The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Seventy Three

Leah's POV

Saying goodbye to my father is really hard, this time around.

It broke me when I ran away from him believing he betrayed me but leaving now is so different because I know for a fact, he'll be alone!

Jordan and Vinnie will meet me in dad's suite, where he will remain for the weekend.

"It broke me when I left, the last time but this time it's much harder." I stood hugging my father, as if my life depended on it.

Soothing me with soft words of endearments, daddy tries to wipe the tears that won't stop flowing.

"I'll be fine Lily and I will visit you soon, I promise." Daddy promises but soon is too far away.

"I don't want to leave you at the house alone where the Ambrose family could get to you." I cried, afraid for his safety because things at Morrison and Ambrose hasn't been sorted out and uncle Carl is upset with daddy for resigning, at this time.

"Listen to me, we spoke last night and I am telling you again, I need to remain here for a week or two, plus grandma and grandpa is already on their way over. Then we will be joining you in New York for your wedding ceremony, where I can walk my angel down the aisle." Daddy's words are meant to be comforting but it's so hard to say goodbye when I have just found him again.

Daddy caresses my back, "your grandfather-in-law is a tyrant in the office and he's got lots lined up for you." Daddy reminds me of the projects Mr. Branson wrote my name on in the Marketing Department. "You won't have time to rest, much less miss me." Daddy chuckles, his eyes twinkling brightly.

Chuckling, "it's strange being actively involved in a project, from start to finish," I whispered.

Daddy gives me a sympathetic smile, "I know you were treated unfairly, at Morrison and Ambrose and Ambrose used you to bring in clients and kept pushing you aside." The corner of daddy's mouth twisted in disgust.

Laughing, "you left in the middle of a presentation and Rawle was floored because he had no inkling about selling Morrison and Ambrose to the clients." Daddy's words surprised me, because I left everything in tack.

"If he looked he would have found it in my draw, when he cleared my desk," I frowned.

Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, daddy chuckles as he backs away.

"Actually when I couldn't find you that last night, I was frantic and I searched for clues as to where you would be hiding and then, when Angie left, I found your personal documents missing." Daddy smiles sadly as he remembers that dark night.

Daddy quickly wiped his eyes, "I knew you would be cautious so I had to have faith that you were safe. I put on a fake front when I was asked about you and I had people searching for you." Daddy continues and as much as I don't want to know, I need to know how he overcame, worrying about me.

"Angie didn't even pretend to care or miss you anymore until your departure from the office started causing problems for Rawle. He couldn't function at the office, with his inability to bring in clients." Daddy laughs and I had to join him, when I think about him appearing as a failure to his mother and sister but, then it was his sister who informed me about being, fired.

"Well his sister did say he fired me." I reminded daddy.

Nodding, "yes, yes she did and at first they all labeled you a coward for abandoning your job but someone at the function that night, overheard Evelyn informing you about being fired and you, being told to pick up your belongings at lost and found." Daddy reached across and squeezed my hands, chuckling softly.

"She didn't know then but she did you a favor by setting you free." Daddy smiles happily, with tears brimming his eyes again.

Nodding slowly, "yes, yes she did and now I'm with Jordan, plus she wants him." I frowned thoughtfully, remembering the unnecessary pain she unleashed on me that night and now she has her eyes set on my husband?

I hope her heart could handle the shock of seeing Jordan and I together in public.

"You know I really should be grateful but passing around photoshopped pictures of me in bed with someone else was going to the extreme and I will ensure she feels embarrassment for the pain she inflicted on me." I have no idea what Vinnie has planned but I am definitely working with him to bring Evelyn Ambrose down.

Daddy interrupted my vengeful thoughts, "I need to ask you something and I need your honesty." Daddy's sudden seriousness, makes me nervous.

Nodding silently. "Shoot!" I encouraged him to continue.

"When you saw Rawle today, did it hurt? Did you feel anything for him?" Daddy asked questions which I answered honestly, without batting an eyelid.

Staring back at him, "No it didn't hurt and nothing about our past made me sentimental. I vomit inside my mouth when I saw him outside the mall and all I felt was disgust." I admitted.

Expressing myself by waving my hand, "I mean, you've seen Rawle and you've seen my husband?" I nod for him to agree with me. "My husband isn't a spoilt brat. He works hard for his workers, his family and me." I smiled thinking about Jordan and how quickly he accepted me into his circle and his life.

Smiling, daddy nods, "I need to tell you something, before you leave." Again daddy's seriousness got scary.

I nod, for him to continue.

"Jordan came to see me about a week after you left."

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