The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Ninety Two

Jordan's POV

From the instant Vinnie relayed his conversation with young Ambrose to me, I had to be restrained from venturing out of the bridal chamber in anger.

I knew Leah isn't into that guy but, they already tried tarnishing her reputation with photo-shopped pictures on the internet and now they are talking about breaking her marriage, too me?

Hell would freeze over before that happens.

"What's this I'm hearing about Rawle trying to get Leah back?" Andrew bursts into the room, his face flushed in anger.

Rushing forward, "daddy relax," Leah looks on with concern.

"They need money," Leah adds, "maybe they believe if he and I are together, daddy will rejoin the company." Leah leaves her father and wraps her arms around my torso.

"Come on Jordan, this is a happy day for us and nothing they throw at us could harm us anymore." Leah adds convincingly.

Taking a deep breath, I hug her to me whilst nodding at Andrew.

"They have already done the worst they can do, hopefully after tonight, we won't have to see them again." Lifting Leah's chin.

"Are you almost ready?" It will be a warzone in here if I mention the words brides are always late, even to their own receptions.

Grinning, "I was born ready for today!" Leah's happiness is reflected on her entire face and I couldn't resist kissing her.

"Leave some for tonight!" The asshole yells from the doorway. "It's time for cake and food!" Vinnie adds, taking ahold of Janelle and Shanelle's hands leading them out.

Frowning at that sight, something I have to deal with when we get back from our honeymoon.

"Come, come, come. Just some last minutes touch ups," Jade yells, shooing me out the way while two ladies took Leah to sit in front a mirror.

"I look good," Leah started whiny but Jade shut her up, leaving the ladies to attend to Leah's hair and makeup.

Jade had us line up along the corridor leading to the ballroom while the MC announce what this evening is actually about.

Ladies and gentlemen. This evening's ceremony was misleading because the parties involved didn't want to much media attention interfering with their celebrations.

So to get on with tonight celebrations, I would like to introduce for the first time together as man and wife, Mr. Jordan Branson and his beautiful wife, Mrs. Leah Branson!

The room was stunned into silence until I entwined Leah's hand in mine and walked into the ballroom to a loud and boisterous round of applause.

Our wedding party followed as we were ushered to the table for the entire bridal party.

Before taking our seats, I palmed my wife's face crashing my lips on hers, not because I wanted to prove a point but because I'm actually happy for this reception and happy to be married.

Reaching up, Leah wiped my lips.

"This shade isn't your color," she chuckles and this moment, feels perfect.

As she wipes my lips, I pecked her lips lightly once again.

As we took our seats, my eyes started roaming the room until I found what I was looking for, the bastard whose here to claim my wife.

As our eyes locked, from across the hall, I could see his clenched fists and the anger that's ready to burst.

Nodding to Vinnie when the bastard starts walking menacingly towards our table, happy that Leah and Rosie were engaged in a conversation and unaware of what was about to go down.

"Jordan!" Grandpa, stern voice stops me in my tracks.

"You mess up this reception, you don't get a do over for the next fifty years." Grandpa, wave a hand to the side of me.

Turning I saw two men in navy suits stopping the bastard and showing him the door and his seat, giving him an option.

The fact that the bastard took his seat, confirms this wasn't over.

Like the lady she isn't, his sister walks past her brother and the security, towards our table with a smug smile but her eyes are dark and enraged.

Tapping grandpa's arm. "Thanks man." I said following Vinnie back to our table.

"You are really sick, you know that?" Ambrose slut says through gritted teeth, while glaring at Leah.

"You knew knew about Jordan and I but yet still you pulled this?" Shaking her head, her eyes brimming with rage.

Raising my eyebrow, to get Jade's attention.

"Evelyn we need to talk." Jade whispers softly, as she approaches Evelyn.

"What?" Evelyn raised her voice, alerting eyes and head to focus on this table.

"I didn't know about Jordan and Leah, until I actually met her in Seattle, already married." Jade tries to explain quickly.

Frowning. "Already married?" Evelyn repeats giving Jade an incredulous look.

"This is just a reception because they were married before today." Jade says slowly, maybe hoping Evelyn is being appeased.

Evelyn turned rageous eyes towards Leah once again, "enjoy your moment of bliss because Jordan would leave you the moment he sees those photos online of you and all those clients of yours." Evelyn smirks as the color drained from Leah's face.

I walked around the table for the first time in my life, I'm prepared to hit a woman but Rosie beat me to it.

Evelyn wasn't prepared for Rosie grabbing her by the low cut dress she was wearing, ripping it as she continued dragging Evelyn out hall, under the watchful eyes of our distinguished guests.

"Darn!" Jade mutters as Vinnie runs behind Rosie whose dragging a stumbling Evelyn out the door.

Finally Leah stood up, ready to follow Vinnie and Rosie.

"Leave them, they've got it under control," I stopped her.

Leah looked around the faces in the room confused, before turning to the MC.

"Uh, can I have a microphone please?"

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