The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Seventy Four

Jordan's POV

Leah's has been extremely quiet since we left the hotel and her father behind.

Her present demeanor reminds me of girl I first met, only now, she isn't a stranger but my wife.

"Leah, why don't you take a rest in the bedroom," grandpa suggested, when she laid her head against my shoulder with her eyes closed.

Smiling for the first time, Leah stood up, tiredly.

"That's good idea," she yawned, moving to leave the cabin we were all seated in, under the watchful eyes of my family.

I followed her, ignoring Vinnie's mocking words. "The old geezer said Leah, not Jordan." His words drew chuckles from everyone else.

"Who are you calling an old geezer?" I heard grandpa's gruff tone as I shut the door behind us.

Leah ran towards the bed and threw herself on it, with her arms and legs stretched out, as if she's preparing to imprint a snow angel on the mattress.

Turning on her side, she smiles coyly at me. "Have you ever had sex in midair on this jet?" Even though she's laughing it off, her eyes reflect more than curiosity.

Is she hoping I would say no?

Walking slowly towards the bed, staring intensely at the hazel eyes, I've been lost in, since I first saw her eyes.

"In this Jet?" I circle my index finger, reconfirming which Jet she's asking about.

Frowning she sits upright, shifting herself backwards on the bed, blinking nervously.

Leah nods wordlessly, meeting my intense gaze.

Curling my lips sadly, I shook my head, watching her eyes, gleam triumphantly.

I crawl towards Leah, "but then, grandpa has a fleet of this." I smiled at her surprise expression and the eyes that has suddenly, become dull.

Chuckling at her expression, "I don't mind having a first time on this one." I moved up her body.

Leah pushed me backwards and I felt the amount of strength she use but it wasn't enough to move me.

Lowering my face to hers, "jealous?" I whispered against her ear."

Lowering her eyes, Leah was unable to hide her flushed cheeks.

Blushing, Leah shook her head, swiftly to deny her jealously.

With my thumb on her chin, I pull her chin down and slowly pressed my lips against hers.

Without any coaxing, Leah opened her mouth, allowing me to deepened the kiss.

Pressing her deeper into the mattress, I lifted the dress she wore, sliding my hands upwards, touching every part of her body, loving the way she melt under my touch.

Leah wrapped her arms tightly around my neck and I realize that I'm not having a cold shower today.

Crawling off the bed, I lifted a surprise Leah in my arms.

Flustered she gasps at me in daze, "what?" Leah whispers.

"Let's take this to the bathroom." I whispered and by the time we entered the bathroom, we were both naked and I had Leah pinned against the wall of the bathroom.

"Oh...." Leah gasps, wrapping her feet around my legs. "Jo..ordan..." Leah's voice is filled with painful passion.

"Fuck, I love you so much," I muttered fiercely as we became one, once again.

We finished out in the bathroom, fully aware that my family is on the outside waiting for me.

Leah fell asleep because she was genuinely tired from our romp in the shower and the sleeplessness night she had.

I cradled her in my arms while she slept with my thoughts running all over the place.

Hugging Leah, I'm ready to bring heaven down on earth for her.

I was sceptical about young Ambrose but after seeing her interaction with him yesterday, I realize Leah didn't care about Rawle.

She didn't hesitate for a second in telling him off, which confirmed once and for all, I can tell her how I feel and that being married to her is one of the better decisions I have made in my life.

"Okay kids, the honeymoon is over. It's time to get up," Jade's voice penetrates through my dreams.

I opened my eyes to see my annoying sister smiling down at me, just like she did in high school, after I partied all night on a school night.

Stretching, "can't we have some privacy?" I glared at her as Leah started stirring beside me. "What if we were naked?" I muttered while trying to sit up.

Chuckling, "nothing new to me" she laughs with a wink in my direction. "We'll be landing in twenty minutes," she flicks her head to Leah, before walking out.

"Why didn't you wake me?" Leah started panicking, climbing of the bed.

'Jade just now woke us," I explained following her into the bathroom.

Leah quickly bolt the door behind her, locking me out.

For a girl she was dressed and ready in less than ten minutes, allowing me to use the bathroom before we rejoin our family in the main cabin.

The attendant brought two cups of coffee for us, which Leah gratefully accept with a polite smile, after buckling up and waiting for the Jet to land.

"Drop me at Rosie's" Leah says as I drove away from the airport with Jade and Michael joining grandpa in his town car.

I frowned at her but Vinnie started laughing.

"Why?" Vinnie asked, aware that all her belongings have been transferred to my penthouse, except her furniture.

"My stuff is there," she says giving him a DUH, expression.

"We'll swing by in a while so you can catch with with Rosie and the girls." I suggested because having her argue with Vinnie isn't in the plans.

I pulled into the underground car park in my building.

Leah turns to Vinnie, "aren't you going home?" She asks confused about him coming home with us.

Laughing at her expression.

"I'm your bodyguard, we ride together."

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