The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Sixty Six

Jordan's POV

Grandpa took me along with him to visit Jade at the suite I originally shared with her and where he would be staying tonight.

Grandpa is adamant on dragging Jade back home but she is married now and Michael is finishing up some work at his former office before he moves fulltime to New York and Bransons.

I understand my sister but she fails to understand me. She believes all poor girls are gold diggers and after the bad experience we had, I felt the same way too and maybe that's why she's trying to hook me up with a girl who has money, irrelevant that the girl is an annoying bitch.

Vinnie and I pleaded with grandpa to leave it as it is, until Andrew is in the clear and Leah is done with her work at Massy.

"Grandpa," Jade greets our grandfather with the same excitement as usual. Grandpa was our year round santa and he loved spoiling us while our parents were always, reprimanding us, or me.

Jade hooked her arms between my arm and grandpa's, escorting us towards the sitting room.

Picking up her phone, "I need to call the Ambrose," she chuckles in happily. "To confirm our dinner plans for tonight." She says, while dialing the number.

"STOP!" Grandpa's voice thundered, rocking my ear drums and stunning Jade.

Without asking a question as she normally does, Jade hangs up and threw the phone away as if it burnt her hand.

Staring between grandpa and I, "what.." she pauses, her fearful eyes, silently pleading with me to help her out.

I decided to bow out of this conversation and turned to grandpa.

"Get me something to eat," grandpa instructs me,

Standing up, I moved towards the hotel phone, to order room service.

Jade stared at grandpa confused, "but didn't you just return from lunch?" She asks timidly.

Grandpa and grandma is never loud with us, so hearing him raised his voice at her, shook Jade.

"I was having an excellent meal with Lily and then some young women approached her and mocked her for having lunch with an old man, calling her a slut and me a old geezer," grandpa relays to Jade.

Covering her mouth, "an old geezer?" She fought a giggle.

Grandpa wasn't done though, "yes and a sugar daddy," grandpa added, a smirk lingering at the corner of his mouth.

Jade burst out into giggles.

"Lily's contribution to Massy is successful, so I took her out to celebrate and make plans for the next step." Grandpa lifted his eyes when I rejoined them.

"Hope you ordered something strong," he says.

Chuckling, "oh yeah!" Fully aware of grandpa and his taste.

I knew Leah was still hungry so I sent an order for her and Vinnie, deciding to remain with my sister and grandpa.

Sobering up, "so what does that have to do with meeting the Ambrose family, especially Evelyn?" Jade frowns curiously.

"I'm not interested in meeting anyone tonight and I am flying back first thing in the morning." Shocked at grandpa's word, I smiled.

Grandpa was so angry, he wanted to confront Evelyn and show him who he really is but I'm glad he put if off, for now.

"But.." Jade started protesting.

Turning my head. I glared impatiently at her, "drop it Jade," I snapped, tired of her obsession with the Ambrose family.

Grandpa tried setting me up with an arrange marriage and I have no idea what might have been the outcome, if Leah didn't enter my life.

"Jade, I'm tired," grandpa sighs, alarming the both of us because this is the first time I've ever heard grandpa admit anything about his physical feeling.

"Are you okay?" I moved quickly to his side.

Chuckling, "oh don't you worry, I'm not ready to kick the bucket." He shrugs and leans against the sofa. "I've still got to spoil my great-grands."

Jade kept biting her lips and wringing her hands, something she does when she's afraid and right now, she's afraid of grandpa.

With his eyes closed, grandpa started speaking. "Jade, have you ever spoken to Lily?" Grandpa asks softly.

Curious myself, I leaned back against the backrest of the chair I was sitting at, to hear her answer.

Jade's gray eyes darken but not from anger, only confusion.

Shrugging she glances at me, "she told you about my visit last night?" Assuming Leah snitched on her, Jade questions me.

Sighing lightly, I shook my head, "she mentioned you were looking for me but I was at a meeting with grandpa's lawyers." Jade reacted in surprise but I am not sure if it's because I was with the lawyers or because Leah didn't repeat whatever she said to disturb her.

Opening his eyes, grandpa leaned forward. "What happened last night?" Staring at her without flinching, grandpa wait for her to respond.

Jade never lied to him before and I can't see her starting to now.

"Jade?" Grandpa reminds her that he is waiting.

Embarrassed, Jade lowered her eyes. "I was rude and insulting," she admitted and I smiled because my sister didn't lie but I'm upset that she hurt Leah's feeling.

Grandpa pat the seat beside him, "come here," he invites her. Jade quickly changes her seat to join grandpa.

With a soft smile hovering on his lips, "give her a chance, that's all I ask." Grandpa suggests.

I can see her already tearing up, "but grandpa what if she hurts Jordan?" Jade ask cautiously.

Holding her hands in his, "she won't and once you get to know her, you'll feel the same way." Grandpa responds softly.

Smiling broadly at me, "Jordan was horrible to her in the beginning because he was fearful of the past recurring but once he got to know her, he realized he was wrong."

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