The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Eighty Seven

Jordan's POV

Whatever words Vinnie used to express my desire to meet with her, had Jade in my office in less than thirty minutes and from the bags she was carrying, confirms she was shopping in the area.

Chuckling, Jade threw herself on the sofa, along with her shopping bags.

"That was quick," I observed, taking a seat opposite her.

Nodding in excitement. "I was on my way to meet Michael for lunch so, it was not a problem." Jade responded, unaware of the anger seeping through me.

Leaning forward with my elbows on my knees, "I need to ask you something and I need you to be honest with me," I got straight to the point, watching my sister's bubbly smile, leave her face.

Nodding, "uh huh," Jade agrees but I can see that is nervous, since I've never summoned her to my office like this before.

"When you were matchmaking your friend with me, what exactly did you tell her?" I kept my eyes glued on Jade's face, staring her down.

Blinking rapidly, Jade eventually looks away. "She's not my friend." Jade responds softly.

"Okay, so you don't know that she is here in New York with her family?" I continued questioning the girl who brought this horrible girl in mines and Leah's life.

Jade's eyes widen in surprise, shaking her head slowly. "I blocked her and Michael's cousin, so I didn't know." Jade's voice soften, as she admits cutting ties with the bitch squad.

"Okay, I believe you but," I paused as she begins to smile, watching it slowly evaporate as I paused.

"I still need to know what you said to her," I continued. "I need to know why she believes she and I are happening and why does she believe she can threaten to fire workers in the building?" I needed answers for all these questions and I laid them out to Jade, expecting her honest response.

Jade averts her eyes from mines once again as she tries hiding her guilt from me.

Suddenly she turned accusing eyes on me.

"This never would have happened if you had told me about Leah in the first place." Jade being Jade, turned around to blame me for her fucking up.

Standing up she went and pulled opened my drinks cabinet, stalling by pouring herself a shot of Vodka.

"Okay, I should have told you but you were being such a bitch by trying to impress Michael's relatives." I explained why I didn't share any information about Leah and I with her.

"But all of that is irrelevant now." I can't afford for her to distract me from getting the information, I need from her.

"What I need to know, is what did you tell her?" I half yelled in the confines of my office. "What the fuck did you promise her?" I stood up pacing the room angrily, lifting my hands in frustration.

My sister, gulped down her shot and refilled her glass nervously.

"Jade," lowering my tone, I realise the more I shout the more afraid she would be and getting the truth out of her would become more difficult.

"She threatened to fire Leah," I said, surprising Jade once again.

Jade quickly gulped down another shot, lifting the bottle once again.

Moving quickly, I stopped her.

"I can't get angrier than I am right now, so just tell me what you did or what you said," pausing I met the nervousness in her eyes. "Please," I added.

Chuckling, Jade moves to sit behind my desk, "now that you've said the magic word and promise not to yell at me, I can tell you what drunk Jade must have said." Jade, spins in the chair.


I went closer to stop the chair from spinning then sat on the desk, "tell me, please." I ask again, using the magic word.

"I think, I kinda told her that you were actually interested in her and you'll be running Branson's one day with your wife and stuff like that." Jade tries to make light of the shit she caused.

Shaking my head slowly, unable to believe Jade could set me up like this.

"What the fuck Jade?" I moved away, raking my hands through my head in frustration.

"You promised you won't yell at me or get angrier," Jade reminds me with a pout.

Chuckling dryly, "we've got to fix this." I told her and went on to tell her what transpired between Leah and the sluts, leading to Leah shoving her, till she fell on her dry ass.

Jade almost fell of the chair in a fit of laughter, "good for Leah," Jade chuckles, "now she's got to push mom around a bit." Jade added, sobering up as the words flew out of her mouth.

"I have to fix this," Jade suddenly realizes. "Where's Leah?" Jade frowns.

Scratching my chin, "she's in Marketing with Green and the team." I responded, checking my time.

"Okay," Jade starts pacing, tapping her chin thoughtfully.

"Grandpa was planning to reveal your wife at a business function but we can turn this into a wedding ceremony and invite Michael's family and Christina along with her friends." Jade continued, making changes to the plans grandpa was making with Vinnie.

I will have to confirm it with grandpa but after Jade's wedding and all the stress related to her wedding, I planned to elope and elope I did but Leah deserves more.

"I'll call Andrew and make the ceremony happen on Saturday!" I instantly decided.

"That's only four days of planning!" Jade exclaims.

Smirking at her panic stricken expression.

"I could hire a professional," I offered.

Shaking her head, "no, no, no." Jade grabs my hand, "I'll be delighted to do it." She agrees, since planning parties and taking charge is her thing.

"One other thing,"

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