emotional turmoil capsizing within me. "Angie is my mother," I corrected him but Vinnie's words came back to me.

Kathleen Morrison died on my birthday!

"Lily, this is going to be hard to hear and I never thought I would have had to have this conversation but the way you have been treated and the things I've been hearing since you left." Dad trails off as the waiter comes in with our drinks.

Pointing at his glass, "bring a bottle and a glass for her," Jordan instructs the waiter, while lifting his glass to his lips.

The arm Jordan had around my shoulder tightens, while I started drinking the beer and if Jordan hadn't pull it away from me, I would have chugged it down.

My dad, didn't lift his glass until Jordan put my glass down but only to take a light sip.

"Lily, it's best I start from the beginning." Dad says and I nod because I still couldn't find my voice.

Why is Angie's name on my birth documents?

"Your mother, Kathleen died in childbirth," dad was saying and I couldn't help the tears that followed, clutching my chest as it tightens.

Jordan held me against him and if it wasn't for him I would have collapsed or run from here, before continuing this conversation, that has taken a turn I never in my wildest dreams, expected.

Dad realize I couldn't speak and use that opportunity to continue.

What he or Jordan didn't realize, is that I was struggling to breathe.

"I was a mess and Angie worked at Morrison and Ambrose and, was a good friend to both Carl's wife and your mother." Dad continues, keeping his eyes focused on me.

Even though my tears I saw dad's tears, which he didn't even try to hide from Jordan and I.

"Angie came to the hospital and started taking care of you and continued, even after you came home. Your grandparents wanted to take you to Florida with them but I refused to let you go far from me." Dad stops to wipe his eyes.

It was only when Jordan lifted his glass, I saw the bottle of whiskey on the table, having missed when the waiter brought it in.

"Carl and his wife begged me to marry Angie, to give you a mother but it was only when your grandparents supported their suggestion, that I unwillingly agreed," again dad pause to smile at me. "For your sake, I married her but was never her husband."

Shaking my head in disbelief, "why wasn't my real mom's name on my birth documents?" I ask the question that is burning a hole in my heart.

"She offered to register you and I was still at home grieving without venturing out of the house, so I never checked your documents until you asked for it to apply for a driver's permit." Dad, answered.

"I was devastated to see her name there, completely wiping out Kathy's that I flew into a rage but you looked upon her as your mother, so I continued keeping my distance from her, with the intention of telling you the truth when you were older." Dad continues to share the past with me. A past that I'm still unable to grasp.

"No wonder she attended to my every need but was not emotionally involved," I responded, mostly to myself.

Leaning forward, "there's more but do you want to eat first?" Dad asks glancing between Jordan and I.

Shaking my head, "I'm not hungry, I'm just thirsty." I answered, reaching for the beer that was closer to Jordan.

Drawing it further from my reach, "it's hot and flat." Jordan pushes his glass of whiskey closer to me. "Only a sip." Jordan suggests.

"My daughter never drank whiskey before," dad tells Jordan.

Laughing dryly, "your daughter has never had to recover from a shock as great as this before," Jordan responded abruptly and I realize he's upset but, we've come to far, to turn back now.

Nodding, agreeing with Jordan, "yes and I'm not complaining because Leah looks great and I have you and your grandfather to thank, for keeping her safe," dad responds to Jordan.

Smiling, "and Rosie and Vinnie," I mentioned the names of the persons who has been good to me during the past few weeks.

"What I didn't know is that Angie had a daughter Melissa, whom she abandoned, in the care of her grandmother, when she joined my household." Nothing is suppose to shock me anymore but, this new information, adds to the turmoil inside me.

"Apparently, Melissa knew about you and befriended you in college, while all this time, she's been planning to take revenge on you and me."

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