The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Ninety Four

Jordan's POV

The dinner that followed the speeches went on without a hitch but my main man and Leah's best gal were still MIA and I need to check on them.

"Stay here, I'm going to check on those two," I muttered, lifting Leah's chin, kissing her lightly. "When we go on our honeymoon, I want no distractions." I muttered against her lips.

Leaving Leah uneasy but in the care of our family, I did a quick sweep at the Ambrose table to see Mrs. Ambrose sitting alone, draining a glass of champagne.

Okay so those two assholes are outside with the slut who threaten my wife's.

I will make them pay and ensure it stops here and now!

"Where are they?" I asked one of the securities who works at Bransons. "Get someone to relieve you and get something to eat." I suggested, going into the room where Vinnie, Rosie and the Ambrose clan are holed up.

"Dinner's being served." I chuckled dryly as I entered the room unannounced.

Young Ambrose was being held back by two securities and his father by Vinnie an another security, while Rosie glared down at her prisoner, whose dress had been torn and hair in disarray.

"I don't know what the fuck is going on here but I will sue the both of them and have them arrested for hurting my daughter." Carl Ambrose threatened as his eyes fell on me.

Ignoring his threat, "did you call the cops?" I asked Vinnie and he nod, checking his watch.

"They are suppose to be here by now, I mean it isn't life or death." He shrugs, implying that he didn't call the cops.

"Jordan, Leah's isn't who she said she is," Evelyn cries, hysterically when I shut the door behind me.

Smirking with a sinister look, "and you are?" I couldn't help asking.

Nodding helplessly, "she cheated on my brother and she will do the same to you." Evelyn continued crying but I turned to her brother.

Shaking my head in disbelief, "something isn't adding up here." I said to him. "You told my friend earlier that you are here without your fiance because you and my wife still love each other, even though your sister, whom you are here to defend is still deframing her." Frowning because I don't believe them.

Young Ambrose averted his eyes from mines and stares wide eyed. over my shoulder.

Without responding he starts wriggling to loosen himself from my securities grip.

Well he's not helpful, I turn to the bitch herself.

"So I am assuming you are enlightening me about the photos you uploaded on the internet of my wife and a dead man?" I smirk as her eyes widen in, is it fear or disbelief?

As she opened her mouth, I raised a hand to stop her, "I had the FBI pull it down and trace the IP address of the person who uploaded the photoshopped pictures on the internet," pausing I smiled at her. "And guess where it led us?" I asked and again I didn't give her an opportunity to lie in her defence.

"To you!" Lowering my voice, I stooped in front of her, glaring at her, ready to break her neck but there were too many witnesses.

"You're lying!" She struggles to hold on the last bit of dignity she possess.

Without looking away, "cancel the cops and call the FBI instead," I instructed Vinnie, smiling at the fear that cause Evelyn eyes to widen in fear.

"No, I'm sorry!" Evelyn cried out, looking over my head, where Vinnie stood.

Shaking her head, she turned to face her brother, with tears streaming down her face now!

"Evelyn what did you do?" Young Ambrose's voice croaked in disbelief, as he stopped struggling with the security.

"Angie," was all Evelyn said, before turning to face her father. "She.." Evelyn paused and looked downwards. "You stared flirty with Mel and Mel fell for you so Angie give me the pictures to upload, so that uncle Andrew would allow you to break up with Leah and marry Mel." Evelyn's short explanation, says it all.

"Idiot, why didn't you say that in the first place?" Rosie flicks a finger against Evelyn's forehead and smirks at her dress.

"And your bitchiness cause you to rip up your brand new gown." Rosie chuckles, then smiles at me, breathing in a sigh of relief.

"So I broke up with Leah for nothing?" The fucking ass had the balls to ask.

Standing up to face him, "it wasn't for nothing because if you didn't fall for your sister and your future mother-in-law lies, you wouldn't be here today celebrating with Leah and I, now would you?" I couldn't resist, getting a rise out of him.

Snickering, "when she hears the truth, you would be spending your honeymoon alone." Lifting his chin, young Ambrose, gives me a challenging glare.

Chuckling at his brazenness.

"Do you really think Andrew Morrison is a fool?" I asked, turning to look at his father.

Carl Ambrose lowers his eyes, unable to meet my gaze.

"Tell junior here, how you all fucked up and guess who wouldn't be coming back to him," I point to his son "and your company that is failing miserably." I added, throwing an arm around Rosie's shoulder to escort her out.

"Vinnie before you come back in to give your best man speech, have the servers bring dinner here for our guests." I instructed Vinnie, since the security will organize their dinner.

"What the fuck?" Vinnie yelled. "You were supposed to get the speeches over and done with by the time we came back in." I know that running behind Rosie was not just to assist her but to avoid speaking on my behalf.

Looking at Ambrose one last time, "go home!"

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