The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Fifty Nine

Leah's POV

I kept wiping the tears as I sat surrounded with photos of my mother, my real mother, Kathleen Morrison.

How could someone be so evil as to take away such a precious memory from me?

"She's beautiful," I gushed for the millionth time, as I look at another photo of mom.

"Take me to her grave tomorrow," I pleased softly, "I need to tell her that I'm sorry for not visiting sooner." I stare at my father.

This is surreal!

How could Angie be so evil?

"Money and greed, sweetheart, money and greed," my father says quietly beside me.

Lifting my eyes, "huh?" I asked, confused.

Smiling, "you ask how could Angie be so evil," dad responded.

Smiling, "and I said that out loud," I concluded.

Yes, her greed is what she and her daughter is using to destroy my father and I.

Angry at myself for being conned by Melissa and my father by her mother.

"I will make them pay for what they are doing to you and what she did to my mother and I," I told my father vengefully.

Reaching out, dad brushed my loose hair from my eyes.

"Don't harbour hate for people who don't deserve it," dad says but he doesn't understand or maybe he's still missing mom, like I've been doing since I found out about her.

Standing up angrily, with clench fists, I face my father.

Shaking my head, "I won't let them get away with all that they have done," I vow.

Standing up, my dad towers over me.

Holding my shoulder, he tries reasoning with me.

"Don't be like this," dad says, "you've got Jordan now. You don't need anyone else." Daddy says, as he tries to derailed me from my vengeful thoughts.

"Yes I've got Jordan but I can't expect him to fight my battles for me." I retorted and started pacing the room, my brain working on overtime, as I thought up ways to avenge my father and I.

"Are you happy?" Daddy suddenly asks from behind me.

Spinning around, I frown.

"What?" I didn't understand where he was coming from.

Taking a seat again, dad pats the seat beside him.

"With Jordan, are you happy with Jordan." He asked.

I couldn't help the goofy smile that suddenly appeared on my face as my mind flew to Jordan.

Lifting my hand, I stare at my finger with the wedding band he placed vowing to be with me till death do us part.

"Jordan's amazing," I admitted shyly, "even when he was horrible, he tried to make up for it." I added, instantly regretting that comment.

I never wanted my father to know how much leaving him, affected me.

"So are you over, Rawle?" Daddy asks.

Averting my eyes from the ring on my finger, to meet my father's serious expression.

Nodding slowly, I smiled and lifted my ring to his face.

"I wouldn't be wearing this, if I didn't," I responded but still, he didn't appear convince.

"Then why did you leave without confronting him or me?" Daddy questioned me.

Frowning, "I didn't need to confront him," I recall staring him dead in the eyes when I threw the ring back to him.

"He was staring at me in shock and that's when I threw his ring across the room, towards him." I responded, remembering how horrible I felt back then but now, I wonder how could I have been so stupid.

"So Jordan isn't a rebound?" My father persisted in questioning me concerning Jordan.

Shaking my head, "Jordan is not a rebound." I confirmed, suddenly remembering he met with Jordan earlier this morning.

"Did you also grill Jordan, this morning?" I laugh.

Lifting an eyebrow, he smirks.

"He told you?" Daddy seemed surprised.

Shaking my head, "uh huh," I responded, "so tell me" I lean closer to my father. "What else happened this morning?" I asked curiously.

Rocking his head, left to right, daddy sweeps a hand over his face.

"I took him to the coffee shop, Rawle frequents," daddy admitted, cautiously.

Standing abruptly to my feet.

"I knew it." I responded, then quickly sat back down, worried now.

"What happened?" I continued curiously.

Laughing heartily, daddy turns to me, "Jordan threw some out of timing comments, which upset Rawle but nothing happen," daddy says but that still says nothing.

I knew Jordan does kickboxing so he definitely would've kick Rawle's scummy ass but maybe it's for the best.

Leaning forward, "I have something to tell you though," daddy says seriously.

Nodding, I wait for him to continue.

"I think Evelyn and her family has their sights on Jordan, judging by their behavior." Daddy says, unaware that his words was like a sword, piercing into my heart.

Without another word, I ran to my bedroom to retrieve my phone and quickly dialed Jordan's number, ignoring daddy calling me from the sitting room.

I won't let them do this to me again, I won't!

I slammed my phone down when there was no answer, regretting my decision to convince him to go.


Walking to the where the phone had fallen when I flung it, wincing inwardly when I saw a small crack on the face of my new phone.

Ignoring that, I called Vinnie instead and he too didn't answer the phone.

I dropped the phone when I heard the consistent ringing of the doorbell and ran down the short flight of stairs to see daddy approaching the front door.

I ran forward smiling when I saw Jordan and Vinnie walking in with white bags in their hands and the scent of Chinese coming in with them.

Sighing in relief, I ran forward as daddy help them with two bags.

"I tried calling," I greeted them.

Lifting the bags, "hands full sweetheart." Jordan laughs.

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