The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Seventy

Leah's POV

I spent the entire day at Massy's office without taking a lunch break, in the hopes of leaving early to meet Vinnie for some shopping.

"So Leah, I spoke to your father and I am glad things have worked out for the both of you," Ms. Gemma, gives me a sympathetic smile, as I sat across her desk facing her.

Clasping my hands on my lap, "I guess I should be thanking you," I responded gratefully, still saddened that I grew up believing a lie. If Ms. Gemma didn't mention Kathleen Morrison, my mom, I would still be in the dark.

Understanding where I am coming from, "I honestly didn't know and I apologized to Andrew as soon as I got home that night." Ms. Gemma adds.

Surprised, I stare at her confused, "so daddy knew I was coming to Seattle?" I realize because of fear and embarrassment, I ran from my father but he loved me the same and I'm glad things happened the way it did, otherwise I would not have gone to New York and I wouldn't be with Jordan.

With my thoughts now on Jordan, I smiled in contentment.

"Like I keep saying, everything that happened, led me to Jordan and the Branson group." Blushing, I smiled at Ms. Gemma.

Chuckling, "he's a real catch you know and a good guy." She says, clearly admiring Jordan. Leaning back in her chair, "he's family oriented and will kill to keep his loved ones, safe." She adds, definitely impress with Jordan.

I may not know her the way Jordan does but I respect her judgement.

Lowering my eyes, twitching my fingers nervously, "can I ask you something?" I asked nervously.

Frowning, Ms. Gemma nods, "sure," she responded curiously.

"Tell me something about Kathleen, my mom." I requested, my voice quivering softly.

Only the tensing of her posture indicated her surprise at my question.

Chuckling after a slight pause, "she was an amazing person both inside and out." She smiles. "And your father adored her." Ms. Gemma spoke softly as she recalls the past.

"She put her career on hold after college, choosing to help him while he started up the company with Carl." Ms. Gemma shares. "We hung out a lot and then I started travelling with my job, only returning for your mother's funeral. Your father was a mess but I knew your grandparents were there, so all I did for a while, was keep in contact, via phone calls." Her eyes darkened as she looks away.

"I was angry when he got married so quickly after Kathy." Ms. Gemma didn't hide her displeasure of my father's choices.

The first time I spoke to him since his marriage to that horrible woman, I saw on the news was after having lunch with you, in New York." Ms. Gemma's explains why I never met her over the years.

Facing me once again, "you were suppose to be my God-daughter," her confession and sad smile, touches me.

Chuckling, "well for what it's worth, I have no God-parents," I admitted and suddenly I knew why!

I continued picking Ms. Gemma's brain about my mother and the more I heard the more, I see myself in her and for the first time since I found out about her, I miss not just the memory of her but I miss her.

This is my last day at Massy's in Seattle and Ms. Gemma actually called me in to give me a gift from the company.

Jordan drop Vinnie and I off at the mall, instructing us to be done in an hour, while he wait at a cafe.

For the first time I actually loved shopping at Victoria Secret and having Vinnie with me, was so much better than my former bffs.

I browsed in shops I was accustomed to buying only what I needed.

Vinnie places Jordan card at the register and I declined it once again.

"You know he's going to be upset, right?" Vinnie bops his head, willing me to agree with him.

Shrugging, I ignored him and focused on the cashier once again.

Spinning back around, I see Vinnie securing the card in his wallet, "you know what?" I chuckle.

Raising his eyebrow, Vinnie waits for me to continue.

"If he wants me to use his money, then HE HAS TO TAKE ME SHOPPING!" I emphasized.

Nodding Vinnie started backing away, "yeah, you tell him that." Vinnie turns, "I'll be in the corridor." He notifies me before heading for the exit.

I kept spinning around with my shopping bags frowning when I couldn't find Vinnie.

There were no sign of him on the benches located in the centre of the corridor.

Huffing, I started feeling around in my handbag for my phone to call him because I'm sure Jordan has been waiting for almost two hours and I am actually hungry, now.

"Leah?" With my head down, I heard a voice I never envision hearing again!

Finding my phone I slowly lift my head, my eyes on my phone, dialing Vinnie's number.

Still ignoring the person in front of me, "I'm done where are you?" I asked, wishing he was here because the last thing I want is a confrontation with, is Rawle Ambrose!

"I can see you," Vinnie muttered abruptly.

Lowering the phone, I turn to glance around but Rawle's annoying voice interrupted me.

"So are you going to ignore me?" Rawle's asked gruffly.

Frowning, I gave him a confused look.

"I'm sorry but you and I have nothing to say to each other, Mr. Ambrose." I turned my back to walk away.

I felt myself being pulled back roughly.

Dropping my bags, I turned and shoved his hand of my arm.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" With clenched fists, I glared at him. "Leave me alone!"

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