The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Ninety Seven

Leah's POV

Rubbing my tummy, I stared longingly at the bathroom door, awaiting my beloved husband to share my bright idea with him.

"Jordan!" I yell again, impatient to tell him what's on my mind.

Wearing only a towel draped around his hip and a smirk, Jordan walks slowly towards me, with a slight frown.

"Aren't you dressed it?" He ask since I am still wearing the towel I used to dry my skin.

Ignoring his question, "I want us to join your family for brunch before we leave for our honeymoon." I said quickly, with as as much excitement as I could muster, willing him to agree with me.

His smirk instantly vanishes.

Shaking his head, "not today," Jordan says dismissively, walking towards his dressing room.

I left Seattle behind because I thought my dad didn't care about me but it's because he cared, that he allowed me to leave.

I can't go on our honeymoon when Jordan is still hurting about his mother not supporting him yesterday.

"Jordan," I groaned, following him into his dressing room, taking pleasure, in watching his strip.

Giving me a stern frown, Jordan shook his head. "It's final leah." Jordan insisted, when I open my mouth to protest.

Jordan turns away to select a boxer from his wide selection, in his dressing room.

Determined not to leave things this way, "I'm sorry Jordan but I spent weeks away from home believing my father didn't care for me and I know you're hurting so we're not leaving, until meet your mother." I insisted.

It was only when he was done dressing that Jordan, lifted his eyes to meet mines.

"Are you always going to be this bossy?" Jordan smirks, moving slowly towards where I stood, staring me down.

Before I could figure out what he was going to do, Jordan reached out, dragging the towel away from my body.

"Hey," I yelped, reaching to retrieve my towel, watching Jordan throw it behind me.

I bow my head shyly as he stares me from head to toe, "now it's your turn to dress," he chuckles, slapping my butt on his way out of the dressing room.

Turning around, "does that mean we're going to brunch?" I question his retreating figure.

"Dress Leah," Jordan says then turned to smile at me, "unless you want me to help you dress." Chuckling, Jordan starts walking back to me.

Backing away, "I'm on it," I laugh, rushing to my side of the dressing room, pulling the first dress my hands fell on.

I realize Jordan didn't need much persuading to visit his family home and I mentally pat my shoulder for making a good decision.

Unknown to Jordan I have another reason for visiting the Branson's home today.

As Jordan parks his vehicle, he gaze around the car park, tilting his head, "we've got a full house today." He unlocks our door but kept staring straight ahead, frowning thoughtfully.

"Leah do you want kids?" Jordan's question took me by surprise and all I could do for a moment or two was stare at him.

Realizing I didn't immediately respond, Jordan unbuckled his seatbelt and turned to face me. For the first time in a long while, I didn't know what to think.

Reaching out, he pat my hand, "it's okay if you don't," Jordan says quickly when he saw my dazed expression.

Smiling, I covered his hand with mine, "when I was younger, I use to think about having a baby and it hasn't changed, even if I haven't thought about it in a while." I admitted.

"I have been watching you with Janelle and Shenell, so I know you'll be an amazing father and I hope I can be an amazing mom as Rosie." I added.

Jordan didn't respond but kept staring at me.

"Do you want kids?" I asked him the same question he asked me, hoping his answer would be the same as mines.

Lowering his eyes to our entwined hands, "I do but I need to know that our family will always be first." Jordan shares, his voice cracking.

Caressing his cheek, "I could and would do that but I need the same assurance for you," I've heard so many stories of men losing interest in their wives while they are at home taking care of children.

Jordan nods slowly with a soft caring smile on his lips.

"I don't want my kids to grow up like Jade and I." Jordan whispers.

Leaning closer, I palmed his face, crashing my lips on his.

"You and Jade are amazing kids and like your father said, he's proud of you." I remind him of his father's speech yesterday.

"Jade and I are who our grandparents made us." Jordan says.

Wrapping my arms around his neck in the close confines of the SUV, "I love you," leaning forward, I started reigning light kisses at the corner of his mouth, allowing Jordan to deepen the kiss and take control.

"Nobody knows we're here, let's go back home," he whispers huskily against my lips.

Smiling with his lips on mines, "let's just meet, eat and dash." I chuckle.

Lifting his head, "meet, eat and dash?" He laughs. "Is that a thing?" I nod, following him by opening the door to join the full house he mentioned.

Adjusting my sundress, I turned to join hands with my husband to enter his family home for the second time.

"Jordan," we didn't expect to see you today," Jade came forward to greet us.

Hugging me, "I figured your husband would have whisked you away by now." Jade says, moving to hug her brother and examining his knuckles.

Laughing, "you guys had a memorable wedding reception," holding our hands, Jade escorts us into the sitting room to join her family.

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