The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Eighty Three

Jordan's POV

"Sorry I'm late," I greeted everyone seated at the glass table in one of the smaller board rooms in the building.

Placing my coffee mug on the table, I did a quick sweep to see that the entire Ambrose clan is here including Leah's step-sister.

Other than sitting far away, the only vacant seat close to where everyone else is sitting was next to the Ambrose slut.

"Jordan!" Ambrose Sen. stood with a warm smile and an outstretched hand.

I quickly glance at grandpa, since I have no idea what I just walked into.

Walking towards Ambrose, I shook his hand after grandpa give me a slight shrug, indicating he doesn't know what the fuck is going on either.

"Ambrose," I greeted him, before checking my watch.

"I can't be long because I have two meetings back to back and I am already late." I lied, exchanging a quick glance with grandpa, while wondering why my father is here.

Nodding, "yes I know." Grandpa supports my lie, then turns to Mr. Ambrose. "This is an unexpected visit so I decided to slip it in since Mr. Ambrose is already here." Grandpa explains.

I pulled a chair on the other end of the table opposite grandpa and far away from the slut and her family.

Laughing, "don't sit so far away, come join us," Ambrose invites me to come closer, indicating the seat next to his daughter, whose seated beside my father.

Opening my arms to indicate the empty space in front of me.

"I like my space," I retorted, taking a sip of the coffee made by my wife.

"So how can we be of assistance to you?" I asked, taking over for grandpa because I am not here to dance around the table with these people.

Ambrose actually appeared uncomfortable now, glancing quickly at his wife and then at his daughter.

Facing me he laughs nervously.

"Actually I came here to discuss more than one thing but," Ambrose paused and gave his daughter a quick nod in grandpa's direction. "My daughter has something to say first." He added, giving her another nod but this time, it was more stern.

A smile was immediately plastered on her fake face and it definitely didn't reach her eyes, as Evelyn Ambrose faced my grandfather.

"Mr. Branson," she started softly. "I want to apologize for the comments made in your presence on Friday at lunch." Evelyn apologizes to grandpa.

Grandpa just stares at her with a bland expression.

I am intrigued though as to why she was so insulting to him.

"So why did you make those insulting remarks to my grandfather?" I had to know because I sense there's no way she can justify herself her.

Turning to face me now, her smile deepens and it actually reaches her eyes as she appears to be flirting with me.

"Actually, the girl sitting at the table was the reason, it turn out like that," the slut immediately turned the blame on Leah.

Folding my arms, I leaned back in the chair.

"Really?" I responded in surprise. "Would you care to elaborate?" I asked.

Evelyn exchanges a quick glance with her father and brother.

"The girl, Leah is my father's ex-partner's daughter and my brother's ex.." stopping abruptly, putting two fingers over her lips. "I mean, she's my brother's fiance step-sister and she tried to break up my brother and Melissa." Evelyn corrected herself, not realizing she already said too much.

Curling my corners of my mouth, "and that's your excuse for being disrespectful?" I asked in disbelief. Chuckling, "that is so lame for the daughter of a businessman like your father." I added not hiding the scorn in my voice and eyes. "You did not only disrespect my grandfather but you disrespected your father." I continued.

Raising my eyebrow, I frown at my father, "has Jade ever done that to you or the family?" I asked my father who like me, couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Uh, no, not that I heard off." Dad responded slowly.

Turning to face Ambrose once again, "so what's your other reason for being here?" I asked ending the conversation concerning my grandfather.

An embarrassed, Mr. Ambrose stared at his daughter, whose also flushed in embarrassment.

He turned to stare quickly at his wife, who gritted her teeth at him.

"Well, my wife and I apologize for that unfortunate incident and I hope that you will find it in your hearts not to hold it against my daughter." Ambrosed, expressed feelings sounds like a well rehearsed speech.

"Yes of course we accept your apology and I don't hold it against your daughter." Grandpa smiles at Ambrose and then at his daughter who was clearly taken aback to hear grandpa forgives her.

Smiling gleefully, Ambrose nods happily at his daughter.

Standing up, I pushed back my chair, "well if you travelled all this way to ensure that your daughter was forgiven for her wrongs, then the trip wasn't a waste." I laugh softly.

Shaking his head, "no I'm not done yet." Ambrose stops me. "Please I know you're a busy man and I won't keep you back." He explains quickly.

Facing grandpa once again, "actually Jade mentioned that you were coming to meet my daughter concerning an alliance between your grandson and my daughter but since you couldn't meet us, I came to meet with you." Ambrose smiles nervously at grandpa and dad.

On cue my phone starts ringing.

"Excuse me," I stood up and answered the call while walking out the conference room.

"These motherfuckers are so messed up." I whispered to Vinnie. "How's Leah?" I asked aware that she was worried about these people being here and she has every right to be.

"So you're here concerning your daughter and my son?" Dad asks in disbelief.

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