The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Seventy Eight

Leah's POV

Jordan mutters angrily in the carpark of his family's mansion, set on a huge piece of land, by the looks of it.

He shooks his head while glaring at a vehicle parked to the left of where he's parking.

I don't want to pry but I need to since his mother doesn't want me here and upsetting Jordan could be one of her ways to get rid of me.

"I'm afraid to ask but I feel as if I should," I said, my eyes following his to where a white Bentley is parked.

Jordan turns to stare at me, confused.

Maybe I was out of line to ask and opened my mouth to apologize.

"I'm..." Jordan shook his head, palming my face.

Smiling, "you have a right to ask and," turning Jordan stares at the Bentley with a grim expression.

"Do you remember the business lunch with my father and Gem?" He asks softly.

Having only had one lunch with his father, I nod and wait for him to continue.

"Do you remember a strange man and the girl with him?" Jordan continue and again I nod remembering the girl who stared at me with hostility.

"Yes," I frowned at the vehicle again as realization hits me, as to why he's upset.

"My mother invited the Finley's to provoke you, me us!" he admits with an exasperated sigh.

What can she do to me?

"But why?" I couldn't help asking, wishing Vinnie was here.

Laughing dryly. "She's the one my darling mother wants, as her daughter-in-law." Jordan says through gritted teeth.

"Oh," is all I could say, since I don't know Jordan's mother, nor the girl she actually likes.

"Fuck this!" He exclaims, starting the engine of the vehicle.

Reaching out I grabbed his arm, "what are you doing?" My eyes widen in surprise, as I stared at him confused.

"I don't need this," Jordan was saying.

"Wait, stop," I know what she is doing is wrong but he or we, need to get this over with.

With his hand on his handbrakes, Jordan looks at me expectantly.

"If we don't go in this time, it will happen again and.." trailing off I stare at the large double door, leading to the inside of the mansion.

Smiling sadly back at Jordan, "and I don't want to be blame for keeping you away from your mother or family functions." I added.

Looking away, Jordan seems to be pondering on my words.

Without uttering a word, he releases the handbrakes and switched off the engine.

Taking a deep breath, "now just follow my lead, don't let anything my mother do, rile you up. Just listen quietly and ignore her." Jordan suggests.

Nodding, I reach across to kiss him lightly on the cheek.

"Yes boss." I chuckle softly.

Touching my cheek lightly, "I like that 'boss' thing," he smirks before capturing my lips in a slow, deep kiss.

I chuckle at the kinky thought rushing through my mind at his response to my comment.

Guessing what I am thinking. "You've got a dirty mind, Leah." He laughs, unlocking the door.

Hand in hand, we walked towards the front door of the home Jordan grew up in blushing, as Jordan won't stop joking about my dirty little mind.

The laughter died on my lips, as I entered the marble hallway of the mansion.

I felt as if I was entering a five-star hotel and I couldn't help but gasp in awe.

"Close your mouth and I'll give you a tour later." Jordan chuckles softly, leading me towards a room where laughter can be heard.

All the confidence I mustered a few minutes ago dissipated as I got closer to the voices.

"Didn't expect a full house,"Jordan's mocking voice breaks through the loud chatter and laughter in the room.

With an arm around my waist, Jordan led me further inside.

"Leah!" Jade stood up grinning, making her way towards Jordan and I, followed by her husband, Michael.

I was engulfed in a tight hug, "ignore mom and her guests." Jade whispers in my ear before moving on to hug her brother.

Drawing me into a light embrace. "Don't worry, I was once like you, the new player in the game." Michael, whose never spoken to me before, encourages me and I felt grateful for his support.

Yeah, I'm the new player with Jordan as my partner.

"Oh don't keep her to yourselves," Mr. Branson chuckles heartily. "Come Leah, come meet the rest of the family." He slaps Michael on the back, before putting an arm around my shoulder, nodding behind me.

I turned slightly when I felt a hand pressing deeply into my lower back, to see Jordan staring in front of us, his jaws clenched, showing his annoyance.

I reached to the side of me and finding Jordan's hands, I entwined our fingers as we approached his father, who stood beside a woman seated beside the woman I saw at the business lunch a few weeks ago.

With a smile plastered on my lips, I kept my eyes on Jordan's father, who returned my smile, with his eyes on his son.

Stretching out his hands, "Leah, I'm so proud of you," Mr. Branson greets me. "Gem told me you represented Bransons well," he gushed and I couldn't resist deepening the smile on my lips.

Nodding, "thank you," I responded to his compliment.

Drawing me away from Jordan into a light embrace. "No thank you," Mr. Branson corrects me. "Morrison and Ambrose didn't know your value." He added, without any mockery of malice.

Draping his arms around my shoulders, my husband joined in. "And now, Morrison's valuable gem belongs to us." Jordan laughs, smiling down at me.

"So you married her because she's a good worker?"

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