The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Ninety Five

Leah's POV

I couldn't pretend that all was well, when the groom, the best man and maid of honor, were MIA from the reception.

"Dad should I be worried?" With a strained smile, I practically pleaded with him to say yes, even though it won't ease my mind.

His smile actually puts me at ease for a split second but then I remember what Evelyn said when she threatened me, a while ago.

"Dad?" I tried to get his attention away from Ms. Gemma who was practically trying to steal him from me.

Tugging his arm, "dad," I called again and this time he averted his eyes to smile the same comforting smile.

"What did Evelyn mean about pictures of me online with clients?" With my eyes on my father, I saw when the smile left his eyes, which darkened angrily.

Shaking his head, "you know she was just trying to get a rise from you to spoil today." Dad smiles again but he couldn't hide the concern he suddenly felt after hearing my question and I didn't miss him looking behind me to see if my groom was coming back.

"You're lying and you promise to never do that again." Raising my voice, I glared at my father because I am positive he's hiding something from me.

Putting a hand on my shoulder, "Leah, Jordan already dealt with that, don't let it bother you." Dad says, hoping to reassure me but what she said, photos of me on the internet with client?

No, pushing back the chair, I stood up and started walking away, ignoring my father's soft pleas to remain.

"Leah you can't leave too." Jade walked briskly beside me, while I lift my gown to stop myself from stumbling forward.

Stopping abruptly, I turned to face her and like I did with my dad, I search her face wondering if she knows anything about what Evelyn said to me.

"Okay then answer me this question and I'll go back to my seat." I bargained with her.

Nodding, "sure." Jade responds, innocently.

"What pictures is on the internet of me and clients?" My question didn't surprise Jade, it scared her and all she could do was stare wordlessly at me.

"That's it!" Turning on my heel, I continue down the corridor to find that bitch who threatened me.

"Wait Leah," I can hear Jade's heels clicking on the floor as she runs behind me. "Jordan already dealt with it." Blowing from lack of exercise no doubt. "Leah!" Jade called but I continued walking until I saw Jordan and Rosie walking from a room laughing.

They both look up in surprise when they heard Jade calling my name.

Pointing to the door they just came out from, "is the bitch in there?" I glared angrily at Jordan, who fixed my problems without me even knowing there was a problem to fix.

"What's going on?" Jordan asks but Rosie nods and mouths, "yeah!"

Pushing past them, I walked briskly into the room, hearing Jordan's voice.

"Jade what the fuck is going on now?" I didn't stick around for her response but I knew Rosie followed me back in.

I walked straight up to Evelyn, chuckling angrily at the state she's in, with her curls in tangles falling untidy on her face, makeup smudge and her dress torn, exposing her strapless bra to her father who sits opposite her.

Without uttering a word, I balled my right palm the way I saw Vinnie did it and instead of slapping her, I headed straight for her nose job, uncaring of the fear in her wide open eyes.

As my fist connected with her nose, I heard her scream while I forced my own scream down.

Fuck! I didn't know hitting someone is painful too!

"Leah what the hell is wrong with you?" Uncle Carl barks from behind me, while Rawle shouts, "give her another one, she deserves it."

I didn't bother to pay him any heed because Vinnie was already shutting him up.

Grabbing a fist full of her hair, I leaned close to her and started whispering, ignoring uncle Carl and Jordan who were the only voices I heard trying to stop me.

"One of the reasons I never got rid of my phone after leaving Seattle is because of the Videos, your cousin Brian sent of you and his father." I heard her gasp, as she instantly stopped sobbing. "I am going to make good use of it and you should brace yourself for your aunt's wrath." Having said what I came to say, I shoved her head back angrily, watching the blood trickle down her nose and unto her lips but the fear and pain reflecting from her eyes, were not from her bloody nose.

I turned to walk away when I heard Evelyn cry.

"Leah please, I'm so sorry. Please don't do it." She cried but I ignored her, leaving her to deal with her guilt of being the other woman in her aunt's marriage.

Turning to Rosie, "let's go to the bathroom and then we need to cut the cake and hear your speeches," I smile at Vinnie who stared back at me aghast at my actions.

"That's a mean right hook you've got there," Jordan chuckles.

Laughing along with him, "and you'd better remember that." Rosie laughs at his now stunned expression.

"You guys go on ahead, we'll take a detour to the ladies room." Jade points down the hall for the guys, while we went to freshen up in the ladies room.

"Are you going to do it?" Rosie suddenly breaks the comfortable silence as we walked back to the hall.

Frowning, I raised my eyebrow confused.

"Those videos you mention to Evelyn," Rosie reminds me of my threat.

"I'm not that type of person!"

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