The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Fifty Eight

Jordan's POV

What the hell is wrong with Jade and why is she so obsessed with this fucking bitch?

I was about to walk away when I saw young Ambrose following his sister.

"This should be interesting," I muttered softly, with a smirk, staring at the motherfucker.

"Hi Jordan," Evelyn greets me, reaching up to peck me slightly on my cheek, before wrapping her arm around my arm.

Nodding, I unwrapped her arm and frowned down at her upturned face, that's plastered with makeup.

"Excuse me?" Stepping back, I turned to Jade who scowled at me.

"This is my friend, Evelyn Ambrose," Jade says between clench teeth. "You met her the other day." She reminded me, definitely conveying her annoyance, with me.

Nodding slowly, I gave a Evelyn a second look, frowning deeply, as I try to remember her.

"Oh, right." Pausing, I spoke slowly, just to annoy Jade some more. "Okay, yes, Ms. Ambrose, you said." I acknowledged her politely and turned to face her brother and smile.

"Mr. Ambrose," I greeted him, "twice in one day," I said and looked around the room.

"Branson," Ambrosed acknowledged me, whilst smiling at his sister, "I was hoping you would make it." He said, waving a waiter over.

Taking two champagne glasses from the tray, he gave one to his sister and another to Jade, then took two more, giving one to me, then lifts the other.

"To new family." He toasted.


Jade and her new best friend, quickly lifted their glasses while my eyes did a quick sweep of the room once again.

Waving my glass in his face, "so what's the occasion?" I asked, finally catching Vinnie's attention.

Ambrose glances quickly at Jade, sending her a confused frowned and then at his sister, before lowering his glass.

"It's in honor of you," Jades quickly butts in to clarify this evening's dinner.

Surprise, I stared at the three pair of eyes, that's focused awkwardly, on me.

Waving the waiter over, I place the untouched champagne glass, back on the tray.

"In honor of what?" I asked Jade, whose glaring with a deep scowl.

"You and Evelyn." Jade says slowly, before turning to smile at Evelyn. "And the beginning of a new relationship." She added.

"I already spoke to grandpa and he's excited to visit Seattle," Jade added, biting her lips.

I stare at Jade in bewilderment.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" I glare at Jade, only to see Vinnie coming to stand beside us.

"Oh, didn't you know?" Vinnie chuckles, draining a drink from a whiskey glass.

All eyes turned on Vinnie, especially Jade's angry grays, that's so much like mines.

"It's like they are here to celebrate your pre-engagement party." He laughs and winks at me, nodding behind him.

I moved to follow him but turned on Jade, "whatever you did, just undo it, NOW!" I yelled, before turning on my heels to follow Vinnie.

"What the fuck is up with Jade?" I muttered angrily. "I need to get out of her and I'm actually hungry now." I started walking towards the doorway.

Carl ambushed me before I got outside, "where are you running off too?" Surprise, he turned to stare at his kids and my sister.

"Jade and Melissa planned this evening's dinner for you and Evelyn." Carl says when an older version of Evelyn joins him, smiling tightly, as if her face would crack from all the botox, she's using.

"Sweetheart, is Jordan leaving without meeting me?" She asks her husband while her eyes sweeps over me, flirtatiously.

Carl stares awkwardly at me and turns to his wife, with a small smile.

"Yes Jordan, this is my wife.." Carl was saying when I put my hand out and cut off Carl's introduction.

"Jordan Branson and this here," I indicate Vinnie whose standing on my left. "My best friend, Vinnie." I concluded, ready to leave.

Taking my extended hand, "it's a pleasure to finally meet you, Jordan" she greets me, her eyes flickering to Vinnie.

"So he's with you," she added, staring at Vinnie with annoyance. "I did wonder, when he kept questioning my guests." She smiles.

Chuckling beside me, "I heard rumors floating around about your daughter and my friend here," Vinnie laughs, "so I had to find out if she is worthy of being a Branson." Vinnie added.

Happy after hearing Vinnie's comment, "and??" Mrs. Ambrose coaxes, hopefully. "I hope you were satisfied, my Evelyn's an angel?" She laughs, annoyingly.

Screwing his face with disgust, Vinnie slaps my back,

"I couldn't actually because my boy Jordan, hates women with icing on their face." Having said his piece, Vinnie turned to me grinning happily.

"The driver is waiting and you did promise him dinner," Vinnie reminded me.

Chuckling softly at the scowl on the faces of the Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose, "I guess we will be taking our leave now and it's a pleasure meeting you," I shook Mrs. Ambrose hand and nod to her husband, politely.

"Jade already spoke to your grandfather," Mrs. Ambrose says to my retreating back.

Turning, I nod, "but no one spoke to me," I informed her and walked out the door, followed by my friend.

Vinnie and I entered the vehicle, with Vinnie laughing his ass off at my scowl.

"You're such an ass," I chuckle at him and turned to the driver.

"We need some chinese take away," I told him, hoping he takes us to the best place in the city.

"On it sir," stepping on the gas, the driver, drove further into the city.

"We can use this," Vinnie finally sobers up.

Shaking my head, "do I even want to know?" I asked cautiously.

"Yeah you do," Vinnie retorted with a huge grin. "You can introduce your wife in an open forum with the Ambrose and everyone who despises her, present."

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