The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Eighty One

Jordan's POV

All eyes averted to Justin, the burly security whose been part of our squad since high school.

We followed his gaze to the entrance of the bar and to the group peering through the closed door.

"What the hell are they doing here?" Vinnie exclaimed, pushing his chair backwards and standing up.

Kern laughs loudly, standing to his feet, "check out the ring leader." He moves past Justin and headed to the front door, where one of his ex flings peeks inside the bar. "Our favourite girl," he chuckles.

I left that slut back at my parents home and now she is here with her minions?

Pointing to Kern, "don't let him open the door, just informed them that you're are closed for a private party." I instructed Justin, already dismissing the group waiting on the outside.

The guys started talking again but this time it was about the socialite waiting on the outside, with her minions.

"She has to be here for you three," hearing my instruction to Justin, Kern laughs, pointing at Vinnie, Justin and I." He adds, while walking ahead of Justin. On an afterthought, "or maybe she heard our boy here, got married." The annoying clown in our midst, chuckles loudly.

Other than Vinnie, Justin and I, the other three guys have at one time or the other, slept with Finley's daughter, hence the reason for the heckling.

"Fuck that...." Vinnie was saying when Justin, returned with an annoyed expression, dangling a key in his hand.

"Fuck you Justin, give me the fucking key," Kern yells, following Justin.

"Excuse me, Jordan." Justin approaches me. "The lady outside insists on meeting you," he points over his shoulder to the front door. "She says that's it's important." He added.

Angry, I stood up and approached the counter, taking a pen and napkin.

"Lady?" Gary laughs, slamming his hand on the table.

"Take a name and number and I'll return a call when pigs fly." I gave the napkin and pen to Vinnie and sent him to deal with her, fully aware she'll run from him.

"Get your drunk ass back in your seat or I'm locking you outside with that slut and calling your wife," Justin threatened Kern, who was about to argue until Justin mentioned his wife.

Scowling at Justin, Kern obediently sat down, gulping down his drink with his eyes still on Justin.

"Where's the remote?" Dan stood up, searching for the device since the Knicks is about to start.

The TV came on at the same time, Dan yells, "bingo!"

"Vinnie the game's about to start!" I yelled, calling Vinnie who stood by the door chuckling.

Vinnie slammed the napkin and pen on the table with a mischievous glint in his eyes, grabbing another chair to make himself comfortable.

I place another bottle of JD on the table and dragged a small cooler of ice, closer so the only reason anyone of us would have to leave the game is for a washroom break.

By the time Knicks lost, I was drunk but sober enough to know my wife didn't call me once.

"Okay guys, we'll try again next Sunday and hopefully we'll get a win." Justin says turning chairs on the table, signaling us, that it's time to leave.

"Jord!" Justin waves a napkin at me.

Blinking I try to figure out what it is.

"What the fuck is that?" I yelled back at him.

"The slut's number," Justin laughs, balling the napkin and throwing it towards me.

My half drunk ass caught it and slammed dunked it into the garbage bin.

"Now why didn't the Knicks do that?" Gary held his chest with a painful expression.

Waving, "next week guys, next week." I slurred slapping my designated driver Vinnie on the back as we walked out the bar, followed by Justin, the other designated driver this week.

"Leah didn't call me," I complained to Vinnie, throwing myself on the backseat of the SUV.

Vinnie didn't respond because he probably thinks I'm just a drunk man missing my wife.

"Not once Vinnie not once did she call and I miss her," I continued whining to my best friend, since forever.

I could swear I heard him chuckling but I had no strength to deal with him right now. I'll catch him next week when I'm the designated driver.

"Jordan, Jordan, wake up, it's late." it wasn't just the soft voice and gentle slaps that awaken my senses but the fragrance of the woman I've fallen in love with.

She smelt so good for a guy and then I found out she was a girl.

Her hair flying loosely in the wind as she smiled with Mrs. Sanchez while they shared a joke.

How could I have classed her in the same league as that fucking bitch who accused grandpa of trying to rape her?

"Jordan Mr. Branson called and we are late," the soft voice continues and now my face is held in palm of her hands.

"Kiss me," I whispered before I felt light lips on my lips.

Honey and sugar and coffee?

Sighing, I opened my eyes to see the hazel eyed, tigress, staring at me with a worried frown.

"Jordan, Vinnie is waiting downstairs and your grandfather said he needs you at the office immediately." Leah informs me.

If grandpa calls, it must be important.

"Fuck!" Holding my head, I tried to sit up with the assistant of my wife, who is already fully dressed for the office.

"I'm sorry," I whispered, holding my head because of the throbbing pain.

Helping me up, "why?" Leah frowned.

"For getting drunk," I retorted, walking towards the bathroom. "It was my Sunday to get drunk, though." I explained.

"It's okay and I'm here," Leah responded softly, reminding me that she's here for me.

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