The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Fifty Five

Jordan's POV

Chuckling loudly, the man named Rawle Ambrose, appeared impress when he heard my name and dragged a chair from another table, without an invitation, joined us, wearing a wide smirk, then turns and frowns suspiciously, at Andrew.

"Secret meetings with Evelyn's friend?" Young Ambrose, asks Andrew.

In his mid twenties, Ambrose stands a few inches shorter than me, by the looks of it.

His browns curls falls long and messy on his head, apparently now coming from the gym, judging by the way he is dressed.

"Uh uh.." clearing my throat to get the attention of Ambrose. "Whose Evelyn?" I asked feigning ignorance.

Now it was Ambrose turn to reacted surprise at my question.

Twitching his lips, "my sister?" Ambrose says, clearly embarrassed and probably hoping, I'll remember. "I believe you guys had lunch a few days ago." Ambrose explains and I can see that Evelyn went home with a mouthful from that afternoon.

Shaking my head, I scratch my chin thoughtfully, "can't say the name rings a bell but then again, if the girl ain't smoking hot," shrugging, "she definitely won't leave a lasting impression.

Turning away from Ambrose shocked expression, I point at Andrew. "Now Leah," I smirk at Andrew and then at Ambrose, whose eyes darken at the mention of Leah's name.

"Now, she's not only absolutely gorgeous but she's smoking hot and none of the girls I've met since I've been here, compares to her." Pushing back my chair, I stood up and nod at Ambrose whose face is deeply flushed and I know it's not from embarrassment.

"Andrew, we'll catch up after I speak to my grandfather," pulling out my wallet, I laid some notes on the table and turn to Ambrose again, "uh.. give my regards to your father and your.. uh.. sister... uh..?" Pausing, I wait for him to fill in the blank.

"Evelyn," he adds slowly, his jaws clenching and unclenching.

Chuckling, "yes, uh.. Evelyn," on that note, I turned and walk away but hovered for a moment before facing Ambrose again.

"By the way," pausing, "did I just hear you address Andrew as, father-in-law?" Lifting my eyebrows, I frowned, curiously.

Ambrose glance at Andrew but Andrew, lifted his cold coffee and started sipping again.

Nodding, Ambrose lifted his chin and smiled, "yes I'm engaged to his daughter," Ambrose confirmed proudly.

Taken aback, "his daughter?" I repeated and he nodded.

"Yes, his daughter, Melissa Morrison." Ambrose continued proudly.

Holding the back of the chair to brace myself while I stood, "is that the bastard, Angie abandoned when she married you, Andrew?" I asked, hearing the loud intake of breath coming from Ambrose.

Both men remained silent, leaving me with no option but to have a monologue.

Shrugging, "hmm..." Angie might be your mother-in-law but Andrew, definitely isn't your father-in-law." I told Ambrose, whose now glaring at me but I have only just started.

"I met her a few days ago and" giving him a sympathetic smile, "you need all the help you can get." Nodding at Andrew, I turn to walk away.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" Ambrose shouts at my retreating back,

Andrew stood up immediately, placing a hand against Ambrose chest, which Ambrose immediately, shoves aside.

I'm aware that I am here alone, while Ambrose friends are already standing around but I refuse to be intimidated.

"Which part of what I said is a lie?" I asked softly, calculating Ambrose next move.

Pointing to the door, "Jordan," Andrew shakes his head.

Extending my hands wide to the side, I started walking backwards, smiling, confident that I've won round one and Ambrose would no longer the calling me his sister's friend.

Andrew ended up taking me to the hotel, accepting an invitation to join us while he and Vinnie sought out his legal documents until grandpa's lawyer arrives tomorrow night, because I'm sure Ambrose would be running to Angie and her daughter, to whine.

There is so much I need to share with Leah but I need her to be focused on Massy and the job ahead of her.

Distractions will have to wait and I can already see a heavy weight lifted off her, since dinner last night with her father but tonight is just about us.

The scene that greet me when I entered the room occupied by Leah and Vinnie was not heartwarming.

As the door shut, Jade spun around to glare at me.
"Are you shacking up with the help?" She instantly attacked me.

Frowning, I walked closer to where she stood but my eyes were on Leah, who stood a few feet away from my angry sister.

Pushing the keycard into my pocket, "what do you want Jade?" Exhausted, I rub behind my neck and stopped beside Leah.

Pointing at Leah and myself, "this..." she glares at Leah. "What is this?" She asks angrily.

Throwing an arm around Leah's shoulder, "she's my girl," I retorted, wondering how the fuck, no one realizes I'm wearing a wedding band.

Because I can't trust Jade yet, I will leave my marriage to Leah between us, for the time being.

My words, brought Leah closer to my side.

"Well when you're done with this," Jade sneers at Leah, who just stood silently, observing her. "I made plans with Christina and her friends and I expect you to spare me," pointing to her chest. "Your flesh and blood, some leisure time."

Glaring at Leah and Vinnie, Jade turns and walks out the room, slamming the door behind her.

"Why the fuck didn't you mention you're married?" Vinnie blurted out angrily.

Breathing deeply, "there has been some new developments with Christina's friends, so I prefer surprising them all, in one room, like they did to Leah." I retorted, smiling grabbing Leah's hand.

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