The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Seven

Jordan's POV

Joining my parents and grandparents for our regular Sunday brunch drew more energy out of me than I even thought possible.

Who did I fuck Friday night, that she wore me out or is it that I'm getting old?

I remember drinking a hell of a lot but I'm not lightweight.

Scratching the back of my head, I walked unto the patio where my family sat, minus my sister, who is luckily, still honeymooning with her new husband in Italy.

I wish I was in her shoes right new, except for the marriage part. The honeymooning part, I would totally have fun with but marriage definitely isn't in the cards for me, with all the fucking gold diggers who are worth nothing but a quick fuck and they're not even good enough for that.

"Well hello sunshine," grandma chuckles as I bent to kiss her cheek, then walked around the table to peck mom lightly on her cheek, before taking a seat beside her.

Sensing I'm being observed, I looked up and caught my father's gazing intently at me.

"Heard you have a houseguest," he drawls, his eyes lightening up with mischievous humor.

Shrugging, I reached out to start filling my plate with a bit of everything on the table.

Turning to glare at my grandpa, whose eyes bore the same twinkle as dad's.

"Yes, grandpa dumped one of his homeless charity cases on me," I informed them all, ignoring the glares and gasps from my parents and grandparents.

"What?" Shrugging, I dug into my lunch, my first proper meal since Saturday morning. "Why didn't he bring her here instead?" I retorted, glaring angrily at them, "instead of palming her off on me?" I muttered, curling my lips in disgust.

"I heard she's cute," mom chimes in.

Frowning, "cute? Ha," I laughed mockingly at her comment.

"She's an ugly girl who looks and dresses like a boy," shaking my head, I attacked my lunch, for some unknown reason, wishing, the beef was homeless girl.

"Jordan," grandma calls and didn't add anything else until I lifted my head to give her my undivided attention.

When her dark eyes met mines, I knew, I had gone to far.

"You disappoint me," she says flatly and my gaze softens but she continued without giving me a chance to apologize. "Lily will be starting work tomorrow in the Marketing department for now and you are to train her, until your grandfather see it fit to move her into another department," grandma was saying.

Pushing back my chair I glared angrily at everyone around the table, "are you fucking kidding me?" I yelled at grandpa, who ignores my angry outburst with a shrug, which just irritates me more.

"Why don't you put her in a position that suits her?" I continued, "or, oh wait, she qualified for any position at our company?" I mocked, lifting my hand in surrender, "I give up," I sighed, "you can send her to my department but you can't force me to go easy on her because of her incompetence," I told grandpa and slowly backed away from the patio, intent of leaving the brunch and going to a hotel, until homeless girl, finds somewhere to live.

"Jordan?" Grandpa finally calls as I walked away, "like your grandmother said, you disappoint me," he looks around at grandma and my parents, "you disappoint us," he added. Turning around I continued walking away, without looking back.

My apartment was empty when I returned, which is odd because Mrs. Sanchez barely leaves but maybe she took homeless girl out, which is good because I can pack and leave in peace without any questions.

I packed a week supply of work and casual clothes and immediately left for a hotel owned by the Branson Group, cursing as I dragged my suitcase into the elevator, behind me because I have been inconvenience by a poor pathetic girl, who is using her present state to play on my grandfather's good nature.

A damsel in distress is her game? Let's see if her damsel in distress card can work in Marketing!

Why the fuck didn't he just send her to one of our hotels and get her a job at one of our factories? But no, I know what he is up to!

Because she doesn't dress like a hooker and dresses like a boy, he thinks she's wife material for the Branson family?

Ha! He's got another thing coming!

I paused at a traffic light, a block away from my apartment and froze when I saw Mrs. Sanchez smiling and chatting with a girl, her long dark blond hair flew and danced as the breeze blew through it.

I found myself captivated, at her mouth that's so enticing, as she smiles at whatever Mrs. Sanchez is saying. Her skin appeared clean and flawless but her hazel brown eyes are her most captivating feature.

Where's the sad broken girl grandpa bought to my home yesterday?

"What the fuck?" I muttered, my chest tightens as I watch her walk past the vehicle, which thankfully is heavily tinted. Her hands filled with more shopping bags, than she could carry.

The fucking gold digger, spending my grandfather's money.

And he expects me to be kind?

I'll make her life a living hell but not at home where Mrs. Sanchez could see and report to grandpa but in my office!

She's coming to do a job she isn't qualified for until grandpa finds a place for her somewhere else?

I'll ensure her stay in Marketing's short lived and non-profitable.

With a goal in place, I booked into the hotel ensuring my grandfather or father doesn't get wind of it, before heading to meet the guys for our regular Sunday evening at the sportsbar to take in a basketball match.

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