The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Sixty Two

Jordan's POV

Having heard Leah pretending to be strong when she's broken, confirms that something happened to alarm her.

Hanging up the phone, worried, I rejoined the group sitting around the large glass table, which belongs in a conference room.

"Something came up, I have to go." I said to no one in particular, moving to shake the hand of the lead lawyer working on Andrew and now Leah's case against her step-mother.

Nodding, Mr. Thompson stands and grabs my hand in a firm grip.

"Some good news before you go," he says and I pause to hear him out.

"Tomorrow, Angie Morrison will be given an eviction notice and serve, a warrant for her arrest." I smile at the news, which should boost Leah's mood.

Chucking from across the room. "That's good news indeed." Vinnie agrees and I know he's already got his news team ready to capture that moment, for the evening news.

The only person who doesn't seem impress is, Andrew!

As much as I don't envy the position he's in, I support Leah first and everyone else after.

Angie Morrison, did deal Leah a serious blow and the trap she set for Andrew, so many years ago, is biting him in the ass now.

"My grandfather will be here tomorrow morning so we'll discuss it further" I said nodding to the doorway. "But I really need to go." I added, remembering Leah's tone of voice, I know, everything isn't okay.

I walked in to see Leah sitting on the floor writing on documents scattered on the ground.

Sensing I'm there, Leah lifted her eyes curiously then smiles when she realizes, I'm here.

"Jordan," she whispered, leaping into my arms.

I hugged her tightly, until I felt her relax.

"You're here," Leah whispers softly in my ear.

Kissing the side of her head, "I'm here." I echoed.

Placing her back on her feet, Leah looked down.

"What happened?" I asked but she only shook her head.

"Tell me," I said firmly.

Staring at my chest, "Jade was here looking for you," Leah's word, somehow didn't surprise me.

Hugging her around the waist, I led her to the double sofa.

"And?" I asked calmly, even though the last thing, I am, is calm.

Shaking her head, Leah laughs awkwardly.

"It's stupid really," pulling her legs unto the sofa, she wraps her arms around me to rest her head, comfortably against my chest.

"Leah, the lawyer give me good news just before I came here," I decided to go with my news first.

Lifting her head instantly, she frowns curiously.

"Tomorrow afternoon, Angie Morrison Morrison will be served an eviction notice but I am leaving the staff, until further notice." I explained to a stunned, Leah.

"You okay?" I asked when she didn't respond.

Averting her eyes, "I.." pausing Leah stares at me. "Uh yeah." She added. "I just wasn't sure it was going to happen." Leah admitted.

Leah is not a hater nor is she aggressive, so wanting her stepmother evicted and arrested is one thing but seeing it done is another.

Leah stands up covering her face, "I can't believe it." Turning around she whispered. "That means daddy will get off." She climbs back on the sofa, her face lights up in excitement.

Frowning, "what do you mean?" I needed to know where Leah's head was at.

"She wouldn't want to spend time in jail, so she'll make a deal to stop lying on daddy and we'll drop the charges." Leah rationed in her mind, how the legal system works.

"No, No, No Leah. That's not how it works." I had to explain because if this is why she wanted Angie charged, then there would be no getting off easily.

Knitting her eyebrows close together.

"What do you mean?" She stares at me in bewilderment.

"What your stepmother did, wasn't insignificant." I tried to explain. "Your stepmother committed fraud on legal documents." I added, watching Leah's face shrink as her eyes widen in disbelief.

I never thought Leah had an ulterior motive for reporting her stepmother, until now.

"What did you hope would, happened after she got charged?" I asked.

Covering her face, "oh God, I'm so stupid," she exclaimed.

Grabbing her hands, I pull it from her face. "No, you're not." I disagreed with her. "Just help me understand, what you wanted to achieve from this?" I probed, realizing she isn't confident about her father being freed, through the legal system.

"I just thought, if she got arrested she would agree for us to drop the charges and ..." her voice trailed off.

"And she would leave your father alone?" I asked softly.

Nodding, Leah wraps her arms around my neck. "I'm so stupid," she whispers once again.

"Leah grandpa hired the best lawyers in this field and they're gathering information about Andrew's whereabouts during the time, the government official claims he was bribed." Needing to ease the stress of Leah's mind, I explained what the lawyers are presently doing.

"If Ambrose or your stepmother claims your father bribed the government, then the bribe would have had to go through one of them, since we have proof, Andrew was on bereavement leave for over eight months." I concluded.

Thankfully, that is the information that has kept Andrew from being arrested so far, plus we didn't want the government official and Ambrose to know Andrew already reported the blackmailing to the cops was seeking legal counsel to clear his name.

"So daddy won't go to jail?" Leah asks hopefully.

"So far, we have proof, that Andrew wasn't there and if he goes down, so does his partner." I chuckled at her stunned expression.

Leaning closer, Leah pressed her lips against mines, an initiative she's never taken before.

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