The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Sixty One

Leah's POV

Jordan left me in the capable hands of Ms. Gemma before leaving with Vinnie to meet my father at the police station.

I was uneasy but I promised Jordan to focus on the job I came to do, while he and his grandfather's lawyers, do what they came to do.

I don't just trust Jordan but I trust his grandfather who has never failed me since meeting him in the coffee shop, on my very first day in the big city.

As promise, Ms. Gemma never left my side but allowed me to set up the groundwork I presented to her, with the persons who will be continuing it, working alongside me.

It's been two day but still, I haven't seen the fruits of the lawyers labor.

Other than dropping me at Massy's and picking me up, Jordan and haven't been spending anytime together.

The only comfort is falling asleep in each other's arms and waking up together.

Like the past two evening, Jordan and Vinnie left me at the hotel with room service before joining daddy in the lawyers suite.

I was in the middle of work and dinner when a loud pounding on the door shook me.

Clutching my chest, I stood up from off the floor where I was sitting.

I peered through the peephole to see Jade on the outside, glaring impatiently at the door.

Jerking backwards, I froze for a moment before I remembered the door was closed.

I don't know why but I don't like being around her. Maybe when the truth is out and she finds out who I am and that Jordan and I love each other, she will give me a chance.

I pulled opened the door and with a polite smile I greeted Jade.

"Hel.." I was saying when the door was shoved wide open and Jade strode angrily along the corridor.

I shut the door and followed her into the sitting room and took my seat on the floor among the documents I was working on and my half eaten dinner.

"Where's Jordan?" Jade asks abruptly.

My first instinct was to ignore her but then she might linger on and I want her out.

Lifting my eyes from my plate, I shook my slowly.

"He's out with Vinnie, again." I responded calmly and continued eating.

I sense Jade staring at me but I refuse to look up.

"Jordan's getting engaged soon." Jade informs me and for some reason her hostile tone reminds me of Evelyn when she used the same tone with me, at her brother's engagement party.

I'm not going to argue with her, so I lift my eyes and nod.

"Okay," I responded calmly, wishing I could go back in time and not open the door to her.

"My grandfather will be coming tomorrow to meet Jordan's fiance and her family so I'm just giving you a heads up," Jade says, then takes a seat, instead of leaving.

How could Jade be so blind and not see her grandmother's ring on my finger?

Softening her tone, "you seem like a nice girl and judging by all this," Jade's fingers flickers to the documents on the floor. "A conscientious worker." Jade added.

I kept my eyes glued on her, hoping she doesn't get angry, which might cause me to blurt out the truth.

"Maybe you should be having this conversation with your brother," I suggested.

Smiling she shook her head, "no I don't," Jade responded, then shrugs.

"He's blinded by lust but his love for Evelyn is something, a casual hookup like you couldn't break." Jade eyes travel over me with scorn.

The same type of scorn I saw in Evelyn's eyes, the last time I saw her.

For the first time in my life, I experience what it was like, to choke on my saliva.

I started coughing all because I tried to laugh at Jade's lies.

I grabbed the bottle water beside me and chugged it down, wiping the water from my eyes.

"Like I said, you should be having this conversation with your brother." I repeated, as my coughing subsided.

Jade didn't hide her surprise at my calm response.

Twitching her lips, "well don't say I didn't warn you," she said and stands up.

I smiled inwardly because she's leaving and I can't wait.

"I guess he must still be out on a date with Evelyn." Jade rubs it in and I nod.

Even though I knew she's lying, I still felt a stabbing pain in my chest.

Jade started walking out, then turns to face me.

"I didn't want to do this but I will have to transfer you from our head office." She smiles. "My brother deserves to be happy and I won't have a meaningless fling, break his engagement."

Her insult did sting but I won't let her see it because she seems to be the type who would just add tons of salt in it.

"Does his girlfriend know about me?" I couldn't help asking.

Smiling mockingly, "fiance!" Jade stresses. "His fiance and she suspects but when he's not with you he's with her and after this gig, you will no longer be working with him." Jade added.

I fought the urge to shove my hand with her grandmother's ring in her face.

Nodding slowly, deciding to play with her.

"I guess he gave her his grandmother's ring?" I said, smiling as her eyes widen in surprise.

Shaking her head, "of course not, that's beneath her. He bought her a modern style." Jade smiles and heads for the door again.

She stops outside the door, "don't wait up for him," leaving the door open, my eyes followed Jade to the elevator.

Closing the door, I quickly dialed, Jordan!

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