The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Sixty Three

Leah's POV

I made the the first move but Jordan, the dominant one, was quick to make the second and take over.

Pushing me backwards against the cushions, he crawled over me, his lips leaving mine, to travel along my neckline, while his hands lifted the T-shirt, I was wearing.

I moaned in delight as he sucked on my neck, while his hand cupped my naked breast.

I was burning with a passion I've never encountered before, realizing since Jordan started the fire, then it's only him who can diminish the flames.

I pushed myself upwards, unable to control the frenzy I've worked myself into, under his spell.

I heard the sound of fabric ripping, before I felt the coolness of the AC hitting my upper, body.

"Jordan," I gasped his name, in a deep moan, his lips and hands travelling down my body and into my shorts.

"Fuck," Jordan mutters, raising his dishevelled head, he lifts me bridal style and took long strides towards the bedroom, we share.

Leaving Jordan asleep, I and ran naked towards the bathroom, since the bedsheet, is tucked under his body.

Under the shower with the lukewarm water cascading down my back, I blushed as I recalled the past few hours spent in my husband's arms.

For the first time I actually felt married and I love the feeling of belonging to someone and knowing, the person also belongs to me.

I love that Jordan made me feel like his most priceless possession, all night long.

I screamed and jumped when two arms snaked around my naked torso.

"It's only me," Jordan whispers, turning my naked body to face his.

I couldn't help blushing, especially at the smirk on his lips.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" He mummer softly, backing me against the bathroom wall.

Having no response because my body started heating up with Jordan's naked body, pressed against me, dulling all my other senses.

Bending his head, his lips on mine, I wrapped my arms around his neck to steady myself, as we continue from where we left off last night.

By the time we ventured out of the bedroom, me fully dressed for another day at the office and Jordan, in just a jeans and T-shirt, that clung to his body, like a second skin.

Vinnie and daddy were already seated at the table with a huge breakfast, laid out in front of them.

"It's about time," Vinnie mutters, throwing a wink in my direction.

I could feel, myself burning up in front of my father, especially with the smirk on Vinnie's lips.

If Jordan's weren't holding me protectively against his side, I would have bolted under Vinnie's annoying smirk.

Lifting Jordan's wrist to check his watch. "I still have time," I smiled awkwardly because of Vinnie.

Shrugging, Vinnie finally looks away from me to refill his coffee mug.

"Well, I helped picked all the..." pausing he lifts his eyes to mines once again, "stuff you left lying around in that room," he adds pointing at the sitting room.

I turned my head against Jordan's arm, to avoid Vinnie's mocking smile.

Other than the documents, the torn T-shirt, Jordan threw off, remained lying on the floor.

I spent the short breakfast avoiding Vinnie's mischievous smirk and turned to daddy.

"Daddy, does Angie know of your whereabouts, right now?" I kept forgetting to ask him, what explanation he gave for leaving home.

"I told my secretary that I'm checking out a property, before designing a building for it." Daddy explains and I nod because daddy is always travelling to view sites before, starting the designs.

At least no one knows about the cyclone that's coming their way.

Jordan dropped me off at the office before going off to the airport to meet his grandpa, while cutting Jade's calls.

"I'll be back in a while with grandpa to meet Gem." Jordan says, kissing me goodbye at the Massy's entrance.

The big boss is coming and like any other employee, I felt nervous, even though I now carry the Branson's name.

"And tonight you will tell me what transpired between you and Jade." Jordan adds, cutting her call once again.

I refuse to come between Jordan and his sister but eventually, I will tell him what was said, last night.

After Jordan left, I went directly to the conference room assigned to me since I've been here.

I've completed the job I came to do, with the support of Ms. Gemma and management.

At Morrison and Ambrose, I was always stuck preparing pitches for clients while other workers took the credit for it.

I have no idea what my next project at Branson's would be but I would prefer to remain in marketing and I hope Jordan, would agree.

As promised, Jordan and his grandfather came to the office under of the watchful eyes of the female employees, Ms. Gemma assigned to me.

Ms. Gemma greeted Jordan and Mr. Branson with a hug, while I sat quietly and looked on.

"Leah, how are you enjoying your assignment at Massy's?" Mr. Branson, took at seat beside Ms. Gemma, after Jordan left to meet up with Vinnie.

Smiling, "it has been an amazing experience and I totally loved being involved with, the birth of a new project." I responded in excitement.

"That's great," Mr. Branson nods. "I've been getting updates from the office and Massy is please with your performance." Mr. Branson, adds, then informs the management of Massy, of all the other ways, Branson could be of assistant to Massy.

I took notes of the points brought up by Bransons and the reaction of Massy's management team before a lunch break was called.

Mr. Branson decline Ms. Gemma's lunch invitation, claiming he needs to discuss another project with me.

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