The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Ninety One

Vinnie's POV

It was a struggle to avoid looking at Rosie all through the ceremony but now that we're following Jordan and Leah out the church, I can finally breathe.

"You look so fucking hot," I whispered to Rosie as we walk out the church.

"And you cleaned up rather nicely," Rosie flicks her finger at my white jacket.

Chuckling, "I threw it aside but Jordan didn't want Jade tearing up the place if I didn't dress the part." I admitted, as we joined Jordan and Leah outside.

Jordan stared at us suspiciously.

Pointing at Rosie and I, "am I missing something here?" Like a father questioning his kids, Jordan frowns at Rosie and I.

"They're the best man and maid of honor," Leah laughs. "Would you prefer them fighting down the aisle?" She tugs Jordan's arm to lead him away, winking at Rosie, behind her husband's back.

"You ready to deal with those Seattle whores?" I chuckle to Rosie as we made our way to the limo, I'm sharing with her and the girls.

"Hey Vinnie," Jordan shouts before joining his waiting wife in their limo. "Behave," he warns pointing an index finger at me before he was abruptly pulled into the limo.

Jade had us make one stop at a garden to take family photos, which by my count took almost and hour but, she wanted to make family memories.

I know my boy Jordan is hurt that his mother didn't make an attempt to join us at the church but he hid it well, determined to make today a happy memory for himself and Leah.

Both him and Jade couldn't hide the sadness their mother's absence bought but their pretence at being happy seem to be working.

As the limos pulled to the side of hotel, where the wedding reception is being held, Jade's limo got in first.

Clapping her hand to get our attention.

"Now if you need to use the washroom, now is a good time to go and if you miss this window, you'll have to sit your asses down until the speeches are over." Jade instructs us all.

Pointing at Rosie and I, "now if you two are done flirting with each other, get your best man and maid of honor speech ready." Jade instructs Rosie and I, as we exit the limo waiting for Janelle and Shannel to join us.

"Okay!" Jordan yells above Jade's voice. "What the hell is going on here," Jordan stares at Rosie and I.

Jade misses that and turn to him, "take your wife and help take off her veil, until I get there." Jade instructs her brother, whose eyes remained focus on Rosie and I.

"Only the veil," grandpa adds chuckling, causing Leah to blush, even more.

"Later," Jordan promises, pointing at me, before walking through a side door.

"Only the veil," I shout at their retreating backs.

"Are the pictures uploaded yet?" I joined Jade while Jordan and Leah's immediate family, follow through the side door to freshen up.

Shaking her head, "not yet. It will be just before we introduce Jordan and Leah as Mr. and Mrs. for the first time." Jade checks her notepad.

Finally lifting her eyes off the notepad, she smiles mischievously, glancing between Rosie and I.

"Jordan won't have time for Evelyn and Rawle, he will only be focused on you two." Jade prepares me for her brother, who will never allow anyone to hurt Rosie or her daughters.

Waving to the girls, "use the bathroom and wait in the room marked bridal party. There's refreshment but don't fill your stomach since we've having a early dinner." The wedding planner continues with the instructions.

Rosie followed the girls, leaving me alone with Jade and Michael.

"Where did that come from?" Nodding to Rosie, Michael asks, hugging his wife.

Shrugging, "it was always there, she just never paid attention to me." I responded honestly.

Jade for the first time had no comment to make.

Reaching out she pulled me into an embrace, "you deserve the best and I am happy for you." Jade whispered, wiping her eyes as she pulled away.

Remembering Sarah, I was too emotionally choked up to respond, so I just nodded.

"Sarah would want this for you," Jade, who use to visit Sarah in the hospital when Jordan was at college, would know Sarah's desires for my future.

Chuckling softly, "now that our boy has settle down, we can relax." I said to her.

Hooking her hands in mines and Michael, Jade led us into the entrance of the hall.

"We still have fifteen minutes before our guest are seated so make sure Jordan's special guests are already here." Jade, walks to the back with Michael leaving me to do a sweep at the guests present.

As expected, the head of the Ambrose family and his children are here but surprisingly the fiance is missing.

Of course I need to know, why?

I walked around, meeting and greeting the business associates and employees until I reached the table assigned to the Ambrose family.

Glancing around the table, "your fiance couldn't make it?" I turned to Leah's ex.

As young Ambrose open his mouth his sister cut in, "they broke up," Evelyn informs me with a smug smile.

Surprise, I nod at her. "Oh okay, I didn't expect that." I admitted. Still curious, so I had to ask.

"That's sad," I gave young Ambrose a sympathetic smile. "Maybe third times, the charm." I added politely.

"He's still in love with Leah." Mrs. Ambrose joined in surprising me even more.

Shaking my head, "the timings off. I mean she is married and all." I informed them all.

"And she still loves me, so she'll get a divorce." Young Ambrose said confidently.

Chuckling dryly.

"Did she tell you that, or are you hoping?"

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