The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Sixty Five

Leah's POV

"Such an embarrassment having your girlfriend pay for you?" Evelyn mocks Mr. Branson.

Smiling, "Leah's family, she will be blessed for taking pity on an old geezer, like me." He responded, lifting his glass of water once again.

Since the both of us lost our appetite, after the appearance of my former friends, I poured myself another glass of champagne.

Lifting the glass to the girls, "out with the old and" I turned to face Mr. Branson. "In with the new!" I winked at him before lifting the glass to my lips.

"You're shameless," Mel blurts out accusingly.

I wasn't deterred by her nor her insult. "I don't think shamelessness runs in the Morrison's family," I retorted, watching her eyes widen in surprise.

Mel's face flushed with anger, "hmm," standing beside Evelyn's chair, her eyes travel between Mr. Branson and I with a mocking smile.

"It's no wonder," lifting her hand to flaunt her engagement ring in my face. "I'm the one wearing this," she sings, like a little school girl.

I exchanged a brief smile with Mr. Branson.

Nodding, he tilts his head in their direction.

I lift my hand, to stared at my wedding band for a moment, before turning it to face her.

"It doesn't compare to this," I chuckle and smiled at the waitress who returned with my card. Vinnie's going to miss being here to witness me finally getting an opportunity to bitch out at the girls.

Placing a tip on the payment tray, "thank you," I smiled at the waitress.

I heard the intake of breaths from both girls but I am so done with them.

Ignoring them, Mr. Branson and I stood up to walk away but I turned once, to stare at Mel.

"I don't envy you one bit!" I gave her a sympathetic smile. "There was a time, when I considered you as a sister. Losing you as a sister hurt more, than losing my ex to you but before the end of the day, you'll wish you never heard the Morrisons name." I promised with confidence, hooking my arm into Mr. Branson's.

Mel's shocked expression confirms she didn't expect me to have a comeback. She stared silently at me but Evelyn and her need to have the last word, kept throwing shade at Mr. Branson and I, as we walked away.

"Oh my God, I didn't break," I squealed in delight. Turning to stare at Mr. Branson, "and it's all thanks to you." Because he took a chance on me that first day, I am here today, better than before.

Shaking his head, "Uh, uh." He chuckles, "it was Jordan, who brought you to my attention." He reminds me.

"Jordan!" I whispered, blushing at the very thought of him.

"Yes Jordan." Mr. Branson chuckles, leading me down the sidewalk.

I paused wondering why we're walking, when Ms. Gemma organized a vehicle for us.

"Why are we walking?" I'm not lazy but I am lightheaded because I didn't finish my lunch.

Stopping, I frowned, "Mr. Branson, I'm still hungry," I whined, holding my stomach, whilst looking back at the restaurant longingly and thinking about the food we left behind.

Releasing a hearty laugh, "me too and it's grandpa, not Mr. Branson." He reminded me. "We could order room service back at the hotel." He suggested.

Shaking my head, "but I have to work," I explained.

Placing a hand behind by back, he points straight ahead. "Our transport" he says "and Gem knows you are done for today." I zoned out on what Mr. Branson was saying because all I saw was Jordan waiting for me outside the restaurant, like he did when I had lunch with Ms. Gemma in New York.

Grinning, I untangled myself from Mr. Branson arms and walked briskly towards him.

Jordan pulled me into his arms and kissed me hard on the lips.

"Hmm," he mummers, lifting his head he frowns at his grandfather.

"Did you buy alcohol for my wife?" Jordan asks.

Chuckling, "expensive champagne," I chuckle but Mr. Branson shook his head.

"No no." He says, "you paid for it, so technically you bought me, champagne." Mr. Branson corrected me.

Jordan frowned, glancing between the both of us, "you invited Leah to lunch and she paid?" Jordan gave his grandfather an incredulous look of disbelief because it's not how the Branson men do things.

Nodding, with a smile dancing at the corner of his lips. "Yes, there was a situation," he turned to stare at the restaurant's entrance. "Let's go, I'll fill you in, on the way." He ushers us into the SUV, joining the driver in the front, while I joined Jordan and and Vinnie, whose waiting in the back.

"It's about time," he mutters, annoyed as I climb in beside him.

"Ooo, you would have had so much fun if you were there," giggling, I elbowed him.

"Really?" Vinnie turned to face me, then lifted his eyes to Mr. Branson who turned to smile at us.

Nodding, "yup, really." I chuckle, still dizzy, I laid my head on Jordan's should and closed my eyes.

Rubbing my tummy, I'm so hungry," I mummer softly but Vinnie heard of course.

"WHAT?" He exclaimed. "You just came from lunch," he shook his head, confused.

"Our lunch was interrupted by some disrespectable girls who called me an old geezer and Leah's sugar daddy," Mr. Branson explains and as expected, Vinnie erupted into laughter.

"What? What happened?" Jordan asks leaning forward in surprise.

"They got the old geezer right but the sugar daddy? I'm don't know." Vinnie chuckles thoughtfully.

With my eyes closed, I listen to Mr. Branson relay our encounter with Mel and Evelyn.

If I wanted to sleep, I couldn't because Vinnie found the entire incident, hilarious!

"Fucking awesome!"

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