The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Eighty Nine

Leah's POV

The last few days were the most hectic one of my life.

I didn't want to take time off my duties at the office so I worked all morning with Jade taking over after lunch.

I wasn't a fussy person but I always had an idea what I wanted to wear at my wedding but I couldn't find what I wanted.

I absently lifted my phone off my desk while waiting on Jade to go dress hunting for the second time, with only three days remaining to the wedding ceremony and reception in keeping with the Branson's tradition.

If the office staff got wind about Jordan and I getting married, no one reacted as if they did, which was helpful to the wedding jitters I suddenly started feeling.

Me: "hello?"

Grandma: "Lily sweetheart,"

Me: "Grandma," I responded excitedly.

Grandma: "Yes sweetheart, we're coming in on Friday morning," granda explained and I knew dad would also be arriving with them, for my oficial wedding ceremony on Saturday.

Me: "I know and I can't wait for you to meet Jordan and to catch up." Grandpa despised Rawle so Jordan would be a breath of fresh air to him.

Grandma: "So have you found a dress yet?" Grandma asks slowly but I can sense she's being cautious.

Me: "Gosh, no." I admitted sadly. "I know what I am looking for but I just can't find it." I told her.

Grandma: "I have a picture of a dress, can I send it for you and if you like it, I will need your measurements to make the adjustments." Grandma says excitedly.

Surprised because I never expected to ask grandma for her input but I am her only granddaughter. I should get her involved, since this is also a celebration for her also.

Me: "I'd like that," I whispered, finally starting to have a sentimental feeling about Saturday.

Grandma: "Okay," grandma sound as if she couldn't contain her excitement.

I opened the photo my grandma sent me and was shocked at the simple silk dress, cut in a low neckline and sleeveless and which could possibly cling to my body.

It's not what I want but it's beautiful enough for me to use, since my grandma is excited about it and having her involved in my wedding is a blessing in itself.

Me: "I'll take it," I agreed and quickly forwarded my measurement since it's on my phone with all the trying on I have been doing.

Grandma: "Lily, I'm so happy, thank you for including us in yours and Jordan's special day." I can actually see grandma's tears.

On the verge of tears.

Me: "See you on Friday and I love you all, so very much." I reminded her before hanging up.

Jordan walked in on me wiping my eyes, with a contented smile on my face.

Who would have thought in just a few short weeks, I would end up at a job I'm actually good at and married to the man, who is my forever after.

"Are you okay?" Jordan asks, placing some papers on Vinnie's desk before coming over to mines.

Nodding, I chuckle softly.

"I've found a dress." I explained the reason for my tears and contented smile.

Staring at me curiously, "without Jade?" He asks and I nod happily.

With a hand against his chest, "and that's the biggest load off your chest," Jordan agrees.

"So you're free this evening then?" Since all I had was dress shopping with Jade and Rosie, I nod to Jordan's question.

"Yeah, I can relax until Saturday now." I sighed.

Checking his phone, "great, you and I haven't spent anytime, together since returning to New York and I feel that a date night is long overdue." Jordan says, walking across to Vinnie's desk to answer his phone, since Vinnie went to the accounts department to collect some documents for Jordan.

"Branson," Jordan answers the phone abruptly.

"Yes," Jordan responds then listens to the caller.

"I understand but I am not available this evening, so we could re-schedule for, uh.. next week or you could meet with my father." Jordan says impatiently.

"Right," Jordan finally smiles. "I'll have Vinnie set it up." He added before hanging up.

Jordan stares at the phone after hanging it up.

"Fuck," he mutters.

Having stared at him since he answered Vinnie's phone, "what's wrong?" I couldn't help asking.

Tilting his head, Jordan shrugs and walks over to my desk. "I kinda agreed to have dinner with a business associate next week but.." he smiles mischievously.

"What?" I asked blushing at the way he's smiling at me.

"I'll be on my honeymoon," Jordan whispers against my cheek, before crashing his lips on mines.

Leaning up, I wrapped my arms around his shoulder and deepened the kiss.

I don't care that I am being inappropriate in the office, I love this man and the more I taste of him, the more hungry I get.

"Seriously guys?" I heard Vinnie's voice but I didn't let Jordan go. "I turn my back for ten fucking minutes and here you are about to have sex on the desk." Vinnie exaggerated, loudly.

Pulling away slightly, "you want to continue this in my office?" Jordan whispers against my lips.

Chuckling, "I'm still on the clock," I whispered back, kissing him once again.

Jordan has learned that I am not one to play with my job, even though I am married to the CEO in training.

I want to be the best that I can be but I need to work for it.

Reluctantly drawing away, Jordan adjusts his tie and nods to Vinnie whose, just staring at us.

Waving a pen at us, "I hope this is not going to be a regular thing?" Vinnie fumes.

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