The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Seventy One

Leah's POV

Rawle glance around, when I raised my voice at him, in the middle of a crowded mall!

His eyes darkened, "all I want to do, is talk," turning he points behind him. "Let's go the pastry shop and grab a coffee," he suggested.

Ignoring him, I bent and started retrieving my bags. By Rawle's posture, he seems to think I was preparing to go with him but he has another thing coming.

With my bags secured in my hands, I lift my head curling my lips in disgust and thank God I didn't end up with him.

"YOU. AND. I. HAVE. NOTHING. TO. DISCUSS." I took my time and slowly got the words out, hoping his feeble brain would understand.

Rawle having never heard me speak so bold and aloof before, froze for a second in surprise.

Having said my piece I turned to walk away again and this time I was ready to scream the mall down if he tries stopping me once more.

As expected, Rawle reached out and grabbed my shoulder, again.

I spun around angrily, ready to hurled my shopping bags at him.

The next thing I knew, Rawle was sprawled out on the floor, caressing his jaw, while Vinnie stood over him, with clenched fists and a menacing glare.

Rawle eyes widen in surprise, then frowns glancing between Vinnie and I.

"What the fuck man," Rawles scowls at Vinnie, as he struggles to stand.

As Rawle finally stood upright, adjusting his shirt, Vinnie's fist connected on the same side of his mouth, again and this time blood started oozing from his split lip.

This time Rawle scrambles to his feet, his right fist clenched and swinging towards Vinnie.

Anticipating Rawle's move, Vinnie ducked and connected his right fist into Rawle's stomach.

I swear my jaw just dropped.

Vinnie can shop and fight?

A crowd was already gathering around us. "We need to get out of here," I said quickly, grabbing Vinnie's arm, when Rawle, who was bent slightly, clutching his stomach, glared at Vinnie.

Frowning, "I know you" Rawle says in between sharp breaths. "You're Jordan's worker," Rawle continued as he remembers meeting Vinnie with Jordan.

"Good to know I made an impression," Vinnie chuckles dryly.

Glancing between Vinnie and I and the hand I clutched Vinnie's arm with.

"What are you doing with him?" Rawle wipes his lip and turns to glare at the crowd gathered around us. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT?" He shouts at the people around us. "THE SHOW'S OVER!" He continued yelling whilst turning to glare at Vinnie and I.

"No wonder you got your ass kicked!" One man mocked as the crowd, started dwindling away. "It' your bad manner." The people laugh as they went back to what they were doing.

Pointing his finger at Vinnie, "say goodbye to your job," he threatens Vinnie, whose angry glare turned to amusement.

I squeezed his arms, silently cautioning him to let it go, since Rawle already got his ass kick.

"And whose, going to take my job?" Vinnie mocks.

Tugging at Vinnie's arm, "let's go," I muttered between clenched teeth.

Shrugging off my hand, "no wait," Vinnie turns to me, with a bright gleam in his eyes. "If I'm going to lose my job for helping a damsel in distress, then I need to know who is going to fire me." Vinnie turns back to Rawle.

Everytime I think about Rawle or even look at him, I feel disgusted, to think I once thought he was my, ever after.

"Now. Who. Is. Going. To. Fire. Me." Vinnie repeats his question slowly, for Rawle to understand.

"Your boss, my sister's boyfriend." Rawle blurts out, confidently.

I opened my mouth but nothing came out, as I stared at Rawle in disbelief at his blatant lie.

Rawle's response to Vinnie's question, stunned us for a few seconds. Rawle used that microsecond to turn on me, again.

"Where's that old man you're sleeping with?" Rawle sneers insultingly.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Vinnie clenched his fists once again but there were two security standing close by and their eyes were glued on us.

Pointing at me and then at Vinnie, "wait," he pause, glancing between us. "How do you know each other?" Rawle's brain finally, started churning.

"None of your fucking business," Vinnie responds.

Chuckling, Rawle wipes the blood off his lips that's still oozing. "Does the old geezer you were lunching with, know you're cheating on him with a younger dude?" Rawle asks but I knew it wasn't a question. He was just mocking me, hoping to have the upper hand to brag about.

"Watch how I wipe that smug smile of his face," I mutter softly, to Vinnie.

With the same disgusted look I give him when I first saw him a few minutes ago, "not that it's any of your business but Vincent and I," Vinnie nudged my arm at the mention of his correct name, Vincent.

Ignoring him I continue, "are both employed at the Branson's group and the old man I was lunching with, when I met your sister and your fiance, was my boss, Mr. Branson, founder of the Branson Group of Companies." I'm the one wearing the smug smile now, chuckling at the shock on Rawle's face.

"Okay, I'm ready to leave now." Vinnie placed a hand on the small of my back to ushered me towards the exit, I hope.

I can feel lasers piercing through my back as Vinnie and I walked away.

I didn't see Jordan, at least not until he pulled me against his side, clutching me tightly.

Jordan was dangerously silent with his fingers piercing into my waist.

"Jordan," I pause to speak but Jordan tug me forward.

"Not now," he says through gritted teeth, moving forward.

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