The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Fifty Four

Jordan's POV

"Are you telling me, you're ready to make a sacrifice and face a night or two in prison?" I had to know Andrew's thoughts because having him out of the house when notice is given to the other members of the household, is imperative.

Nodding, "this is what they have been threatening me with right?" Andrew laughs mockingly but yet, he's unable to hide the sadness in his eyes.

Andrew glances around the coffee shop, he invited me to meet him this morning, without his daugher being privy to the conversation he wanted to have with me.

On the pretence of heading for an early morning run, I left Leah babysitting Vinnie, whose nursing a hangover.

"I need to know something and it's regarding my daughter," changing the topic, Andrew starts a conversation, which should be easy for a newly married man but still.

"I'm listening," I encourage him to continue.

Cradling his hot coffee cup in the palm of his hands, "it's only been a few weeks since Leah left Seattle and suddenly, she's your wife,"

Laughing self-consciously, "she knew that motherfucker for years and where did that end?" I retorted calmly.

Twitching the corner of his mouth, "that's true but Branson is a household name, not only in New York but Globally," I realize Andrew is fishing for hidden motives where our quickie marriage is concern.

This isn't a conversation I envisioned, having with her father!

"I need to understand that, what's happening between you and Leah, is real and her pain from the last few weeks, ends now, that she's with you." Like any caring father, Andrew voices his concerns.

Leaning back, I smile as I remember actually, seeing Leah for the first time.

Her blonde hair, loose and dancing in the wind, while laughing with Mrs. Sanchez and those eyes, those fucking eyes, that has held me captivated since.

"I treated her horribly, when we first met." I admitted, ashamed to be having this conversation with her father of all people but he needs to know, she's safe and secured, under the Branson's banner.

"My grandfather is a sucker for helping lost causes and when I first met Leah, I assumed she was another of his homeless, charity case, until I met you." I started, flickering my eyes from Andrew's as he tensed up at my words.

Wiping my lips, I went on to tell him about her first few hours in the City and meeting grandpa.

Lifting his eyebrow, Andrew couldn't hide the hurt he felt, when I describe the homeless guy, turned homeless girl, I housed for two nights.

Shaking his head, "she didn't have it easy when she left Seattle, did she?" Andrew says with the same hurt and painful expression in his eyes.

Nodding, "and I added to it for a while." I admitted, deserving a swing from him, if he desires to go that way.

Chuckling dryly at my stupidity but back then, I had no other choice but to be weary of grandpa's charity cases.

"About three years ago, my grandfather as usual helped another young woman from a rural area and the woman immediately, set her sights on me." I'm having this conversation with Andrew but I still need to tell my wife.

Staring at my wedding band, whilst twisting it around my fingers.

"When I refused her invitations and advances, she would cry to my grandfather, without naming the guy who kept rebuffing her." I continued, remembering those horrible few weeks and the sacrifices I had to make because of my grandfather's kindhearted, nature.

"When I still refused her advances, she went to HR and lodge a complaint and accused my grandfather of trying to take advantage of her." Curling my lips in disgust, as I remember that horrible bitch.

"The matter ended up in the police hands and grandma got a heart attack, with everything, grandpa and the family was facing." Continuing, my eyes averted to a plant, located at a corner of the cafe, avoiding Andrew's stunned expression.

"I ended up having to seduce the truth out of her, while Vinnie recorded it and that, father-in-law, was the worst experience of my of life, which is why I fought with your daughter when we first met and I also fought the attraction I felt, everytime I thought about her." Laughing dryly.

Andrew remained silent through my explanation, not hiding the surprise in his eyes.

"Yeah, it's only been a short while but my grandfather wanted us to get married from the first day and I would have courted her longer but when I arrived here and heard what those sluts were saying about her, I had to do something, I was already prepared to do." My past experience should not have affected the way I treated Leah in the beginning but it did.

The sound of loud laughter interrupted me and I didn't miss the way Andrew lifted his eyes behind me.

"Just play along with me," Andrew whispers bringing this coffee cup to his lips.

I didn't turn around but he sound of chairs dragging confirms that it's more than one person, Andrew is staring at.

"Rawle Ambrose," Andrew whispers and I fought the urge to remain seated.

Frowning, "I should tell you, that Carl was really upset when you left abruptly yesterday and kept nagging me about the reason for your visit." Andrew says quickly, while staring behind me.

Laughing he shook his head, "he's already planning your marriage to his daughter," Andrew comments, grinning at my disgusted expression.

"Well if it isn't my father-in-law," a sarcastic drawl says from behind me.

My eyes instantly flew to my wedding band and I smile, knowing that Leah is mine.

A hand is shoved towards me, "Rawle Ambrose."

"Jordan Branson," I responded.

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