The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Sixty Four

Leah's POV

Mr. Branson took us to one of Seattle's elite restaurants and I'm nervous because this is a place I frequented with my friends and family.

I kept praying no one would be here at this hour because running into them could be dramatic, plus I didn't want anyone to know I was back, until Angie and her daughter were given their eviction notice and Angie was arrested for fraud and most of all, I didn't want anyone to know, I'm linked to the Bransons and Jordan.

"Finally I can make a toast to my granddaughter-in-law," Mr. Branson smiles while we took our seats, opposite each other.

Nodding, lowering my eyes, "are you okay with us being together?" I asked softly, lifting my eyes at the sound of Mr. Branson's hearty laugh. "I knew dating the staff was frowned upon by management." I added, having heard the rules from Rosie.

Rubbing the palm of his hands together like Vinnie does when he's conceiving an evil plan.

Shaking his head, "Mrs. Branson, you were never staff." Mr. Branson smiles gleefully.

"Excuse me Sir, Ma'am," a waitress stops beside our table with two menus extended out to Mr. Branson and myself.

Smiling politely, I nod opening my menu but Mr. Branson waved aside his menu.

"Oh don't bother with that," he tells me and turn to the waitress. "Bring me the best champagne for a double celebration with my granddaughter and we want number three on the menu." He orders.

Smiling the waitress accepted the menus from us, "yes Sir, I will be right back," she says politely before leaving our table.

"Have you been here before?" I asked curiously since he didn't even look at the menu and called number three.

Sipping water from a glass on the table, Mr. Branson swallows before responding to my question.

"This is the only restaurant I frequent when I visit this city for work," he admits.

I gaze around self-consciously hoping I don't see anyone I know, while wondering how I would react if I do.

"What's bothering you?" Mr. Branson breaks through my train of thoughts.

Frowning, with a awkward smile. "it's nothing," I waved off my uneasiness.

Reaching across the table, Mr. Branson affectionately, covers my hand with his. "Tell me," he coaxes in a firm voice, giving me no chance to wave away my concerns.

"I used to be a regular here and I am concern about meeting the people who hurt my father and I." Realising how much easier it is to relay my fears to Mr. Branson, than to Jordan.

Nodding, Mr. Branson leans back in his chair, "I'm here to protect you when Jordan isn't," his soft smile easing my troubled mind.

Grinning, "ah the champagne is here," he shifts aside allowing the waitress to pour the champagne.

"Thank you," I politely thanked the waitress after Mr. Branson did.

With the same polite smile, "you're welcome and your lunch will be served shortly." She nods before walking away.

Lifting his glass, "welcome to the family," Mr. Branson toasts. Clinking my uplifted champagne glass.

"Thank you," I blush shyly, taking a light sip, wondering how improper it would be to gobble down the entire drink.

My eyes widen in surprise when I saw Mr. Branson empty glass.

Laughing he nods to my full glass, "drink up, we have another toast to make," he says refilling his glass.

"Should you be consuming so much alcohol?" I worry if it is good for his health.

Chuckling, "I won't tell if you won't," he laughs, pointing to my glass. "Now drink up."

I needed no further coaxing and happily emptied my glass, giving it to Mr. Branson to refill.

Lifting his glass for a second toast, "to a job well done at Massy's" he added.

Grinning from ear to ear, I clinked his glass and this time, I emptied my glass.

Our lunch continued on a light mood and I didn't feel the need to mention Jade because Mr. Branson accepted our quickie marriage and me.

"Well well, if it isn't the slut and her sugar daddy," in the process of cutting a piece of meat, I paused at the sound of Evelyn's voice and Melissa's perfume.

Mr. Branson was the first to respond to Evelyn's insult.

"Excuse me young lady but I think you've got the wrong table." Mr. Branson responded politely.

Finally I lifted my eyes to meet Evelyn's and smiled politely at Mel.

The only reason I felt calm is because I knew what this evening meant for Mel and her mother and I didn't want to cause a scene.

Laughing, her eyes travelling from Mr. Branson to me with scorn.

"I think not," Evelyn says, confidently. "I can smell this slut from a distance." She added. "And you," with a disgusted curl of her lips. "Whatever you are," dragging a chair, Evelyn sits down.

"Miss ...," Mr. Branson was going to stop her but I interrupted whatever he was going to say.

"This is Evelyn Ambrose, the other part of Morrison and Ambrose," I introduced her quickly to him.

His eyebrow lifted in surprise at the mention of the name because Jade did mention Mr. Branson was coming to meet the Ambrose family.

"Ah,!" Mr. Branson exclaims, with a slight nod.

Pushing back his chair, "I think it's time to leave," he smiles knowingly, waving our waitress over.

Gathering my handbag, I pulled out my card the waitress brought our bill, under the observant eyes of Mel and Evelyn.

"Wow, you're using the Morrison's money to pay for this old geezer?" Mel exclaimed in surprise.

Smiling sympathetically at Mel, "you're right, it's the Morrison's money and I am a Morrison, after all." I gave the bill and my card to the waitress.

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