The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Eight Six

Jordan's POV

I fought hard to suppress my amusement, as I watch Leah confront the slut.

She had it coming after threatening my wife!

What the fuck did Jade promise this bitch that she's of the opinion, we're together?

What the fuck went on in the meeting, after I left the Ambrose clan with grandpa?

She threaten my wife as if this place belonged to her. I move in to correct her but Leah wasn't done.

"And you," Leah yells, pointing at her stepsister. "There was a time I considered you a sister but the apple clearly doesn't fall far from the tree. You're a liar and a fraud just like your mother." Leah moved menacingly, towards her.

Not perturbed, her stepsister snarled at her. "Why because I took your precious fiancé from you?" Her stepsister mocks.

I stopped at her words, realizing she admitted to wilfully, trying to break Leah.

Chuckling, "oh sweetheart, I guess he didn't tell you why he was beaten up." Leah retorts flatly.

Raising her eyebrows at the stepsister's surprise gasp.

"He did not tell you how he got his bruises?" Shaking her head Leah turned to Vinnie. "Please call security and have these two thrown out of this office." Leah walks over to her desk and sat down, already dismissing her former friends in the room.

"Don't bother," Evelyn tells Vinnie who was already on the phone.

Turning to Leah, "you won't get away with this." Evelyn threatens Leah.

"Call security" Leah tells Vinnie in an authoritative tone, ignoring Evelyn.

"Don't bother!" Evelyn yells and turns, stopping short when she sees me standing with folded arms at the door.

The anger I heard in her voice a few seconds ago dissipates and her lips suddenly curled down, in sad frown, her eyes instantly watering up.

"Oh Jordan!" Evelyn moves towards me but I shifted and walked further into the room. "Leah was being jealous because I'm here to see you!" Evelyn cries.

I have to hand it to her, she's good!

Folding my arms, I leaned against Leah's desk disgusted by what I see and what I've heard.

Holding back myself from revealing, that she deserved the ass kicking and much more because of all that she's done to Leah, including, uploading photoshopped pictures of Leah on the internet.

"Then you should leave and wait in the visitors lounge, like everybody else." I said instead, showing no sympathy towards her.

Without looking away, "where the fuck is the security?" I bark.

Vinnie moved in front of me, "ma'am, I think you've over-stayed your welcome and just so you know, there are cameras in the office and Mr. Branson will be going through it, before making a decision about Leah's behaviour towards you." Vinnie always the professional, in the office, explains.

A look of panic flicked through the eyes of Evelyn and her sidekick before they turned to the open door where two securities were waiting to escort them out.

"Ralph, I want a security posted in this office from now on, to deal with difficult and unwanted visitors." I instructed one of the buildings head of security.

Evelyn turned at the door. "Are you taking her side?" She asked in disbelief.

I gave Leah's bowed head a quick glance before responding to Evelyn's question.

"Like my PA said," I turned to face her, "I will be going through the survillince and make my decision from there." Pausing I wait for my words to sink in, observing the displeasure that pass through her eyes. "Plus, I know and trust Leah, I don't know you!" I added, hoping she's bright enough to read between the lines.

Giving Leah and Vinnie a final disgusted look, Evelyn nods and along with her sidekick, walked ahead of the security and out of my office.

As the door closed behind them, I moved around to Leah's desk.

"Are you okay?" I asked quickly, turning to Vinnie, "tell Jade to get her fucking ass down here and cancel Rosie." I instructed, releasing the tense anger, I've been holding for the past few minutes.

"Leah," stooping beside her chair, I palmed her cheeks forcing her to look at me.

"I'm sorry," her eyes pleads with me.

Surprised, raising my eyebrows.

"Sorry?" I repeated. "Why?" I asked

Looking at the office door, "for reacting the way I did in my working environment." Leah explained.

Smiling, "I don't blame you and she deserved that and much more." I smiled, leaning closer, I pulled her head against the front of my shoulder.

Lifting her head, "I got angry and jealous." Leah admits, lowering her head in embarrassment.

Chuckling at her response. "And you should because I belong to you and you only." I assured her.

Smiling, she threw her arms around my neck, "yeah you do," Leah agreed but turned to Vinnie. "Don't call Rosie, you should go and have that drink with her." Leah suggests.

Frowning, I wonder why she suggests I leave her when I should be here with her, after what just happened.

"Rosie would understand," staring into her now smiling eyes, "we can go another time." I added.

Shaking her head, "our being together, our marriage doesn't mean you stop doing what you're accustomed doing or stop spending time with your friends and family." I couldn't help chuckling at Leah's logic.

Nodding, "yeah you're right but still, there are times when I need to remain with you and after what transpired here a few minutes ago, you clearly need me." I retorted.

Blushing, Leah averted her eyes from mines, "yeah I do but, this is the office and I haven't done anything today, so I should get on with my work." Leah responded as a conscientious worker should.

"Okay but Jade is coming to meet me."

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