The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Six

Leah's POV

Having had little sleep last night is no excuse to sleep late in your host's house in the morning.

I leaped out of bed and gathered clean clothes and used the shower before venturing downstairs happy when Mrs. Sanchez wasn't in the kitchen because she made dinner last night so I could try my hand at breakfast and hopefully ask her to take me shopping for two more working suits and casual clothes.

As I planned my Sunday, my heart was strangely lighter from Friday when my world collapsed all around me, or maybe I still haven't thawed out and reality hasn't yet hit me.

Why couldn't Rawle just break up with me?

Why did he and Lissa ensure I attended their engagement?

I racked my brain as I tried recollecting over the years since Rawle and I started dating, other than loving him, what did I do?

I felt soft hands grip my arms slightly, "I'll finish up here" Mrs. Sanchez says from behind me. "Come, take a seat." She tried to move me but I stood still.

I need to be stronger and accept the cards, life has dealt me!

Shaking my head, I shrugged her hands off lightly. "No," I refused to let go of the knife and the bread I was cutting. "You made dinner, so I'm making breakfast." I explained as I continued, packing the two plates with a portion of bacon and eggs and toast for us.

When I'm done, I smiled at her through my tear filled eyes, "I'll get better," I promised her,

"I've got you." Leaning across, I embrace the Hispanic woman whose, not only become a friend but a lifeline for me to hold onto.

Other than my financial situation, I don't think I have the guts to discuss being dumped by my fiance at his engagement party to my best friend to anyone because, I don't need anyone's pity.

"Would your boss have a problem with me," pausing I stared at my tea, "uh, using his kitchen and his groceries?" I ask, suddenly remembering, that he bolted just after I came here.

Chuckling, "I won't worry about Jordan," she laughs it off but what she doesn't know is that somehow I unconsciously turned my friends and family against me and by young Mr. Branson's attitude yesterday, I turned him off too.

"He left as soon as his grandfather brought me here." I explained my concern.

Lifting her soft motherly eyes to smile at me. "Jordan spent Friday night with his friends and breakfast with his grandfather is MUST" she laughs "on Saturday morning, plus he MUST also join his family for lunch on Sundays, so he went over to remain until lunch today."She chuckles loudly but her explanation didn't ease my discomfort.

Instead of responding to her explanation, I forced myself to finish everything in my plate, thankful I spent time in the kitchen with Aunty Mel, confident that my cooking skills are above average.

"Can you take me do a little shopping please? I just need a few sleepwear and two more working suits." I asked Mrs. Sanchez as I cleared the table.

Pausing Mrs. Sanchez stared at me thoughtfully, then nod with a light smile.

"Sure, go organize and I will finish up here," she suggested and I gratefully returned to the guest bedroom to comb my hair, which is all I needed to do because I had limited clothes so I hoped the blue Levi's and T-shirt I wore would be decent enough to move around with, completing my day out on the town outfit, with my oversize hoodie and sneakers.

I took out some cash, which I felt would be sufficient to get only the necessities I needed until I can find a way to use my card without my parents tracing me.

That is, if the are actually interested in where I am and what I'm doing.

Maybe they think I committed suicide. I chuckle at the thought as I wandered back downstairs to see Mrs. Sanchez hanging up the phone in the kitchen.

Smiling as I approached her, "oh Lily, you just missed Mr. Branson," she was saying when my eyes widened in surprise, she laughs out, "no not Jordan, his grandfather," she explains and I nod with a small smile, unable to explain the sudden disappointment I felt.

"I told him, I'm taking you sightseeing for a hour or two and he's making arrangements for us to have lunch on at one of his favourite restaurants. " She continued, nodding to the entrance. "His treat," she added and I instantly looked down at my casual attire,

Shaking my head quickly, "I can't" I decline nervously, "I have nothing that's decent enough for a restaurant but I could treat you to a lunch at a less fancy restaurant?" I suggested hopefully.

Staring at me from head to toe, "if Mr. Branson sent you, they will serve you naked," laughing she opened the front door for us.

For the next three hours, I thought of no one, other than Mrs. Sanchez and myself, who has a lot of stamina because she walked everywhere we went.

Surprisingly I returned home with cash, after purchasing a new phone under Mrs. Sanchez name and light makeup which I didn't pack, two more working suits and extra sleepwear, with two more casual outfits for home and outdoors and one set of running wear.

Lunch was a blast and I made the most of it but instead of having a healthy meal, I pigged out on deserts, much to Mrs. Sanchez disapproval and if I was back home, Aunty Mel would have a fit.

I did ensure we have takeout from the restaurant for dinner and Mrs. Sanchez ordered extra, in case young Mr. Branson returned home tonight, scaring me again.

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