The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Seventy Two

Jordan's POV

If I didn't know Vinnie could handle that spineless motherfucker, then I wouldn't have allowed him to hold me back from smashing Ambrose, fucking face in.

He had the audacity to put his filthy hand, on my wife?

He would have been taken out in an ambulance and I would have been escorted out in a police car, if I had my way!

"Jordan," Leah whispers nervously, beside me.

Vinnie turns around as Leah spoke for the first time since we entered the vehicle.

Chuckling, I pulled her closer, "I'm good," I assured her, realising my angry silence must be bothering her.

Lifting her head of my shoulder, "I'm sorry,' Leah's apology confuses me. "I didn't know he was there," she continues, turning to Vinnie. "And he left me," she threw an accusing glare at Vinnie

Shaking his head, "oh no, don't you go blaming me and at least I kicked his ass for you!" With a pretence of being hurt, Vinnie turned around.

Leah leaned forward, patting him on the shoulder, "I was about to defend myself but you beat me to it." She says proudly and I believe it because of the tightness of her jaw and the bags that was already lifted midair.

"Oops," Leah covers her mouth,

Turning to stare at her curiously, "what?" Vinnie and I asked.

Screwing up her face, "I kinda mention Vinnie and I were co-workers and the old geezer I was lunching with yesterday was my boss, Mr. Branson." Vinnie and I exchanged a knowing looks at Leah's confession because we planned a major reveal with my conniving grandfather, whose getting bored with the simple life, in his old age.

Leaning back, I realize we had to adjust our plans.

"He was shocked and the first thing he might do, is call his sister." Leah says staring out the window, absentmindedly.

"Fuck," Vinnie muttered and started wriggling in the passenger seat, no doubt searching for his phone.

Chuckling, "Rosie is going to be furious that she's missing all this drama." I commented, thinking about Leah's landlord and friend.

"Oh, I call her every day, so she's in the loop," Leah laughs but she's focused on Vinnie who is speaking to Jade.

Jade really did a three sixty after grandpa spoke to her.

My sister is gullible and is constantly being taken advantage off.

If Michael was a genuine guy, they wouldn't be together.

Chuckling Vinnie hangs up and looks over his shoulder.

"So all that fighting opened my appetite for some fast food," he says, turning to the driver. "We need some burgers and fries with tons of cheese." Our driver, chuckles at Vinnie.

"And I know just the place," our driver seems to know it all, no wonder he was highly recommended by Andrew.

"You could have asked me," Leah whines.

"Hey, you're a New Yorker now," I informed her. "The name says it all." I added reminding her of the name she's going to bear, till death do us part.

Leah didn't complain when the driver pulled alongside a street vendor in a van selling hot burgers, just the way, Vinnie requested it.

Jade was already in our hotel room with grandpa impatiently awaiting our arrival.

I didn't mention it to Leah but Ambrose threw lots of threats around the boardroom earlier. Young Ambrose was also present and maybe that's why, he sought Leah out.

With the resignation of their chief designer, Morrison and Ambrose could be in trouble, later on.

Ambrose tried to play it down because of grandpa and I but I remained quiet the entire time, allowing grandpa to speak on Andrew's behalf.

I gotta give it to him, the old geezer really loves a challenge and bask in all his glory, when it's in his favor.

"Why didn't you invite me to go shopping with you," Jade pounce on Leah and Vinnie as we entered the door. "I'm great company," she chuckles, "especially with my brother's card," she added, winking at me.

"Oh, that reminds me," Vinnie pulls out his wallet and gave me my card. "Leah says the only way she's going to be using that, is when YOU, take her shopping." Vinnie laughs, emphasising the YOU.

I accepted my card, as Jade's jaw drop.

Slapping her chin upwards, "close your mouth," Chuckling, I turn to Leah. "I don't do shopping that exceeds more than ten minutes." I hope she realizes she'll be shopping with Vinnie from now on.

Lifting her bags, "guess it's my bodyguard and I." Leah says, winking at Vinnie, before exiting the room.

"Where's Andrew?" I asked grandpa as soon as Leah was out of earshot.

Lifting his crinkled, eyebrows, he exchanges a quick glance with Jade.

"He got a call from the police station." Grandpa twitches his lips.

"I'll be with Leah," Jade walks out followed by Vinnie, leaving grandpa and I alone.

"He's not going to bail her out, is he?" I asked in disbelief.

Shrugging, grandpa moves towards the bar, "one of the junior attorney's went with him and from what I've come to know, Andrew isn't much of a talker so he'll only be listening to his wife's babble." Grandpa hands me a glass of whiskey.

"Leah's work is done, so we'll be heading home in the morning," grandpa takes the seat opposite me and from his posture, I know whatever he wants to say is going to be deep.

"Yeah, I'll let Leah know to start packing." It's a good thing I didn't bring much and then again, I didn't expect to stay this long.

"Leah will be moving in with you," grandpa states the obvious.

Chuckling, "well yeah." I confirmed.

"Are you happy with her?" Grandpa asks cautiously.

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