The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Seventy Six

Jordan's POV

Leah's simply elegant and it's hard to believe she grew up in money!

I admire the way she dresses and carries herself.

I never in my wildest dreams thought the girl I end up with, would have become close to Rosie and the girls before becoming close to me.

We have brunch with the family tomorrow and the only person who objects to my marriage, according to my sister, is our mother.

I have yet to tell Leah about Jade's warning concerning my mother's feelings towards her. I can't allow her to walk into our family's home for the first time with my mother, throwing invisible daggers, at her.

After her stepmother's behavior, the last thing I need is a hostile, parental figure in her life again.

"Where's your head at Jordan?" Rosie asks. Lifting my eyes from my plate, I realize everyone was staring at me curiously, except Vinnie.

He knew what was bothering me since Jade spoke to him during the flight, while Leah and I were, ah.. resting.

Shaking my head,"nothing actually." I lied smoothly. "I was just considering the function grandpa and Gem are organizing, where he intends to announce our marriage." I turned to smile at Leah.

"And?" Rosie frowns.

Shrugging, trying to make it casual. "Ambrose and his clan will be invited through Jade and Michael's cousin." I explained, shrugging it off, I started picking at my food again.

"Speak English, boy." Rosie, the only person who calls me boy and lives, responds impatiently.

Chuckling, Vinnie claps his hands on the oak table top. "And you want it to be a secret until then." He concludes.

Nodding, I turned to Leah, "you okay with that?" I don't want her or our relationship to be hidden but I want the people who tried to destroy Andrew and his daughter to pay for what they did.

"From what grandpa says about the meeting he had with Andrew and the board at Morrison and Ambrose," I decided to repeat, what grandpa shared with me, since no one in the room will take it out.

"Ambrose family have only just met me but Jade used me to impress her friends, so the bottom line is that they only see the Branson name and with the Branson name comes money." I explained.

"From what Andrew said to me, they were not just curious about his meetings with me, they were upset about it, because of that Evelyn bitch." I said angrily, my eyes flew to Shenelle and Janelle who instantly starting giggling at my choice of words.

"Not the type of descriptive words we use at the table," Rosie says, giving me a stern look.

"Jordan, how many times did you meet, this Evelyn bitch?" Leah asks, finally lifting her eyes off her plate.

"Leah!" Rosie frowns deeply with a light nod in the girl's direction.

Vinnie and the girls started laughing but Leah tilted her head, giving me an impatient frown.

"See, he's already rubbing off on her." Vinnie laughs.

Rosie clearly wasn't amused, "I can see that." She agrees with Vinnie.

"Come on mom," Janelle laughs, "that's the way kids greet their friends at school, these days." She shrugs.

Rosie lifts her eyebrows, giving the girls a stern look, "do YOU greet your friends, using that word?" Rosie asks, emphasizing the word, you.

The girls instantly stops giggling and stares at each other guiltily.

Sensing the change in the room, "come on Rose.." Vinnie, clams up when Rosie turns to glare at him.

Even I know to keep mum when Rosie is correcting her girls.

"Waving her finger at Janelle, "this isn't over," she warns her oldest daughter, who exchange a nervous glance with me.

I gave her an encouraging smile, before Rosie turned on me.

"You didn't answer Leah's question," she reminds me.

Nodding slowly, I try to recall when I met the bitch.

All eyes are on me now as they all wait expectantly to hear my response to Leah's question.

"Help me out here," I tell Vinnie everything so he definitely knows.

Vinnie starts counting on his fingers.

"Seriously man?" I glared at him.

"The first time was the lunch and then the dinner, Leah sent us to and when you visited Andrew at the office." Shrugging, "that's all I recall," Vinnie finishes.

Laughing, I point to Vinnie, "there you have it," I told Leah.

Confused, Leah frowns at Rosie. "I don't recall you mentioning meeting her at daddy's office." Was all she said and I remember that I was so annoyed at Ambrose and his daughter, I didn't even want to discuss it.

Chuckling, "you sound like a wife now," Rosie tells Leah, who started blushing.

Reaching out, I dragged her chair closer to me, "yeah and can you believe, I'm a husband?" I never thought about being a husband and all that it entails and suddenly, here I am, married.

"Yes uncle Jordan and soon you and aunty Leah would be having babies." Shenelle gushed, silencing everyone across the table.

Vinnie, Rosie and Mrs. Sanchez burst out laughing, while Leah and I stare at each other in surprise.

I'm now getting accustom to being a husband and now there are talks about being a father.

"Okay ladies, eat up. We have things to do and Leah needs to rest up before meeting the in-laws for brunch tomorrow." Rosie's words reminded me of a conversation I need to have with Leah, before the evening is over.

As lunch was over, Rosie and the girls left with Vinnie promising to call tomorrow, leaving Leah and I alone for the first time.

Mrs. Sanchez and Leah cleaned up the kitchen before I took Leah to our bedroom.

"Leah I need to tell you something," I started.

"You mean about meeting Evelyn at daddy's office?"

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