The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Seventy Five

Leah's POV

Jordan and I are married!

The reality of us as a married couple, suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks.

We'll be sharing the same home he didn't want me in previously, my new home.

Turning to face Jordan as the elevator open, "I need to visit Rosie and the girls before the evening is out," the only sad thing, is leaving Rosie and the girls.

Mrs. Sanchez is here but I already miss the place I called home, since settling in NYC.

Twitching his lips, Jordan nods, pulling out his keys. "Remind me to give you a set of keys," he says, ignoring my request about visiting Rosie.

"We'll just invite them over," Vinnie says from behind me.

It is not my apartment, I can't make decisions like that without consulting Jordan.

"Would that be okay?" I asked Jordan as he and Vinnie packs our luggage in the corridor.

Frowning, Jordan turns to face me, "Leah?" Jordan addresses me in a questioning tone.

Raising my eyebrows, I smile unsure of what to expect from him.

"I know I was a fucking bastard when you first came here but I promise you, it's different now and this is your home, as much as it is mines and I will even add your name of it." Jordan pulls me closer as he spoke.

Shaking my head, "you don't have to do that," I answered quickly. I didn't marry Jordan for his wealth, I married him because I fell for him and now I know, he feels the same way.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, I reach upwards, drawing his head down, capturing his lips in a slow sensual kiss.

"Aww come on guys, we haven't had lunch yet," Vinnie whines as he stomps off down the corridor.

I'm sure if we were alone in the apartment, Jordan would have already braced me against the wall.

"There are kids in the house!" Rosie yells from down the hall.

I pulled away quickly, surprise to hear her voice.

I glance at Jordan who wasn't surprise to hear Rosie's voice.

With a smirk, I'm loving every day, he tilts his head over his shoulder at Rosie.

Reaching up I peck him quickly on the lips before running towards her, with outstretched arms.

"Oh my God," I chuckle. "No wonder Jordan didn't answer, when I told him I had to see you today." I added, hugging my friend, who I've begun to cherish as a sister in the few short weeks I've know her.

"It's good to see you too girl," Rosie expresses a sentiment I feel.

Pulling away, "where's the girls?" I asked quickly, aware that's it's a Saturday and it's her time with her prized possessions.

Waving her hand behind her, "there're in the entertainment room taking in some movie or the other," Rosie says casually.

"Oh, okay," I smiled as Jordan walked past us. I didn't browse around when I first came here so other than the kitchen and the bedroom I used, I knew nothing else about Jordan's home, but clearly his God-daughter and her sister did.

Looking over my shoulder, "where's Mrs. Sanchez?" I wondered aloud, already walking towards the kitchen, followed by Rosie.

"Something smells good in here," I said softly, watching Mrs. Sanchez stir a pot on the stove.

Turning around, her eyes softens as it lands on me. Mrs. Sanchez lowers the spoon she was stirring with.

"Leah," she mouths softly before drawing me into a warm embrace.

For the first time since landing in New York, I felt tears burning my eyes.

"It's good to have you home Leah, it's good to have you, where you belong." She whispers, gently patting my back.

"It's good, to be home," I emphasized, happy to be here because I am home, having already let go of my life and people I once once considered family in Seattle. This City is my home and these people are my family.

I can't wait for daddy to join me and I hope he can leave Seattle behind, too.

"Come on Leah, you're keeping back production." Vinnie complains, putting a hand between Mrs. Sanchez and I, separating us.

"Production?" I muttered confused.

Throwing an arm around Mrs. Sanchez shoulder, "are you nearly done? I'm starving," he says, walking her towards the stove.

"When are you not starving?" Rosie chuckles following Vinnie and Mrs. Sanchez.

Rosie appears at home in Jordan's apartment.

Did she stop visiting him because of me?

I turned to looked for Jordan and saw him leaning against an open doorway opposite the kitchen, a room I never ventured into before.

Leaving the kitchen, I joined him.

"Where's the entertainment room?" I asked staring further down the corridor. "I want to greet the girls." I explained.

"Come and then when we've had something to eat, I'll give you a tour." Jordan, entwined our fingers, as he led me down the corridor, taking a right, into another corridor, then another right into a dark room where the light brightening the room shun from the large screen on the front wall of the room.

"Wow," I was definitely impress with this miniature cinema in his apartment.

"This apartment is huge," I couldn't help expressing my surprise at the vastness of the room.

The girls came forward from whatever dark corner they were sitting in when the door open and the light from the corridor flood the entertainment room.

"Leah, you're back!" Janelle was the first to hug me as Shanelle ran towards her God-father.

"I didn't know you were back," Janelle moves away to hug Jordan as Shanelle came to wrap her arms around me.

"I heard you were getting married," Shanelle says excitedly. "Can I be a bridesmaid?"

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