The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Eighty Five

Leah's POV

Taking his phone, Jordan makes a call.

"Check me, just secure the draws and switch on the camera." Jordan says, surprising me because I didn't know, there was a camera in the office.

In less than ten minutes, Vinnie joined us smiling mischievously.

"What?" I eyed him suspiciously.

Shaking his head, he smiles innocently.

"Nothing, I secured the office and came to use the washroom." Vinnie smiles.

"And?" Jordan asks, peering at Vinnie through one eye.

"Well I left your guests standing in the office." Vinnie whose more familiar to this office, opens one of the three doors, before entering.

Returning my attention to Jordan, "is this hangover a regular Monday tradition?" I asked curiously, hearing him chuckle, until he starts coughing.

Helping him sit upright, I pat his back until the coughing subsided.

Vinnie returns to the office, tucking in his shirt.

"Are you okay boss?" He winks, eyeing Jordan curiously.

Raising his eyebrow, Jordan nods, "she wonders if this hangover is a Monday morning tradition," Jordan laughs.

Chuckling Vinnie moves to the door, "actually, if you're still working in this office next Monday, you will be running it yourself." Vinnie smirks, watching my eyes widen curiously.

"Why?" Curious, I had to ask.

Sharing a smile with Jordan, "it's my turn to get drunk." Vinnie laughs, opening the door only to shut it quickly.

Pointing to the other room, "what are we doing with them?" Vinnie whispers to Jordan.

Shaking his head, "find out what they want because I'm busy and I promised Rosie I'll meet her during lunch." Jordan explains.

Nodding Vinnie opens the door then shuts it again.

"I have an idea," he smirks.

Sighing, Jordan and I share a quick smile.

Vinnie's ideas are never without drama.

Throwing an arm around my shoulder, Jordan leans back and pulls me against him.

"We're listening," he invites Vinnie to continue.

Nodding to the door, "they must be here to get acquainted so if they suggest lunch take them with you and Rosie." Vinnie suggested, angering me.

"NO!" Jordan and I exclaimed simultaneously, glaring at Vinnie.

How could he encourage that? It's not that I don't trust Jordan, I don't trust them!

Rolling his eyes at us, "it's Rosie," leaning against the door, Vinnie waits for our response. "And," pausing Vinnie opens the door to take a peek, "it's not like they are going anywhere." Tapping his feet impatiently. "I mean, you could shut them up now by introducing your wife, or do it the old geezer's, way." Vinnie reminded Jordan of whatever his grandfather is planning.

"like he said, it's Rosie," I agreed because Evelyn and her family are desperate for money, so she won't give up easily.

"You too?" Jordan sits up, shaking his head, he takes a deep breath. "Just so you know, I'm not going to be sociable," he warns and I chuckle.

"I would hope not." I stood up, checking my time. "You were horrible with me, why can't you show them the horrible Jordan I first met and fell in love with?" I laugh.

Straightening his clothes. "Now there's a thought you fell for the beast in me, she might too." Jordan starts flirting.

Exasperated, "Wow this was the longest bathroom break I've ever had." I move towards Vinnie, "call Rosie." I added because she should be caught unawares.

"You and me both," Vinnie says walking out the door to greet Jordan's guests, once again.

Jordan pulled me back after Vinnie left, palming my cheeks he captured my upturned lips in another of his deep sensual kisses.

"When he finally released me, "you have to use another door because we kinda told them this is our washroom." I explained at his curious frown.

Chuckling, "right, keep here lock while I am gone and make sure Vinnie remains with you." Jordan warns and I nod obediently, watching Jordan walk out the side door to re-enter the office from the outside.

Deep in thought, wondering if having Jordan stringing Evelyn along, is wise.

The hurt they brought me in the past isn't behind me but I have Jordan, whose become my world, plus I have my father.

"That was a long bathroom break," Evelyn commented, as I walked towards my desk.

Frowning at her, I glance quickly at Vinnie before facing the bitch again.

"That's not your business?" I couldn't help myself because here I was, ready to end this now and here the slut is, challenging me.

Straightening herself from standing all this time, since we have no visitors chairs in this office.

"Jordan is my business, so what goes on in here concerns me." The bitch has the audacity to say.

"This company belongs to the man, you called my sugar daddy and old geezer, not Jordan." I raised my voice, angry now at her brazenness.

"I allowed you to bully me in Seattle but not here and not now!" I walked towards her, my fists clenched at my side.

Reaching out, I shoved her angrily, "now get your whoring ass out of my office and out of my sight!" I yelled shoving her before she could compose herself, from my first shove.

"Not so fast," I heard Vinnie say but I didn't turn around. Instead I shove Evelyn again, pushing her backwards.

Mel yanked her hand away from Vinnie who I now realise was holding her arm and rushed to Evelyn's assistance.

"Next time you come looking for my co-worker, wait in the lobby like everybody else." Glaring at them, I point to the open door, where my husband stands looking on in amusement.

As Evelyn struggles to stand in the most unladylike manner, I stood a few inches shorter than her, ready to pounce on her again.

"Guess whose, going to lose their job when I start working here?" Evelyn snorts.

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