The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Fifty Six

Leah's POV

Jordan is Jade's brother and I want him to spend time with her, I just won't be comfortable with him being in the group, she has plans with.

"Jordan," I spun around to face him, to see he's already undressing.

Turning away just as quickly, "I don't want to keep you away from your sister but I hate that you would be in the company of..." trailing off, I turned to face him again, only to bump into his bare chest.

Taking a deep breath, I move to step back but Jordan grabbed my arms and kept me rooted in front of him, with a seductive, smirk.

Frowning, "didn't you mention something about running?" I asked, reaching out, I touch Jordan's naked chest, realizing there isn't a drop of sweat on his body.

When he remained silent, I move closer and inhaled his scent, then, stares at him suspiciously. "You didn't go running," I accused him, watching his mouth twitch, while staring down at me, with a guarded expression.

Chuckling dryly, Jordan turned away, "Andrew ask me to meet him at a coffee shop, so.." trailing off, Jordan shrugs.

I side stepped quickly in front of him, "why?" Frowning curiously, I lifted my head to stare at him.

Causally shrugging, "he wanted to have that, uh.. father-in-law, son-in-law talk." Jordan explains but I felt there was more.

Clenching my fist on my hip, "no, I don't know. So enlighten me," I probed.

Eyeing me head to toe, Jordan laughs softly, touching the tip of my nose with his index finger. "That was a private conversation between a father-in-law and a son-in-law." Kissing the top of my head, Jordan walks towards the closet.

Turning to face me again, "I was thinking," pausing he appeared to be considering his words. "Maybe we should get your father a room at the hotel before I send out the eviction notice on Tuesday." Jordan suggested but was he asking my opinion?

Happy, because it would be great to have my father here with me even though, I will be at work, during the day.

"That will be great and I can also spend time with him after work." I agreed quickly.

I have so much questions and they are all about, Kathleen Morrison, my mom.

Nodding, Jordan nods to the shower, "how about an early lunch in the city?" He asks.

"Shopping?" I asked hopefully.

Staring at the closet, "I need some stuff, so yeah." Jordan agrees, before entering the bathroom.

As soon as the door is shut, my smile disappears.

Jordan is hiding something and he's evading the question but if it involves my father, then it is my right to know.

Ignoring all other senses, other than my need to know. Without knocking, I opened the door and stormed into the bathroom.

Jordan stood with his eyes closed, head thrown back, as he allows the water to cascade from his head to his feet.

"Enjoying the show?" With his eyes closed, Jordan smirks.

Embarrass to be caught staring and angry that he knew I was going to follow him in.

"No!" I responded adamantly.

Opening his eyes, Jordan shook his head.

Sweeping the palm of his hand over this face, "I'm telling you the truth," pointing out the door, "go call your father," he suggested, clearly irritated but his eyes says more.

I didn't respond but wait for him to continue.

Chuckling, "you're really obstinate, you know that?" Jordan, ignores me and continue with his shower.

Pointing to the towel rack, "pass me a towel please." Jordan asks and I quickly, pass one across to him.

Wrapping the towel around his hip, "so I happen to meet Ambrose," Jordan watches me carefully.

Shrugging, "okay, and that's a secret, why?" Turning I walked ahead of Jordan out the bathroom and headed to the closet.

I headed to the closet and pulled out a green sweater and a pair of black jeans for my day out.

Jordan eyed me curiously while I dressed and as usual I'm makeup free.

Grabbing a handbag, I frowned at Jordan.

"What about Vinnie?" I just remember that Vinnie is still nursing a hangover and only God and Vinnie knows, exactly where he went last night.

"Fuck," Jordan responded walking briskly out the door. "Finish up here and I will see if he's staying in or ..." Jordan's voice trailed off as he exit the room.

Ensuring my credit cards and cash were in my handbag, I left to join the guys for an early lunch and shopping, while the only thing on my mind, is finding out more about Kathleen Morrison and finally being able to see what she looks like.

Jordan needed some casual shirts, while I needed some working clothes and casual clothes for my twelve day stay in Seattle.

I was careful to shop in stores, I rarely visited so I won't have the same problem I encountered, yesterday.

"Aren't you buying anything?" I asked Vinnie, while we wait for Jordan to finish paying for his purchases.

Yawning, "all I need right now, is more sleep," Vinnie says, covering his mouth.

Looking over my shoulder, I quickly face Vinnie.

"I have a favor to ask you," I told him.

Staring behind me, "and you don't want the husband to know?" Vinnie smiles mischievously.

"Just hear me out," I retorted and shifted my body so I'll be able to see when Jordan comes in our direction.

"Spill," Vinnie invites me to continue.

"Jade wants Jordan to join her for dinner tonight and I don't want to keep him away from his sister," as I spoke, Vinnie's eyes darken, as if he knew where I was going.

"Can you go with him and ensure those horrible people stay away from him?" I asked.

"With pleasure!"

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