The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Sixty Eight

Leah's POV

I exited the bedroom more than twenty minutes later, suddenly self-conscious with all eyes on me.

I search the faces and sighed in relief when I caught my father's smile.

Having no idea what he has been up to all day, I was worried but having him here, easies my mind.

"Princess Leah, thank you for gracing us with your presence." Vinnie chuckles mockingly.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, I only smiled at Vinnie's greeting, mentally promising to get back at him, when the coast is clear.

"I'm sorry," I apologize, "I fell asleep," I explained, taking a quick peek at Jade who sat silently beside her husband, Michael.

Jordan's glamorous sister wore a knee length strapless black dress with a black shawl and black stilettos.

Not one for glamor, I suddenly felt underdressed in her presence, with my simple, white long sleeved dress, which drops on my knee and four inch, silver sandals.

I really need an uninterrupted, shopping day with Vinnie!

"Are we dining in here or going outdoors?" I turned to Jordan who was staring at me in amusement!

Did I speak out loud?

Standing up, he snaked his arm around my waist pecking me lightly on the cheek.

"I'm not sure," he turns to Jade, "Did you make arrangements outside or at the hotel?" Jordan enquiries.

Jade looks around the room before standing, "we're heading back home soon so we're definitely heading out and I can use," pausing she smiles at me. "This time to get to know my new sister-in-law and hope she asks me to be her maid of honor at the wedding, I'm definitely going to be planning." The hardness I saw in her eyes previously, were no longer visible.

Caught off guard with her response, I lift questioning eyes, to the guy who, squeezed my waist tightly.

Chuckling, he shakes his head at Jade, "that's my sister's subtle way of apologizing for being a fucking bitch, since you met." His words brought laughter around the room but I was still stunned.

When did all this happen?

The smile on Jade's face, turned into a frown at my hesitation in responding, to her.

Clutching my hands in hers, "it was never about you," she stares pleadingly into my eyes. "I just allow the fear of the past to move me and I am so sorry for being," pausing she lifts her eyes to Jordan's. "A bitch to you," For the first time, I see the self-assured girl, smiling nervously at me.

"A fucking bitch," Vinnie corrects from over her shoulder.

Jade turned to glared at Vinnie for his mocking comment.

Turning back to me, "I'm really sorry and I hope you will forgive me," she pleads again.

Nodding with a soft smile, "it's okay," I finally responded, only to be pulled into a tight hug when I accepted her apology.

I guess Rosie was right, Jade is a nice girl after all!

Hooking her hand into mine, "so I've made reservations at the restaurant," tugging me away from Jordan. "So let's go!" She squeals in excitement!

I heard Jordan's soft chuckles behind me, while I was being led out by his sister but I have an unrest bubbling within me.

What the hell happened with Angie and Mel?

The restaurant Jade choose was a popular Italian restaurant that's booked weeks in advance but she apparently knows how to push her weight around because we were escorted into a private room for a, 'family dinner,' as Jade calls it.

Taking a seat beside Jordan, "when did this three sixty happen?" I lift my eyebrows, quizzically, nodding at Jade.

Lifting my chin with his index finger, "while you were sleeping," he says before pressing his lips against mine.

Just for a split second, I forgot we were in the middle of ordering dinner, as I encourage Jordan to deepen the kiss.

"You guys are so fucking gross!" Vinnie mutters from the other side of the round table.

"Jealous much?" Jade chuckles at Vinnie's expression.

Shrugging, "we always thought if Jordan couldn't find his better half, he and I would end up together." He winks at my bewildered expression.

Jade threw her napkin at him as everyone at the table erupted into laughter, even daddy!

With a small smirk, "that was our ultimate plan but," smiling deeply at me, "my better half came in the nick of time." Jordan says, his eyes softening, before leaning to kiss me again but this time, even though it's lighter, it's more sensual!

We sat at a round table, with me between my sister-in-law and Jordan. Vinnie and Jade monopolize the general conversation. Even though the conversation was entertaining, it wasn't what I needed to hear!

Nothing was said about the Ambrose family or Angie and Mel.

Using the first opportunity I had, "how was your day daddy?" The room got eerily silent after I spoke to my father.

Lifting his glass to his lips, daddy smiled.

"Well for starters," he exchanged a brief glance with Mr. Branson before responding to me. "I officially resigned from Morrison and Ambrose today and put my shares up for sale to the board." Daddy's answer stunned me.

Frowning, I turned to Jordan. "Didn't he sign it over to us?" I asked, remembering the first time I spoke to him and the envelope he gave to me.

Taking a huge gulp of his wine. "Yeah I did but after discussing it with the chief here," daddy gently slaps Mr. Branson's shoulder. "I decided to cut ties with the company and start afresh," touching his stomach. "Your old man's got a good few years left and I am a darn good designer." He explained.

When did all this go down?

Didn't Mr. Branson come in this morning?

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