The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Eighty Eight

Leah's POV

As I returned to the office, I met a flushed Jade spinning in my chair.

Her eyes lighted up when she saw me.

Standing up, when I threw some files on my desk. "Guess what?" She says in excitement.

Curious, I turned to Vinnie who shrugged before continuing with the call he was on.

"What?" I decided to play ball.

Hooking her arm into mines, "your husband decided that he doesn't want to wait any longer so your wedding is happening this weekend." Jade gushes excitedly.

"WHAT?" Vinnie and I bellowed at the same time.

With my eyes still on Jade, I heard Vinnie apologizing to the person he was speaking too.

"Jordan mention what happened with Evelyn and it's partially my fault for misleading her," Jade's eyes hardened as she mentioned Evelyn's name.

"You think?" Vinnie whisper yells from across the room, covering the mouthpiece of his phone.

Ignoring him, Jade continues after flicking him off, "Jordan already spoke to your father and now he is speaking to grandpa." Jade kept counting on her fingers as she checks out what has been done so far.

Leaning on the desk, she peeks on a notepad that isn't mines. "And I have a venue booked so all I need is your cooperation and then we'll hit the stores." She says since everything has been done.

Curling her lips down sadly, "oh and Rosie is going to be your maid of honor." Jade says with a pout.

Vinnie bellowed out into a bout of laughter. "Ah, I wonder why you didn't argue with Jordan about that." He smirks at Jade.

Again Jade flicks him off.

"Jade we're already married so it doesn't have to be extravagant." I started, when she put a finger to her lips and shushed me.

Jordan will have to explain this hasty decision but as Jade apologized about Evelyn just now, I am guessing he needs to put her in her place.

Moving to occupy the chair Jade just vacated. "Well I can go shopping in between office hours or maybe work through the mornings and shop in the afternoon?" I suggested to Jade.

Jade stood in the centre of the office looking around, "remind me again why you don't have an extra chair in here." Jade address Vinnie with a slight frown.

Vinnie opens the mini kitchen and brings out a folded chair and opens it for Jade.

"The boss doesn't like loitering in his office." Vinnie lifts an eyebrow at Jade knowingly.

Chuckling, she drags the chair closer to my desk, "oh yeah, I remember now." She laughs and started scribbling on the note pad.

Pushing the notepad in front of me, "so give me your guest list because I only have your father and grandfather names so far and Jordan will fly them in and I've already booked them into a hotel." Jade continues giving me details of all that she's done so far.

Checking my time, "how long was I gone for?" I asked Vinnie, who just shook his head and laughs.

"Too long," he winks and nod at Jade's back.

Jade spent the next hour and a half scribbling as we spoke about my preference in flowers, my favorite colors, favorite cake and everything wedding related for my wedding reception to her brother.

Jordan still didn't return when we locked up the office and he didn't call. All Vinnie explained is that he is having a meeting with his father and possibly some new alliances.

I didn't call because I didn't want his father to think that I am checking up on him but I did continue wedding planning with Jade as I started searching for the perfect dress.

I helped Mrs. Sanchez prepare dinner still I wait for my husband to return from a long day at the office.

Jordan returned and woke me up, "hey you shouldn't have waited downstairs," Jordan whispers, while lifting me bridal style.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, "I was waiting to have dinner with you," I sleepily, explained my reason for falling asleep on the sofa.

Frowning, Jordan puts me to stand slowly. "You haven't eaten?" He asked surprised.

Shaking my head, "I was waiting on you." I repeated myself, moving towards the kitchen, tugging him along.

"Vinnie should have called you," he responded, sounding upset.


"Why?" I asked, opening the oven and pulling out the plates to warm the pasta and beef, just the way Jordan loves it.

"Was Vinnie with you?" I ask curiously.

Washing his hands, we sat down to a late dinner and I listen to Jordan's account of his meeting.

"Now I don't want you getting angry but Ambrose and his son was in the meeting along with my father and grandfather, with Vinnie joining us after work." Jordan starts explaining and if I wasn't concerned before I am now, because the Ambrose family is involved.

With my head down on my plate, "with your father pulling out of Morrison and Ambrose, they are seeking investors to help them complete their outstanding contracts." Jordan continue and to me that isn't new, since my father already filled me in.

"My father is certain that investing with Ambrose would be viable for Bransons but my grandfather and I are dead set against it." Jordan continues in between fork full of pasta.

"Not because it won't be profitable but because I don't trust them." Jordan explains, while I listen attentively.

Realizing I wasn't participating in the conversation, "so how was your day?" Jordan eventually ask, without telling me what they decided about Ambrose and his company.

"Well Jade happened," I responded the only way I know how.

Jordan chuckled at the mention of Jade's name.

"Yeah, I agreed to the wedding but was called away before you returned to the office.

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