The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Eighty Four

Leah's POV

"Let me talk to him," I aggressively took the phone from Vinnie's hand.

"Jordan?" I called softly, walking towards my desk with Vinnie's phone. "Is everything okay?"

Chucking dryly, "dealing with these motherfuckers, just made my headache worse." Jordan admitted. "But, are you okay?" He asked instead.

Unwilling to lie, "no!" I responded, wanting him to leave but unsure if I should ask him too.

"I called daddy," I explained because we now have an idea why the Ambrose family is here.

"And?" Jordan asked curiously from the other end.

"He said that uncle Carl is trying to raise funds or get an investor for the company since daddy has resigned and selling out his shares, uncle Carl is under some pressure." I repeated what my father just mention to me.

"Ah huh!" Jordan chuckles softly. "So that's it," Jordan says, "I'm on my way down." He added and abruptly hung up on me.

Frowning at the dead phone in my hand, I turned to see Vinnie staring at me in amusement.

"He hung up on you." Vinnie stated.

"He hung up on me," I confirmed. "Without even saying goodbye." I whined, placing Vinnie's phone on his desk, glaring at him, annoyed when he started laughing at me.

"You should have heard his drunk ass whining last night because you didn't call him to make sure he's okay." Vinnie laughs, with his eyes on the door.

Blushing, "really?" I asked, excited like a school girl in love, hearing the guy I'm in love with, was waiting for me to call.

He missed me!

I sat at the desk suddenly on top of the world.

The door flew open in the middle of my daydreaming.

"The gaul of those people, coming with a marriage proposal." Jordan barked as he entered the office, expressing disbelief and irritation.

"They need money," I said, standing as he approached my desk.

"Is the meeting over or did you just walk out on them?" Vinnie frowns when, a young blonde man, dressed in a black dress pants, crispy white shirt and black tie, stands awkwardly inside the office staring at the three of us.

Lifting a file in his hands, he turned to Vinnie.

"Uh, good morning." He nervously greeted him, from where he stood. "Mr. Green sent me to meet with Mr. Branson?" With his eyes on Vinnie, he explained the reason for his presence.

Jordan turned and shook his head at the young man.

"In my office," he points walking towards his office with the young man following briskly behind him.

"Maybe he's here for an interview," Vinnie answered my invisible question.

Nodding, "okay," I returned to my desk and pulled out the file Vinnie gave me this morning to browse through.

I have no idea where I am suppose to be and so far no one spoke to me about transferring to the office of the, Marketing Department.

I kept glancing at Jordan's office door, anxious to hear what occurred upstairs with Uncle Carl and who ever came with him.

Vinnie and I lifted our eyes simultaneously when the outer office door opened after a light knock.

I froze when Evelyn and Mel walked in, meeting Vinnie's surprise frown.

The ladies were also surprised to see Vinnie and I seated at separated desks opposite each other.

Looking at each other, they eventually came to stand in the center of the office.

With a slight smile, "I'm here to see Jordan." Evelyn announced, in an authoritative tone, glancing between Vinnie and I, eventually settling on me.

Ignoring her, I opened the file I just closed in the pretense of being busy and then again, I am not Jordan's secretary.

"I wonder if Jordan knows how rude his staff is to his guests." Mel mocks. "You need to inform Jordan and ensure that he removes these people from his office." Mel continues as she makes her suggestion to Evelyn.

Lifting my head, I see Vinnie rocking back on his chair, with folded arms staring at, 'Jordan's guests.'

Opening my draw, I lifted my phone and immediately sent a message to my husband.

Chucking dryly, "oh look, she's using her phone," Mel sounding so much like Evelyn's minion said observantly.

"Another thing Jordan's needs to know." Evelyn added, still standing in the open space between both desks.

Still ignoring them, I press send after informing Jordan about his guests whose waiting on him.

I smiled when I heard the ping informing me that I got a message.

Jordan: wtf r dey doing here?????

Me: d way they speaking, they r staking their claim & the first persons they want out is Vin and I.

Jordan: Vin???

Is that all he got from my message.

Replacing my phone in the draw, I secured it together with the file on my desk and stood up.

"I'm going to the washroom," I informed Vinnie and started walking in the direction of Jordan's office.

"Yes boss!" Vinnie chuckles.

Turning around, I gave him a wink.

"You've got that right." I chuckle and without knocking, I walked into Jordan's office, leaving the Seattle socialites standing in the middle of the office.

Jordan was lying down on the sofa in his office and the young man from earlier, was MIA.

"You okay?" Worried, I walked over to the sofa to sit beside him.

Opening his eyes, Jordan smiles, pulling me closer to lay beside him.

"You left those bitches with Vin?" Jordan mocks.

I tried to lift my head to stare at him but he kept me down.

"That was text language," I informed Jordan. "And the bitches as you called them is standing in the middle of the office waiting for your meeting to be over." I explained.

Chucking, "and where do they think you have gone off too?" Jordan laughs.

"To the washroom." I retorted.

"Poor Vin."

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