The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Eighty Two

Leah's POV

My hands strained with two lunch bags, my handbag a thermos, now half filled with coffee and two coffee mugs since Vinnie is carrying his own.

I know having a hangover isn't detrimental but Mr. Branson is waiting for Jordan and it seems important, while Jordan is being such a baby with a hangover.

Since we were late, I wave while walking past Rosie's desk, conscious of the eyes following me walking in with Jordan and Vinnie, after the three of us were absent for almost two weeks.

"Not so fast," Rosie stops us, pointing to her visitors log, which she invites Vinnie to look at.

Vinnie's eyes widen in shock before his mischievous smirk met Rosie's.

"What?" I asked curiously, glancing between Rosie and Vinnie, while my husband reacted as if he didn't have a care in the world.

Nodding to the elevator, "let's go," Vinnie says, "the old geezer must be waiting for us." Vinnie laughs.

Scowling at him, "you need to stop referring to him like that," I scold Vinnie not because Mr. Branson is Jordan's grandfather but because he is our employer and I hated when anyone disrespected my father, at Morrison and Ambrose.

Uncaring of the eyes following us, Jordan winks at Rosie who gives him a thumbs up when he throws an arm around my shoulder, as we enter the elevator.

I was curious about what Rosie showed to Vinnie but I have no choice but to wait until he's ready to tell me.

"So guys brace yourselves because we have visitors waiting for us in one of the board rooms on the fifty second floor." Vinnie said as the door closed.

"We?" Jordan ask, finally showing some interest since we entered the building.

Shrugging, "well you're not equip to deal with any meeting so, maybe Leah and I could represent your office." Vinnie continued.

Jordan frowned at Vinnie and his suggestion.

"Who are the visitors?" Jordan asks curiously.

"The Ambrose family from Seattle." Vinnie says, waiting for a reaction for Jordan and I.

I froze while Jordan being Jordan started swearing.

Carl Ambrose is here?

Forgetting about Jordan and Vinnie, I started wondering why they were here at Branson?

Did Jade know that they were coming?

Did Jade invite them here?

Are they here to meet Jordan?

How would they react when Evelyn meets Mr. Branson whom she called an old geezer and my sugar daddy?

"Do you think Jade knows that they are here?" I asked, watching both Jordan and Vinnie shake their heads.

Even though Jade has befriended me since she found out about Jordan and I, I didn't take her number, so now I need her brother or his assistant to call her.

"Call her and let her know they are here." I have no idea why but I am suddenly nervous.

I feel as if they are going to try to pull the rug from under me, even though there is nothing they can do or say about me that they haven't already done or said.

"Hey," Jordan pulls me towards him. "What's wrong?" His eyes narrows with concern.

Even Vinnie gives me a weird look.

Confused I shook my head, "I don't know but I am suddenly nervous about them being here." Chuckling dryly, "can they do anything else to hurt me?" I added.

The doors of the elevator opened before Jordan could respond.

"Come on," he leads us out of the elevator and walks towards his office, greeting the staff we passed on our way in.

This time, I didn't pay attention to the gasps and surprise looks on the faces of the employees we pass.

Walking into his outer office, Jordan took the bags I held and placed them on my desk before leading me into his office.

"Listen to me," gripping my shoulders, Jordan forced to me look at him, as he shakes his head lightly. "There is nothing to be afraid of and they can't do anything to hurt you anymore." He promises me.

Lowering my eyes, embarrassed at my thoughts and the reason for my sudden fear.

"Talk to me," Jordan urges me.

Lifting my eyes to meet his once again, "I don't want to lose you." I admitted softly.

Raising his eyebrow, Jordan eyes widen in surprise at my confession.

Jordan suddenly pulled my into his arms.

With his chin resting comfortably on my head, "never happening." he promises. "If my mother can't break us then no one else can." Jordan added.

We broke apart at the slight knocking on the door.

"Come in," Jordan invites the person behind the close door, who must be Vinnie.

Vinnie walked in watching Jordan and I and me, wrapped in an embrace.

"Your grandfather is expecting you to join him at a meeting with Mr. Ambrose. I believe your father is also there." Vinnie informs Jordan.

Jordan releases me and in a few short strides he was at his desk, making a call.

"You okay?" Vinnie asks while Jordan makes his call.

Smiling nervously, I nod, conscious of Vinnie's scrutinizing my face.

"You know they can't touch you right?" Vinnie asks but he was also reminding me.

Again I nod, while I fought to get my emotions under control.

Hanging up the phone, Jordan joins Vinnie and I at the door.

"Okay guys, I've been summoned upstairs so hold the fort down here." Jordan informs us. "Can I get a cup of coffee to go?" He asks.

Nodding I quickly went back out the office to retrieve the thermos and the coffee mug from my desk.

Thankfully it was still hot.

Giving me a light peck on the lips, Jordan took the coffee.

"Take care of my girl," he commissions Vinnie, before leaving to join his father and grandfather, along with the Ambrose family.

Taking out my phone, I dialed my father.

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