The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Eight

Jordan's POV

What the fuck is taking her so long? It's almost lunch and I've piled together assignments for her but she yet to grace me with her presence.

Pressing the intercom on my desk, "call the old man and find out what's keeping back his new employee for the Marketing Department," I shout at my PA, "and tell him I haven't got all day." I instructed and abruptly hung up to wait on the gold digger.

This would be so much easier if she wasn't so fucking gorgeous.

Her innocent smile and soft voice is, haunting but what is most difficult to unsee, is her fucking eyes, that's taken away my peaceful sleep.

Those hazel browns haunted me all night and to have her bump into me first thing this morning, definitely was the highlight of my day.

Especially when I got a closer look at her captivating eyes!

I felt an instant attraction that I will continue to deny because I refuse to be caught up in her web, like some fucking helpless spider.

The ringing of my telephone broke into my thoughts and it's a good thing because I needed something to distract my thoughts that's been lingering on the homeless girl.

"Yeah," I answered, aware that it's grandpa.

"Isn't Lily there yet?" Grandpa asked definitely concern. "I spoke to Mrs. Sanchez earlier and she confirmed that Lily was already there." He explained and I have a feeling that telling him, I saw her in the lobby will make matters worse for me.

"Something must have happened" I responded calmly because her not being here, definitely isn't on me.

Shrugging, "why not call the lobby," I suggested, "in case she's still waiting to be called up to your office." I added.

"Right!" Grandpa agreed and hung up the phone, something we both have in common. Conversation done?

No need for formalities. Just hang up the fucking phone!

Grandpa called back ten minutes later, "yes she's in the lobby," grandpa confirmed, "didn't you see her when you came in?" He asked curiously.

Unable to admit that, she actually bumped into me, "I didn't see anyone hiding under a hoodie and baseball cap," I retorted sarcastically.

Huffing, "I'll see you in a bit," and he hangs up the phone.

So he's bringing her in?

I can almost see the guys starting a pool to see who gets a shot at her first and I'll just sit back and enjoy the show to see who's the sucker she catches.

Grandpa won't be knocking my door either, so I adjusted myself to wait for his precious charity case, uncomfortable with the fluttering in my stomach.

What the hell?

"JORDAN!" Grandpa yells, as he flung my office door open, taking long strides towards my desk, his dark gray eyes, glaring at me.

My eyes travelled over his shoulder to the homeless mouse, taking slower and shorter strides behind.

So the fucking bitch told him, I met her in the lobby?

Watch how her day gets worse!

Frowning, I averted my eyes to his.

"What did I do to offend you now?" Smirking, I watch him direct the homeless snitch to take a seat opposite my desk.

Taking a seat beside her in front of me, "Rosie said, you saw Lily in the lobby," grandpa says accusingly.

Narrowing my eyes, I looked at the girl he fondly calls Lily, who sits fidgeting in her seat, rather uncomfortable in my presence.

So it was fucking Rosie who snitched?

She's definitely buying me lunch today!

"Eh, Miss.. eh" I paused, staring at the bent head of the homeless girl, willing her to look up but apparently, my will wasn't strong enough.

"So you're the girl, I met at the cafe under the hoodie and baseball cap?" I asked softly. "I apologize for not recognizing you, when you, uh.. accidently bumped into me." I added, smirking when she lifted her fucking hazel brown eyes to meet mines, with a confused expression.

Now, I felt tongue tied with her eyes on me.

Composing myself, I averted my eyes from hers to grandpa's.

Staring at the both of us, "so didn't you meet her when you returned home yesterday?" Grandpa asks curiously.

Fuck he doesn't know I didn't stay at my apartment.

Shrugging I leaned back in my chair and observed her from lowered lashes.

"Actually when I got home, the apartment was empty so I just change and went to meet the guys for the game," I started fiddling with the files on my desk, hoping grandpa won't peruse this topic.

Aware of my routine, grandpa accepted my explanation, "okay" he smiles at his charity case. "Leah Morrison this is my grandson, Jordan Branson," as grandpa introduced us, I realize homeless girl's eyes, never left mines.

"Jordan, this is Leah Morrison." grandpa introduces us, as he stands up.

I breath a soft sigh of relief, thankful that he's leaving.

Laying his palms flat on my desk, grandpa stares at me. "Leah will be in this department on the temporary basis and will be transferred to our legal department, in three months time." Grandpa informs me but I was shocked to hear, about her impending transfer.

"Now behave yourself," he warns, nodding at homeless girl, before exiting my office.

She's definitely nervous with that grandpa gone because she's in the lion's den now.

Pressing my intercom, "come in here a minute," I instructed my PA and sat back to stare at this Leah Morrison person, whose educated enough to join our legal department, another department I run, which is actually my field, with Marketing as a extra credit at Yale.

My PA, Vinnie strolled in, his eyes on homeless girl, whom he seems to be admiring, lustfully.

Now, why does his actions irritate me?

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