The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Eighty

Jordan's POV

Leah didn't bolt, even when my mother tired, to insult her and what surprised me the most, was her encouraging me, to keep the peace.

Normally, I would have vented out my anger and avoid my mother until next week but no, today I remained and so did Jade.

Grandpa was right, Leah's the girl for me and I would have gotten there eventually but meeting the people who hurt her in Seattle, pushed me earlier and I have no regrets.

But before we could move on, I need to deal with the persons who has been spreading lies and photoshop photos around to damage her reputation.

Thankfully she isn't on social media because those false photos made it's round on the web but we were able to take it down and block it.

I want them all there when I introduce her as my wife, especially to the Ambrose slut and her future sister-in-law!

"If you don't stop daydreaming about the wife, then get the fuck out of here!" Vinnie slams another drink on the table in front of me.

Lifting my eyes, I give him a smug smile.

"Do you blame me for wanting to be with her, than with you morons?" I retorted, as the guys slapped Vinnie on the shoulder and pushed him unto his chair.

With a mischievous smirk, Vinnie takes a huge gulp of his drink, before slamming it on the table.

"Hmm... I am curious though," he drawls, getting the attention of the guys. "Why are you even here instead of home with the missus?" Vinnie chose his words carefully because normally he would be making vulgar remarks, if it was any other girl but it isn't just any girl, it's Leah my wife!

Frowning, "she insisted she needed to get some personal items at Rosie's, so she sent me to make sure you behave yourself." I didn't question her but I did find it strange that she encouraged me to continue with my normal Sunday ritual.

Kern laughed the loudest, "man you got a gem there, make sure you don't fuck it up." Waving his index finger in my face, warningly.

"Every fucking Sunday, it's the same fight at home to get here." Kern adds, shaking his head, his eyes expressing his amusement at his weekly fights with his wife, Lorraine.

"Yeah but I don't hear you complaining when you get back home and make up." Gary, another married man in our midst added, encouraging laughter all around the room.

Turning to me, "you know what?" Gary having zero tolerance to alcohol, already starts slurring. "That's a plus in a marriage." He started.

Fuck is he going to give me marriage tips?

"She's giving you your time but with the guys, not time to fuck around, so don't mess it up!" Gary, also warns me not to fuck up my marriage.

Shaking his head from across the table, "yeah, I messed up so fucking bad, I'm still sharing an apartment with Vinnie." Dan, who is recently separated from his wife, for cheating.

His mistress had the balls to boast to his wife Carol about it but his mistress ended up getting dumped because Dan left everything to Carol and their son, Junior.

Laughing, "sharing?" Vinnie mocks. "You're living rent free because of your bud here." Vinnie points at me.

Chugging down the remnants of my drink, "hey we're brothers here." I corrected Vinnie. "We look out for each other and even though Dan deserved to be on the streets, we couldn't do that to him. Right?" I look around the room to the slight nods and low, "yeahs,' as the guys agree with me.

"Another thing," the marriage therapist in the room continued. "When the kids come along, don't leave her with all the work." Gary adds. "Especially if she is going to be a working housewife."

Lifting his hand in the air, "question," Vinnie, frowns at Gary. "If a woman is a housewife, doesn't that mean, she's WORKING in the house?" Stressing the word 'working', Vinnie curls his lips with a side smirk, as he awaits, Gary's response.

Shaking his head, "that's so old school man and that, is one of the things that cause problems in a marriage." Gary got all serious, as he begins to educate us as usual but for once, I am actually interested in hearing what my friend has to say.

"Forcing a working woman to become a stay at home wife and mother, eventually takes a toll, especially if, she was once employed." Gary explained.

"And what makes you such an expert?" Kern injects, as all eyes averts to Gary.

Gary meets my gaze, since his wife confided in me about two years ago, when they were having marital problems.

Clearing his throat, "a couple years ago, my wife and I ended up in therapy to understand why we loved each other and what we both did to upset each other." Gary explained.

Kern eyes widen in surprise because even though we meet here every Sunday, it's about the games and drinks and company!

"Sorry man, I didn't know." An embarrassed Kern quickly apologizes, while I walked to the bar to refill my drink.

I heard Gary laugh happily behind me.

"Sorry?" He repeated Kern's words. "Man, it helped us and believe me, I am so fucking happy, despite the ups and downs we still have. I love my wife and my two kids." Gary gushed and I felt his happiness, desiring the same for Leah and I.

"If I know my friends really love each other, then I would personally take them to get help." He added, giving Dan a sympathetic smile.

I returned to the table with another rounds for us, to see Dan scratching his chin thoughtfully.

"What the fuck?"

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