The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Sixty Seven

Leah's POV

"Do you think they're arguing up there," lifting my eyes upward, where Jordan is having lunch with his sister and grandfather.

Scrunching up his face, "nah, not in front of the old geezer, they won't." Vinnie responded, whilst chowing down on the lunch Jordan ordered for us.

I guess Vinnie would know since he's been with the Branson for some time.

Still I know nothing about him.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" Having never given much thought to Vinnie's personal life, I'm suddenly curious.

Lifting his eyes off his plate, not making eye contact with me, Vinnie pause for a second.

Sitting upright, he shrugs slightly.

"Not anymore," his response, peeked my interest.

Not one to pry, "oh," I focused on my lunch once again.

"Aren't you going to ask, why?" He chuckles softly.

Lifting my head, his dark eyes unreadable.

"Why?" I asked, definitely curious.

"She died," he responded casually but his eyes darkening, making it impossible for to figure him out.

"Oh," I responded uncomfortably, wishing I hadn't brought up the topic.

A smile suddenly breaks out on his face, "it's okay to ask," Vinnie says but I couldn't pry further. If he want to share his past with me, then I am willing to listen.

"It was a long time ago but when I'm alone, it feels like yesterday," Vinnie starts speaking with a far off expression.

"Sarah was my next door neighbour and in the same grade as Jordan and I." He continues, a small smile dancing on his lips.

"She was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was four and went into remission twice but during our senior year, it came back." With tears in his eyes, Vinnie appeared at peace as he spoke.

"I got into a college out of state but chose to remain with her in the City." Chuckling as he remembers his past but not with pain and anger. "She was growing weaker as the weeks went by but I never left her side, spending little time at school and all of my time with her." Vinnie continued, still not looking in my direction. "Until the very end." He concludes without divulging more.

Smiling, Vinnie turns to me, "It feels so good to talk about Sarah," he chokes up. "Everyone avoids saying her name because they don't want me to hurt over her memory but I'll never forget her, not in this lifetime nor in the next." He says, covering his lunch plate.

"I'm..." I didn't know how to respond.

"Vinnie I..." stammering, I reached out, covering his hand with mine.

Taking his hand, he covers mine. "It's okay Leah," Vinnie assureses me. Shaking his head, "I did all that I could and when she left, I knew the only thing that sadden her, was leaving me behind." He says.

Nodding with tears in my eyes, "then I guess you have lots to tell me about your times together," I encouraged him, since he doesn't want to suppress her memory.

Squeezing my hands, "I'd like that," he kissed my hand before leaving me with my own thoughts.

Having lost my appetite once again, I covered my unfinished lunch and laid down on the sofa.

Jordan returned alone to find me alone in the sitting room.

"Hey," he greets me casually, lifting my head to place it on his lap.

Instead, I adjusted myself to sit upright.

"Have you heard anything?" I asked, the need to have the situation with Angie and her daughter over and done with.

Lifting his arm, Jordan checks his watch.

"It will be delivered in about thirty minutes," he says looking around the room. "Where's Vinnie?" He asks, pulling me closer to him.

Leaning my head against his chest, "I made him sad," I responded childishly.

I felt Jordan stiffened beneath my head.

"I asked if he had a girlfriend and he told me what happened." I explained before he could ask.

Although Vinnie says he likes talking about his late girlfriend, Sarah, it's still sad but at least he got to know her and spend time with her.

At least he got to say goodbye!

Easing himself off the sofa, "I'll be right back." Jordan says, making long strides out of the room and down the corridor.

Laying back against the sofa, I closed my tired eyes.

By the time I woke up, I was in bed and Jordan was exiting the shower.

I instantly sat upright, staring out the window, gasping at the darkness outside.

Throwing my feet of the bed, "why didn't you wake me?" I panic. I was suppose to be awake for news about Angie.

"I was just about too," Jordan retorts, coming closer to the bed. "Everything went according to plan, thanks to Vinnie and his masterplan," Jordan chuckles.

"And daddy?" I asked softly, worried because I haven't seen him since morning.

Nodding to the door, "you have twenty minutes to freshen up and join us for dinner," Jordan sits on the bed with his wet towel.

"If you wet this side of the bed, you're sleeping there," I told him, moving to stand up but he pushed me backwards.

"Once we're together," he chuckles. Blushing, I tried pushing his stronger frame away.

"You said I only have twenty minutes," I reminded him.

Jordan quickly releases me, "right, dinner with grandpa," he pause to stare at me. "Plus Jade and Michael," he added.

Frowning, "she isn't having dinner with the Ambrose family?" I remember that's what she boasted about last night.

Standing up, "no," Jordan says, moving towards the dressing room. " The old geezer isn't ready to introduce himself to them," Jordan laughs.

Stripping on my way to the bathroom, "you guys need to stop calling him that," I said closing the door behind.

Deciding what to wear was a major problem.

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