The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Ninety

Jordan's POV

Staring at my reflection in the mirror, scratching my overnight stubble, which I consider as part of my sex appeal, wondering if it's appropriate for my wedding.

"You called?" Vinnie asks from behind me.

I spun around when a deep heavy laugh erupted from within.

Vinnie immediately pulls of his jacket, "fuck you!" He glared at my amusement. "Why the fuck did I allow Jade to dress me, I'll never know." Vinnie flung the white jacket for his tux on one of the single sofa in the room.

Still laughing, I picked up the jacket and gave it back to him.

"Sometimes it's better to give into Jade than say no." I remind him.

Chuckling, he took the jacket and shook his head. "Yeah, you should have told Leah that," Vinnie shoves his arms back in the jacket. "She's either pissed or hurt about having no say in Leah's bridal dress." Vinnie consider her dressing him as revenge for him not helping her convince Leah to let her choose the dress.

As the laughter died, it was replaced by a comfortable silence.

"I'm actually doing this in a room full of people," I finally broke the silence, staring at my reflection once again.

It was never my intention to get married much less dress like this but here I am, already married and fully dressed to meet my wife in front of a priest for his blessings over our union.

"Yeah," Vinnie joins me in front the mirror. "You really did a three sixty with her," says Vinnie, my comrade in crime since we were kids.

Smiling, I nod. "She didn't grow on me, she fell like an atomic bomb in my life." I smiled as the good and bad memories of my behaviour towards Leah floods through my mind.

"Should I shave?" I ask thoughtfully.

"Now? No! We have not time for that!" Vinnie laughs.

Another light knock and the door opens.

"They're ready for you boys." Grandpa walks in, looking chic in a black tux.

Pointing to grandpa, "see he's nailing it," I tell Vinnie who still hates anything with a jacket.

Patting his high stomach, "Jade tortured you too, huh?" Grandpa twitches the corners of his lips.

Patting my flat stomach, "well I like it." I raked my fingers through my hair once again, before following grandpa and Vinnie out the door and down the corridor to the side door of the church.

Some business associates and employees, all guest of grandpa, joined us for the church ceremony.

The Ambrose clan, who has been attached to my father since Tuesday are only invited to the reception and seated to the back of the reception hall if Rosie and Jade has their way.

From what I heard, they believe Branson is hosting a function for business associates, so a wedding reception will blow their mind and this is just the beginning.

Mom came down with a migraine, her excuse for not attending the wedding of her son.

I stood with my back facing the door Leah would be coming through, already feeling the excitement stirring in my stomach.

Today the city will know that I'm no longer one of America's eligible bachelor, a status I was never interested in.

The music began playing and the girls started walking in.

"Darn, she looks hot." Vinnie exclaimed.

Both the priest and I turned to glare at him.

"You're in a fucking church, watch your language." I whispered through gritted teeth.

Now the priest turned to glare at me but I ignored him and turned to see how hot Leah looked but instead I was blown away to see Rosie, with a huge smile, blushing at Vinnie.

For the first time in a long time, her hair is left in natural soft curls but the dress. Oh fuck that dress does wonders for her.

Like her daughters, Rosie wore an ice blue, strapless gown, holding one white lily in front her.

"Did she wink at you or me?" I whispered, uncertain who she's smiling at. Or maybe blushing.


"What the fuck?" Slipped out louder than I planned, when I turned to snap at Vinnie.

With his eyes glued to Rosie, I was ignored.

Lifting my head, I smile at the priest whose glaring at me for my outburst.

Then another tune starts and I can hear rustling sounds, of movements in the room but I couldn't turn because I am so fucking anxious but in a good way.

"Fuck, she looks hot too!" Vinnie mutters beside me.

And then, Andrew puts her hand in mines.

Why the fuck is she wearing a veil?

Without giving it a second thought, I lifted the veil, sighing in relief.

"Darn, you look awesome." I whispered to my beautiful wife, ready for our honeymoon.

"Jordan, you're not suppose to lift the veil yet," Leah's grandma reprimands me, loudly, breaking the trance I was in.

Catching her wide eyes, "I had to make sure it's my wife under it," I smirk, to the chuckles around the room.

"I love you," I whispered, gently replacing the veil.

Blushing, Leah giggles, "and I love you," she whispers back.

Jade was there in a split second, already neatening the veil properly.

"You don't need to do that, I'm going to be lifting it to kiss her just now." I whispered to an annoyed Jade.

Leah giggles under her veil with her head bent.

We exchanged traditional vows this time because at our real wedding, I emptied my heart and soul, something I can't do in a room full of people but we used the same rings, which has become much more sentimental to us.

Jade had different photographers, with one to upload photos when we enter the reception, in the hopes of enraging the Ambrose clan and those who tried destroying my wife's reputation.

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