The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Ninety Six

Leah's POV

Turning my head, I open my eyes to face my husband, who is still fast asleep.

Smiling at my knight in shining armour, who looks so vulnerable in sleep.

Lifting the hand that's lying loosely on my waist, frowning at the bruised knuckles.


While mingling with our guests, Jordan and I got separated but I continued greeting people, I don't know and didn't recognize, aware that he was close by.

Jade did mention most of the guests were business associates and some where employees at Branson's.

Since I work in the same building with some of these people I laughed while making small conversations trying to retain as much names as I could, so I won't have to struggle to remember them when I pass through the lobby next.

"Leah, I need to speak to you," Rawle's whispered gruffly behind me, while I was making friends with Jordan's workers.

Without turning around, I shock my head, "I'm busy." I responded curtly, having lost my smile, my eyes started roaming the room for Jordan or Vinnie.

"The old man took them outside," Rawle chuckles, sarcastically.

Without making a spectacle in front of Branson's guest, "excuse me," I smiled politely, before turning to face him.

"What?" With clenched fists, I glared angrily at him, as the people I was speaking to, slowly drifted away.

"We need to talk," Rawle says again, indicating that I should follow him.

Shaking my head, "just spit it out." I continued forcing myself to be polite.

Rawle, glances around the room and shook his head, "here's too crowded and it won't take a minute." He indicated that I should follow him once again.

Shaking my head, "if you have something to say, then spit it out or leave me alone." I turned to move away.

Grabbing my shoulder, "Leah," Rawle called, angrily. "Evelyn lied to me to break us up." Rawle's tone changed pleadingly.

Still shaking my head, "okay and I am sorry about that but all of that is in the past now." Taking a deep breath, I tired containing my anger as I shrugged his hand off my shoulder.

"I love you and we belong together," Rawle continued.

Raising an eyebrow, I frown at his confession.

"I'm sorry but you and I are over, I am married and I love my husband," I tried explaining hoping he will understand and leave quietly. "Plus you've got Mel and she's a great girl." I lied because I just want him to leave me alone.

Shaking his head, "but I love you." Rawle insisted.

"I'm sorry but it's over," I started walking towards the bridal table.

"Since when did you become a bitch?" Rawle flared, gripping my shoulder once again.

"Let me go," I tried shrugging off his hand but he tighten his grip once again.

Fear gripped me and I turned to see if anyone was paying attention to us and this unwanted attention coming from this unwelcome guest.

Without saying another word, Rawle dragged me unwillingly in front of a room full of people.

This time I slapped his hand away and when he wouldn't let go, I continued slapping his hand.

Before he could drag me further, I felt him loosen his grip on me before falling to the floor.

Before I could react, Jordan grabbed his necktie to lift him upwards, connecting his fist to Rawle's face, again.

I backed away and turned to get help but I saw was two securities looking on, making no attempt to help Jordan.

I made one step forward, only to make two backwards when Rawle fell to the floor again and blood started oozing from his nostrils.

I felt no sympathy for him but I didn't want Jordan to get in trouble.

"Jordan," I started but was interrupted by Jordan swearing angrily at the man he kept punching.

"This is the second and last time, you put your filthy hand on my wife." Jordan, floored him with another punch to his face that was already starting to swell.

Chuckling, his eyes partially closed, growing limp in Jordan's arms, "she was mines first." I gasp at Rawle's blatant lie to Jordan.

Dragging him upright, "if you had her, you would have never let her go!" Jordan spat, throwing him on the floor once again.

This time, Jordan left him bleeding on the floor, nodding for his security to clean up.

Throwing an arm around my shoulder, "you okay?" Jordan lifts my chin to stare into my eyes but I couldn't take my eyes of his bruised knuckles.

Nodding, I took his bruised knuckles in mines.

"Let's put ice on this." I whispered as Rosie reached my side.

"Leah you good?" Rosie asks softly, with a hand on my shoulder.

Turning worried eyes on her, "I need some ice." I whispered, gripping Jordan's bruised hand.

I swear I saw Rosie's smirk as she winks at Jordan.

"Let's go to your table and deal with this." Rosie says but she wasn't as worried as I am.


Drawing his hand towards my lips, I kissed the red bruises on Jordan's right hand.

"Feels good," Jordan's husky voice drawls.

Lifting my eyes, I smiled at this man who has become all that I need in such a short space of time.

"It should," I whisper, moving my body closer to his. "There's healing in my kisses." I added, kissing his close eyelids, his nose and the cheek that was facing me until I got to the corner of his mouth.

"You promise to make breakfast." I reminded him of the last thing he said last night when I told him I was hungry.

Finally opening one eye, Jordan frowned, looking beyond me.

"What time is it?" Stretching, Jordan turn to stare out the window.

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