The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Fifty Three

Jordan's POV

"I'll handle everyone involved and make them pay for tarnishing my wife's reputation but other than that stepdaughter, who else is involved?" Staring at Andrew cautiously, whose only focus, was his daughter.

"Umm," Andrew stares at the glass cradled in the palm of his hands. "I didn't realize it before but after Kathleen passed, I was out of the office for months, while Angie assisted Carl in my place at the construction division." Andrew continues to share his past, that's affecting his present.

"Other than my daughter, I had nothing to live for," Andrew smiles sympathetically at Leah, who has been quiet since Andrew dropped, that revenge bomb on her.

Sweeping his palms over his mouth, Andrew leans against the back of his chair, releasing a deep sigh.

"I am the senior Architect at the firm but Carl hired some ghost designers and between him and Angie, they bribe a government official to accept a design, they submitted because of a deadline from the ghost designer, with the promise that I would submit a proper design, when I return to the office." Andrew's words shouldn't have surprised me, since meeting Mr. Ambrose, but it did.

He use his friend during his moment of grief, to throttle him.

I didn't respond, nor did his daughter as we wait for him to finish, the story of his past.

"The government official is saying that I was on bereavement leave and bribed him to keep the spot open for me." Andrew shrugged.

"They didn't want Rawle and Lily together and I supported them, in the hopes that it would end it there and.." pausing his eyes on Leah, before continuing.

"Because I've seen Rawle involved in some shady dealings, with business and other female employees at the firm." I glance quickly at Leah at the mention of the fiance but she remained focused on what her father was saying and appeared unaffected by his comments about the fucking asshole she use to be engaged to.

Shaking his head, he reaches out towards Leah and with a sad smile, she finally reached out and clasped her father's hand.

"You deserved better sweetheart. You deserved so much better than him and the family I bought into your life." His tears started flowing, freely.

"Kathy would never have allowed this and she must be cursing me for the misfortune I've bought into your life..." Andrew cried but Leah interrupted him.

"No, no, no daddy." Shaking her head, smiling through tears. "If things didn't happen the way it did," turning to smile at me. "I wouldn't have met Jordan," hugging her from the side, I kiss the top of her head.

"It happen the way it was suppose to and now the only thing we need to do, is deal with the government official whose lying about you." She said but he kept shaking his head.

"I'm ready to settle in prison after signing over everything I'm worth to you," Andrew admitted, nodding to the envelope on the table. "All my properties and monies in my account has been transferred in your name, even the house I live in." Andrew.

Leah was still shaking her head in refusal but my brain was already ticking, like a time bomb, ready to explore.

"How many of you live at the house?" I asked ignoring Leah's questioning frown.

Lifting his eyebrows, Andrew narrows his eyes, the edges of his mouth curled with a smirk, his mind already heading in my direction.

"Other than me, it's Angie, her daughter and the staff." Andrew responded.

Touching the unopened envelope on the table, "you said you've transferred all of your assets, including your monies to Leah?" I asked, calculating my next move.

"Jordan, don't do anything stupid," Leah, having been on the receiving end of my anger on more than one occasions, knew what a fuck up, I could be.

"Jordan the staff," Leah says and I turned smiling, passing the envelope across to her.

"That's what this money is for." I responded turning to Andrew. "I will buy you a property under my name as a gift to you and I want you to arrange a severance package for the staff." Already taking charge, I issued instructions.

"Vinnie, my PA, is in Seattle with me, so he will work along with you over this weekend and by Tuesday evening all occupants of the household will be given notice to evacuate, the premises. I want you to use this weekend to remove all valuables and personal effects." I added, ignoring the soft coughs beside me.

"Jordan, what would Angie do?" Leah protested softly, "she could make matters worse for dad," she explains something I'm already aware of.

"Leah sweetheart, I'm your husband and we didn't sign a prenup, so I'm also part owner of your assets and I am removing what doesn't belong on my property," which is a wedding gift from my father-in-law.

"Your stepmother's welfare is none of my business nor should it be, any of yours." I explained and turned to Andrew.

"On Monday, Vinnie would escort you to the hospital where Leah was born and start proceedings to remove Angie Morrison from the birth certificate of Leah Morrison and filed a complaint to the cops, concerning the wrong name on her birth documents." Taking a deep breath, actually hungry after the evening we've been having.

The waiter entered the room for the tenth or eleventh time and I lift the menu to him, "we're ready to order now." I called.

By the time dinner was over, Leah and her father hugged for the first time since returning to Seattle and I felt her relief and joy, watching Andrew hug her tightly against his chest, weeping uncontrollably.

Leah may not agree with some of my decisions, now!

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