The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Sixty Nine

Jordan's POV

Unknown to Leah and I, Andrew and grandpa have been in discussions during the past few days, so I was just as surprised to hear what they decided, in order to keep Leah and I out of Morrison and Ambrose, future.

The fact that Leah and I are not architects isn't the issue. It's having to deal with the snakes whose, running the company, so having shares in this company is not viable to either of us!

Leah smiles gratefully at grandpa, "is this the right move?" She asks and he nods.

Putting an arm around Andrew's shoulder, "I don't want you or Jordan to have any dealing with Ambrose. We will be approaching the board tomorrow for a final decision and throw some options around the table if they're not interested in buying, Andrew's share." Ever the business man, grandpa, has it all figured out.

"Okay," Leah agrees with grandpa and I know it's because she trusts him.

Knocking a glass with a spoon to get our attention, Vinnie stands.

"Are you ready for the good news?" He laughs, winking at Leah.

Taking a deep breath, Leah nodded as if she knew what's coming.

"Yeah, I am." She responded.

Vinnie switches on his phone before giving it to her, so that she'll see what unfolded earlier this afternoon.

Having seen it already, I knew about her stepmother being evicted from the property with cops on the premises waiting for them to leave and waiting to arrest her stepmother, for fraud. I paid for their stay at a hotel for two weeks while they sought out their living arrangements, if she happens to make bail.

I might be a big bad wolf but I knew Leah didn't want to go this way. She was forced to because she hoped her stepmother would stop blackmailing her father, so I had to do the humane thing.

Leah clutches her chest listening to her stepmother hurl insults at the lawyer that was sent with the notice.

She kept cursing Leah, blaming her for this move and threaten to see Andrew in hell.

When the video was over, Leah quietly returned Vinnie's phone, her eyes sad as she met her father's.

"If she's locked up, she will accuse you of bribery." She says sadly.

Andrew comes around the table, "we have enough evidence to prove my innocence and I have witnesses and a medical report to prove, I was homebound for months, dealing with Kathy's death and figuring out how to be a good father and mother, to you." Her father explained.

Pushing back her chair, she leaped into his arms, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck.

From the corner of my eyes, I notice Jade wiping her tears.

Yes, this has been a profitable day but Vinnie and I still have one last bomb to drop and it will occur in New York when Jade invites Micheal's cousin and the Ambrose family to visit for a function co-hosted by Branson's and Massy's.

When Leah was done hugging her father, she walked around the table to hug grandpa and starts weeping uncontrollably in his arms.

"Meeting you was all my favourite holidays thrown into one." She cries, while grandpa pats her shoulder, allowing her to release her pain and the pent up fears she's been holding in, since she ran away from home.

Andrew's phone started ringing.

"Carl," he whispers to me, before cutting the call and shoving the phone back into his pocket.

Leah joins me at the table, leaning her head on my shoulder.

"Thank you for noticing me, even when I wasn't worth it." She whispers softly.

Tilting her head to stare into her eyes, "if you weren't worth it, I wouldn't have notice you in the first place," I whispered back to her.

"Leah, while we are all laying our cards on the table, I feel I should do the same." Jade says slowly.

With her head on my shoulder, Leah turn to give Jade her attention.

"I heard about you when I didn't even know you and to be honest, I didn't know you and didn't care." Jade shares. "When I realize you were the Leah, Evelyn and Melissa were trashing, I knew instantly that they lied and I am so sorry for getting caught up with people like that." Jade continues.

Curious, I had to ask.

"How the fuck did you get tied up with them to reach so far as to consider pairing me off with the worst of the lot?" I honestly had to know.

Jade burst out laughing and points at Vinnie.

"Oh my God," she cover her mouth, laughing. "I remember him calling Evelyn the ugliest of the lot." She continues laughing and so did Vinnie and I as we recalled that afternoon, which was a turning point in my life.

"What happened and when did it happen and who did Vinnie call ugly?" Leah never having been privy to that conversation, asked curiously.

The shrill ringing of Andrews phone caught the attention of everyone around the table.

He pulled out his phone and checked the caller ID. "Carl," was all he said before cutting the call once again.

I exchanged a quick glance with him, aware that the lawyer recommend that he have no contact with Ambrose until the board meeting tomorrow morning.

Ambrose is a shrewd man and he had no reason to call Andrew while he was being blackmail but now that Andrew has resigned, he is calling.

"Uncle," Jade smiles at Andrew. "When Leah returns to New York would you join her or remain here?" Jade asks a question I personally wondered how Leah would feel to leave her father behind, all alone.

Chuckling softly, "I plan to spend some time with my parents and take some well deserved rest."

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