The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Fifty Seven

Jordan's POV

Having already arranged with Andrew to move into the Hotel with us, I reluctantly left Leah in his care while Vinnie and I went out to dine with Jade, Michael, his cousin and their fucking friends.

Leah insisted that I go because she doesn't want Jade to blame her for causing problems between us but the only reason I caved, is because I saw her father coming with photo albums and I knew it's about time, that she finds out about her real mother.

"Stop fretting, her father is with her and after all this time, they need it" Vinnie reminded me, as the driver I hired drove through the busy streets of Seattle, to the restaurant of Jade's choice.

"So, I met Leah's ex, this morning," I told Vinnie, who didn't hold back, expressing his shock.

"Fuck man," Vinnie says, "and I missed that?" He added, with a disappointed scowl.

Shrugging, "you didn't miss anything," I retorted, "but if you were there, I wouldn't have had to leave quietly." I added for Vinnie's benefit.

His eyes widen in surprise at my comment.

"What the hell happened?" Vinnie turned to stare me, curiously.

Tilting my head, with a slight smirk.

"You know," pausing, I turned away to stare out the window of the SUV, we were travelling in.

"I threw some insults around, got in his face but I was outnumbered." I chuckled, turning as Vinnie bellowed out in laughter.

"He's one cocky bastard," I mused, remembering how he approached me, so self-assured.

I wonder how the fuck did Leah get involved with a guy like that?

As the vehicle pulled up in front of the restaurant, "I already hate the evening ahead." With a scowl on my face, I exited the vehicle, hearing the door slam on the other sided.

Leaning down, I nod to the driver, "are you sticking around or do I need to call you?" I enquired politely since I'm just going to meet and greet before leaving.

"It depends on you, sir." the driver responded politely.

Nodding, with a deep smile.

"Great, I won't be long and I'll treat you to dinner." I promise, watching Vinnie adjust his deep red, long sleeve shirt, into his black jeans.

"Thank you sir," the driver responded and with a slight wave, Vinnie and I entered the restaurant.

Vinnie approached the hostess, with a flirtatious wink.

"Good evening sweetheart," Vinnie greeted her before turning to me, lifting an eyebrow.

"Who is the reservation under?" He asks and since my sister didn't mention it, I assume it's under her maiden name.

"Branson?" I asked the Hostess, who averting her eyes from Vinnie to check her reservation chart.

Smiling, "yes, it's the Ambrose party and they are expecting," glancing between Vinnie and I, she stares at her chart again.

"Ambrose?" Vinnie and I blurted out simultaneously.

Smiling politely, "yes sir and based on the reservation, they are expecting.." lowering her eyes awkwardly. "Uh.. one more person." She explains.

Throwing his arm around my shoulder, "did they really expect me to attend their," pausing Vinnie shrug and grins. "Party, dateless?"

Smiling, she shook her head, "uh no." The hostess, closes her book and indicate we should follow her. "I'll just have another chair added around the table." She says, walking ahead of us.

Shrugging, "I wonder what Jade is trying to rope me into?" I mummer, following Vinnie, who is walking behind the hostess.

"Just remember, you're a married man," Vinnie chuckles, being the first to follow the hostess into the large room booked for, whatever shindig, the Ambrose are hosting.

"Jordan my boy," Carl Ambrose moved around Vinnie, embracing me in a hug. "I was worried you weren't going to make it." He continued, as if his eyes were glued to the doorway, waiting for me.

Drawing me further into the room, that's filled with more than thirty people.

"Come, come." He nods in excitement, "come meet my wife." He said, with his arm still around my shoulder.

Shrugging his arm off, annoyed at my sister and even myself for agreeing to join her tonight.

Nodding politely, "I need to speak to Jade for a moment, so excuse me please." I said, gazing around the the room, until my eye fell on Jade and Michael socializing.

Without uttering another word, I strode quickly to where Jade is surrounded with people I definitely, don't know.

"Jade," I tugged at her arm to get her attention.

Spinning around, my sister broke out in a wide smile, excited to see me but she suddenly frowns while looking behind me.

"Why is he here?" Jade asks.

I didn't have to turn around to know she was asking about my date.

"He's my plus one and don't worry, we're not going to be here for long." Jade lifted her eyes quickly to mines when she heard my comment.

Shaking her head quickly, "I'm sorry," she apologizes and nods to Vinnie, "it's okay." She continued and turned to look around the room.

Smiling deeply, "Evelyn is here," she gushes, grabbing my hand but I refused to go with her.

"Jade what are you doing?" I stared at her in frustration. "I'm not interested in her or any girl who lies and gossips about others, the way she did the first time I met her." I told her firmly.

"I'm here because of you and not those girls I met earlier," I explained why I came.

Ready to object, "but Jordan, give her a chance..." Jade was saying, when I grabbed her wrists firmly.

"NO!" I said firmly.

Turning around, ready to exit the room, I see Vinnie already mingling.

"Okay, just don't leave yet," Jade pleaded and points to Vinnie. "See Vinnie is already enjoying himself." She says, while waving Evelyn over to us.

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